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OregonUnderAttack0The Patriots associated with the American Redoubt are not involved in any way with the Occupy Burns, Oregon / Malheur Wildlife Refuge militia situation that I know of, and I know of no desire to get involved.  The peaceful march that happened in Burns, Oregon appears to be first class and well done and some Idaho patriots went down to support the Hammonds and the local citizens.  This after action of taking over a federal building, i.e. “Occupy like action” seems to be done in haste.   Even the Oathkeepers, who normally get involved in too much lately (like sending four white guys in their full battle plate to the middle of a black riot in the inner city), have officially put out a statement that they are not involved. I know of no established group on the “right wing” that is participating in this Occupy action. We do not do “Occupy” like actions, where we take over an empty federal building in the middle of no where and then apparently try to come up with a plan.

raw-militia-occupy-oregon-010316I find it a bit offensive when I see liberal media types specifically Montel Williams encouraging the federal government to murder these people. I didn’t “call on” the federal government to kill the rioters who tore apart Baltimore, nor the other cities. I didn’t call on the federal government to murder the Black Lives Matters group when they specifically threaten police officers.  I didn’t call on the federal government to murder Occupy Wall street when they were having their day in the sun.  Before the federal government fire bomb the so-called white cult of Seventh Day Adventist called the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas and murdered a bunch of children, they firebombed a so-called “black extremist” group called The MOVE in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and murdered a bunch of children.  Both of these were evil over reactions by the government.  The motivation of these disparate groups is secondary to the terrible over reaction by the government.  An over reaction that some like Montel Williams seem to be encouraging.  Now that is low.

MontelWilliams0Motel allegedly a smart guy simply falls for the same old “divide and conquer” strategy the elite always use. Because the people “occupying” a building in nowhere Oregon don’t look like you, don’t talk like you and their issues with this federal government are different than yours, you have no Christian charity, no common cause with your fellow citizens in understanding that a lot of people are angry.  They are angry for different reasons, but at the same body, a corrupt overreaching government.  This lack of common cause one of the core reasons for the destruction of our nation, no empathy for each other.  I stand with the Oath Keeper (right wing type) who is busying arming good guys in the inner city.  One law for us all.  These “militia types” seem to be mad at the same corrupt federal government as the rioters who explicitly threaten police in the inner-city. The way they express that anger is not always wise, like the Black Lives protesters, their actions don’t seem to advance their cause, like the Black Lives protesters, but I have sympathy for their motivation.

Don’t fall for the divide an conquer.  The way protesters in various parts of the nation go about their protesting is different, but there is a root cause to this.  I pray that the situation resolves itself peacefully. Unless I find out something else, I encourage patriots to remain as far away as possible.