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There was a hit piece recently written about the American Redoubt by David “Chris” Carlson last week titled Raising serious doubts about American Redoubt. Chris Carlson was the press secretary and top aide to Idaho Democratic Governor Cecil Andrus. Chris followed Cecil Andrus to DC to work for President Jimmy Carter. He spends his time pining that the federal government should take over more land in Idaho and that he wished more Republicans would be the type that President Carter would like. Liberal Republicans like Shawn Keough, who wants to bring unvetted Syrian Refugees to Northern Idaho. We would normally ignore this guy except that many very liberal progressive newspapers in Idaho reprint his articles, newspapers like the Coeur ‘d’Alene Press and the Lewiston Morning Tribune.

ChrisCarlson3Chris Carlson claims there is a “new player” in Idaho politics, the American Redoubt. No, the American Redoubt does not have any direct focus on politics of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana or Washington and Oregon. The American Redoubt encourages all Patriots, who we define as conservative libertarians, frequently traditionally minded Christians or Jews to be active in restoring the original intent of the Constitution, a limited Constitutional Republic and a special place for Christianity and Western civilization. People do that through whatever means strikes their fancy, voting, volunteering, or protesting. Like the more moderate libertarian movement called the Free State Project in New Hampshire the American Redoubt a more conservative libertarian movement will point out those leaders who support restoring Christian based liberty. Leaders like State Representative Heather Scott who fights to reduce taxes, bring jobs to Northern Idaho and restore a limited government.

SHAWN GUST/Press Chris Carlson has a long history as a political figure in Idaho and Washington D.C.

Chris Carlson Idaho Liberal

Chris then goes on to tarnish the American Redoubt movement by saying we believe in the Bill of Rights and other “racist groups” believe in the Bill of Rights. See! White milk makes you racist because racist drink while milk! Correlation does not imply causation.  Chris Carlson gets several things absolutely wrong. For example, he says “then they did not registers or vote.” What then? He says “…the forefathers of the American Redoubters used to embrace racism. Now, Rawles says racism ignores reason.” There are no “forefathers” of the American Redoubt unless he means JJS and me, there is a forefather, as in singular. It came out of the mind of James Rawles.  That mistake made me pause.  Who do you think of as the “forefathers” of the American Redoubt?  Please let me know in the comments below.

One line that clearly demonstrates that Chris Carlson is an authoritarian progressive hack is this line in his badly researched hit piece. “They say welcome all, and that there is no discrimination against minorities, but that’s easy to say when you have no minorities.”

Many of you who know the people active in the American Redoubt movement are laughing at the ignorance of this old progressive hack and papers that carry him.  I hope I have been able to bring a smile to your day this Monday!