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Idaho State Senator Shawn Keough represents some of the most beautiful, rural and conservative areas of Northern Idaho; Bonner and Boundary counties in Idaho State senate District 1.  These two counties are the two most northern counties in Idaho one of which borders Canada.  Bonner county has a population of approximately 40,000 people and the county seat is Sandpoint.  Boundary county has a population of approximately 10,000 and its county seat is Bonners Ferry.  This is the same area that elected staunch defenders of the Constitution and individual rights like District 1 State Representative Heather Scott (IFF 98%) and District 1 State Representative Sage Dixon (IFF 89%) both who earn an A rating from the NRA and are endorsed by the NRA.  This is an area of Idaho where only approximately 30% of the people voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2014.  These counties supported Ron Paul in the Republican primaries.  Yet they have voted for Shawn Keough a liberal authoritarian progressive nine times for State Senate.

ShawnKeough1Shawn Keough is rated a D (64%) by the National Rifle Association (NRA) according to Vote Smart and the NRA confirmed they did not endorsed Shawn Keough the last time she ran in 2012. She is one of the most active gun grabbing politicians in all of Idaho.  There are democrats in Idaho with higher NRA ratings.  State Senator Keough is rated only 41% by the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) which rates politicians on their support of Liberty and being a fiscal conservative.  Several democratic state Senators are rated higher by the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF).  Shawn Keough voted to increase the gas tax and vehicle registration fees for all people in Idaho. Shawn Keough voted against a parent’s rights to be notified when Idaho government schools try to indoctrinate children in homosexuality (S1096) against their wishes.  Shawn Keough is endorsed by the nations largest labor unions in the form of Idaho AFL-CIO.  Shawn Keough voted against medical marijuana (SCR 112) a medical and liberty issue which affects many people.  It is not Shawn Keough, the government or anyone else’s business what grass I grow in my back yard!

homepage-header_04This woman wants to force all people in Idaho to report to the government how much their homes sold for (price disclosure) so she can collect more tax revenue through  “automatic” annual price increase in your property tax. She wants to tax more so she can spend more on her socialists, pro-homosexual union allies working in governmental schools.  Shawn Keough voted against requiring an ultrasound before murdering your unborn child (S1387). Shawn Keough voted against a ban on abortions after 20 weeks in Idaho. She supported bringing Obama care to Idaho. Shawn Keough supported forcing Common Core down the throats of parents in Idaho.   Ok, I am loosing my ability to use my big boy words, Shawn Keough supports bringing Syrian muslims refugees to Northern Idaho.  We do not know if these muslim Syrian refugees participated in the largest modern era genocide against Christians because the FBI has admitted they cannot be vetted.   She says it is because her parents fled from Ireland and Scotland and thus she wants Northern Idaho to welcome muslim Syrian refugees into your schools, shopping malls and Christmas parties.   While voting to restrict your ability to defend yourself.

I have an idea how this happen.  First as indicated by Shawn Keough new “purple” colors she is a “moderate” who has been elected long enough to feel comfortable telling the free people of northern Idaho what to do with their guns and money.  Also in 03NOV2015 in Bonner County, only 24% of the people, bothered to vote. It also appears that Shawn Keough helps the logging industry. We have previously witnessed companies that are willing to sacrifice our freedoms for their profit.  Butch Otter the governor of the State provides her a lot of support.   Thus Shawn Keough has help forced federal control of education (Common Core), federalized medicine (Obama Care) and is now supporting Butch Otter and Barack Hussein Obama in importing muslim Syrian refugees into the area while disarming the current people of Idaho.

Patriots we must do better.   Partisans, we must get a patriot man or woman to run against this authoritarian progressive.  We must support that person with money and time.  Even an hour a week can help a candidate out tremendously.  And we must vote! Please forward this post to every patriot and Christian you can, especially in Northern Idaho.  You are not only responsible to vote, you are responsible to get three other people to vote with you.

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