We seem to have grown in popularity again.  Much of this popularity appears to be from people who actually know me personally, which was a bit unexpected.  Thus I wanted to go over the basics of what the Charles Carroll Society (CCS) is all about.

ccs_logo01The views on this blog represent my personal views and mine alone. I do not represent any person, group or parish when writing through this personal blog. No other person has the slightest control over how this blog will operate or what will be said here. This blog and podcast provides commentary on moving to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana for political, religious and self-sufficiency / homesteading reasons, which we call redoubting. We support and cover many patriot and partisan causes. We are into figuring out how to be more separate from the godless system which I termed soft secession and others call the Saint Benedict option. This blog is also a public diary of our family’s journey to more self-sufficiency. I am a libertarian (leave me alone and stop taking my stuff) Catholic. I believe in maximum freedom from governments.  I am as libertarian as possible until it conflicts with my faith which is much more important to me.  I believe conservative Christian and traditional Catholic communities (among others) can exist without much government involvement.

In writing this daily “weblog” or blog I have met some amazing people. Hard working and great people, some are Catholic, most are not. One I personally know of is a practicing Buddhist. This blog is read in many different countries. Yet we mostly agree on the issues and see a similar storm coming. Many of these long time subscribers have become “blog friends.” Very few have ever met me, but many people have followed the blog and podcast for years. The people who have been with us long enough know that “Alex speaks from the heart.” Our Lord Christ didn’t call James and John who He called “…the sons of thunder” to be Apostles in spite of their temper, but because they had such a temper.  I think it is long past time for people who support Christianity and Western Civilization to get more pissed.  A wonderful priest told me being a Saint is not being perfect, it is always trying. There is great evil in the world, and I will not have anyone lecture me about my “angry” response to pure vileness. I also hate when I see one so-called patriot or Christian shoot another in the back. This is disgusting and I will continue to address it. There are many types of traitors.

sol237-the-tree-of-liberty-must-be-refreshed-from-time-to-time-with-the-blood-of-patriots-and-tyrants.-t-shirt.-2_treeofliberty.109_1Swear words. On this site, we do not allow the Lord’s name to be taken in vain as I understand that to be a serious sin. Other than that I could care less about swearing. Individual words to me are not good or bad, when the Bible says things “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29 ESV.  To me it means to try to speak well of each other no matter what words you use. I don’t think simply using swear words is corrupting talk.  You can use corrupting talk about fellow patriots and Christians without using a single swear word.  Even with that I generally swear judiciously. I also try to warn people up front that a post is “R” rated and involves swear words. This is my significant outreach to those who are sensitive to that. I do the same thing on my podcast, I let you know up front that I am going to blow a gasket on this week’s show. I know many people disagree, and I am ok with that. Be ok with my perspective if you visit here.St-George-Cross-Flag-3ft-x-5ft-Nylon_7

Comments. As I read recently “bring it.” Make any comments you want. Moronic comments will be either ignored, or we will mercilessly make fun of you. On this site, I encourage people to be judicious in their use of four letter words when commenting. There is no reason to identify yourself or provide any real contact information (like email) on this blog and many people post under nom de plume or in the common tongue “pen names.”  For example many of you know KatdaVet but she doesn’t feel like be identified on this site.  In the age of massive post-Christian government surveillance, I actually encourage it. I do not screen any comments, I do not delete comments I disagree with.  You can reach and comment on this site from anonymizing services like TOR.

I am a fan of James Rawles (Protestant) of Survival Blog, John Jacob Schmidt (Protestant) of Radio Free Redoubt and John Mosby of Mountain Guerrilla (agonistic) and Steven M Barry of Mason Dixon Tactical (traditional Catholic). We spend a lot of time talking about computer security and thus I read many writings of people know about such things such as Jacob Appelbaum (homosexual, atheist Jew).  On this site we rage at the destruction of the Church and Western Civilization.  And we discuss our next steps.   – Viva Cristo Rey

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