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On Saturday April 23, #ProtestPP will conduct the first annual nationwide protest at Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide, to be held on the 4th Saturday of April every year until the abortion chain no longer preys upon our communities.  This protest is nationwide, so please go the ProtestPP website and find a local location and protest.  If you can please upload any photos of your protest (no need to identify yourself) to our Contact page, so I can share them in the Patriot of the Week.  I have installed a web application to allow you to upload documents anonymously to me on that page.   Please just add the city and state of the protest so I can share.

Come to find out, I will not be speaking in Spokane at the anti-abortion rally.  The folks that had invited me, dislike the Catholic truth of what we believe happens to the unbaptized. They wanted me to agree to not speak this Traditional Catholic truth.  I refused.  Thus I have been “uninvited” after Monday’s post on this site. No matter this is a worthy cause, and I recommend all people find a location and bare witness to the horrors of abortion.

Praying with your fellow Christians and witnessing the departed souls is the least we can do.  I personally have gone through the states of loss of unborn children.  I speak from personal painful and everlasting pain.  Simply because it is hard, I do not deny the truth.  I have come to acceptance. It is my firm belief based upon Holy Scripture, the Popes of the Catholic Church (pre-Vatican II) and numerous saints and doctors of the Church that children who die with out being baptized under the one True Triune God are denied entry into heaven.  God is all good, no one who is not baptize can stand before him (per our understanding).  I have been advised by people smarter than I that “God is not bound by the Sacraments He gives to us.”

All may have hope that  aborted babies or unbaptized children (all children under the age of reason) can go to heaven with some form of baptism through  an extra-sacramental manner.  I.e., they are baptized in some manner we do not understand.   With that being said, the much stronger position supported by much more evidence and Catholic Tradition is that they cannot.

In addition to the Catachsim of the Catholic Church which we went over in the post Do aborted babies go to Heaven, the Catholic Church as written down its official teaching of unbaptized babies.  Now this is the teaching of the post-Vatican II church which is often water downed and confusing.  Some say intentionally so.  The Holy Catholic Church officially teaches:

Child St. John and Child Jesus

Children in Limbo

“The International Theological Commission has studied the question of the fate of un-baptised infants, bearing in mind the principle of the “hierarchy of truths” and the other theological principles of the universal salvific will of God, the unicity and insuperability of the mediation of Christ, the sacramentality of the Church in the order of salvation, and the reality of Original Sin… The conclusion of this study is that there are theological and liturgical reasons to hope that infants who die without baptism may be saved and brought into eternal happiness, even if there is not an explicit teaching on this question found in Revelation. However, none of the considerations proposed in this text to motivate a new approach to the question may be used to negate the necessity of baptism, nor to delay the conferral of the sacrament. Rather, there are reasons to hope that God will save these infants precisely because it was not possible to do for them that what would have been most desirable— to baptize them in the faith of the Church and incorporate them visibly into the Body of Christ.”  

The “hope” line is confusing as much of the post-Vatican II church teachings are.  I mean you can always hope.  Also confusing is that Pope Benedict who “personally did not like” the teaching of limbo wrote a paper suggesting it does not exist.  However as is the current Pope, he did not change Catholic teaching.  Because he cannot.  He gave his view point, which he can.  However even the confusing teaching of the post-Vatican II Church says “…none of the considerations proposed in this text to motivate a new approach to the question may be used to negate the necessity of baptism.” It also says “…negate the necessity of baptism….”

Now one comment said  “So you are going to ignore thousands of saints and many popes who say we can trust God’s Mercy in the fate of the unbaptized babies…”   Another person said that a FSSP priest told her that “…we know unbaptized children are with God.”  This is manifestly false.  It is “…utterly foolish” as Pope and Saint Innocent I said.  The Holy Catholic Church has always taught that we know of no way to enter heaven without baptism.

She also said “I spoke to my FSSP priest this morning on this issue and he told me that the church has never taught that babies who die before receiving the sacrament of Baptism go to Hell (Limbo of the Children). He said the Church has no knowledge of whether they go to Heaven or Hell and that is why we entrust them to the Mercy of God.”  Really, the Church has never taught children to to Limbo, and we have no knowledge of where unbaptized children go?

The truth is the Church has taught the Gospels that baptism is required.  It has taught that through the Lord’s mercy we can theorized that innocent children do not suffer like sinners, and perhaps there is a place like Limbo of the Children, as there is for Limbo of the Fathers.  Every single Catholic person endorses Limbo every Sunday in the Creed when we say “…He died and he descended into Hell.  On the Third Day he rose..”  Why did he descend into Hell?  To free the people who had died before he gave his life on the Cross.  He died to free those people in the Limbo of the Fathers.

The Church has taught that the unbaptized cannot see God for centuries.  I was able to find at least two Popes,  one Council and many Saints that clearly taught this.  These are the Ecumenical Council of Florence, Pope Saint Innocent I, Pope John XXII and Pope and Saint Gregory the Great as well as a long line of Saints.  Here are the specific quotes with references.

“Just as the sun shining into a house is not seen as it is in its beauty – only those who look into the sky see its rays – so too the souls of such children, though they do not see my face for lack of baptism, are nevertheless closer to my mercy than to punishment, but not in the same way as my elect.”  The words of Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed through ‘The Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden’

“…the souls of those who depart this life in actual mortal sin, or in original sin alone, go down straightaway to hell to be punished, but with unequal pains.” -Decree for the Greeks (Laetentur Caeli) Ecumenical Council of Florence 06JUL1439

Christ in Limbo_1308-11_Siena_Mueso dell'Opera del Duomo

Christ at the Limbo of the Fathers

“As if reviewing the woes of mankind he said in plain words; “With what sort of visitation does the strict Judge mercilessly slay those, whom the guilt of their own deeds condemns, if He smites for all eternity even those, whom the guilt of deliberate choice [Bard Note: children] does not impeach?”‘Pope and Saint Gregory the Great, Father & Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church

“The idea that infants can be granted the rewards of eternal life without even the grace of baptism is utterly foolish.”Pope Saint Innocent I

The souls of those who depart in mortal sin or with only original sin descend immediately to hell, nevertheless to be punished with different punishments and in disparate locations…” – Nequaquam sine dolore, Pope John XXII 21NOV1321

“For children, however the effect of baptism is that they are washed only from original sin that they contracted from Adam through their first birth. If they should have died before they are regenerated, without doubt they are separated from the kingdom of Christ, our savior testifying: “no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.” [John 3:5] – Saint Isidore of Seville, Father & Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church

Why did Jesus go to Hell? To free those souls trapped in the Limbo of the Fathers

Why did Jesus go to Hell? To free those souls trapped in the Limbo of the Fathers

“Whoever says that infants are alive in Christ even when they depart this life without being baptized is really both opposing the Apostolic preaching and condemning the whole Church which runs hastily with infants to the baptismal font because it is believed without any doubt that otherwise these infants cannot possibly be alive in Christ.”  –Saint Augustine, Father & Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church

“We see sometimes twins, of whom one is born alive and receives Baptism, the other in his birth loses his temporal life, before being regenerated to the eternal, and consequently the one is heir of heaven, the other is deprived of the inheritance.”  Saint. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church

Baptism7“The limbo of the Fathers and the limbo of children, without any doubt, differ as to the quality of punishment or reward.  For children have no hope of the blessed life, as the Fathers in limbo had, in whom, moreover, shone forth the light of faith and grace. But as regards their situation, there is reason to believe that the place of both is the same; except that the limbo of the Fathers is placed higher than the limbo of children, just as we have stated in reference to limbo and hell.”Saint Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church

“The common teaching of the scholastic theologians is the within the earth there are four inner chambers: one for the damned, another for those being purged of sin, a third for those infants who have died without receiving Baptism, and a fourth which is now empty but once held those just men who died before the passion of Christ.” –Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church

The other parts of hell have also the more particular names of purgatory and limbo. After the final judgment heaven and hell only are to be inhabited, since purgatory shall become unnecessary and since even the infants shall be transported to another dwelling place.” -Venerable Mary of Agreda

INFANT-BAPTISMThis is just a small sample. I could go on.  I can list scripture, Popes and Saints who all agree. Baptism is required to enter into heaven i.e. be with the Lord.  The reason I can quote them is, it is the truth.  If you believe “…thousands of saints and many popes who say we can trust God’s Mercy in the fate of the unbaptized babies…”  please provide the evidence. I would prefer examples of pre-Vatican II saints and popes as much confusion and bad Christian education has crept into the Catholic faith after Vatican II.  In reality as Saint Augustine said “Whoever says that infants are alive in Christ even when they depart this life without being baptized is really both opposing the Apostolic preaching [Bard Note: the Holy Bible] and condemning the whole Church…”

The decision based upon the free will of the parents to create and then destroy their child echoes through all eternity.  The real crime of abortion is that you are intentionally denying an innocent soul the chance to go to heaven forever.  The murder, and the damnation (without the Sacrament of Penance) of the mother and father are secondarily to this darkest crime. We must accept that children who are lost to miscarriage and stillbirths is God’s will.  He can see forever and even though the pain is unbearable, we must hold to the Cross and have faith that this is his plan.

We are all the Lord’s worse sinners.  We can stand and witness this horrible crime.  We can walk with people struggling with the lifelong guilt of murdering their children.  We pray and we bear witness, but we must never shy away from the truth.  By the Grace of almighty God we can hope with our prayers and witness we can spare another soul this horror.  Please take time out of your very busy schedule on Saturday 23APR2016 to support the first national day to protest planned parenthood.