Cucks-1I was at an event, and a good friend of mine came up to me and used the term cuckservative. I cringed. Then I thought, does he know where the term comes from? Another friend also used the term and I am fairly sure many of you have heard it used.  Thus, I thought to share with you where the term comes from.

First my warning. To explain this term I will use a few swear words which many of you don’t like and talk about things that are beyond gross an obscene. However to explain the term cuckservative that is what I must use. Thus, be warned. Do not go forward if you are squeamish.

First, I am yet again completely disgusted that accurate journalism is left to part time bloggers like me. You would think people who pay their bills writing would be fairer in their reporting. They are not, thus no one listens to them anymore. When I was reading about the term the first thing this progressive journalist say is “it is a racist terms, the only people who use it are racists.” Well, that is only partly right, and by hammering people, they stop listening before you explain. Right-wing blogs like Breit Bart defend the use of the term cuckservative.  Left-wing blogs condemn it.

cuckservative-breitbart1Cuckold conservative or cuckservative is used as a slur. It is similar to Republican in Name Only or RINO or simply faggot. It is gaining in popularity most likely brought into the mainstream by online supporters of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh said the following: “If Trump were your average, ordinary, cuckolded Republican, he would have apologized by now, and he would have begged for forgiveness, and he would have gone away.”

What people are saying when they use this term is that the so-called conservative is weak. They do not defend their beliefs with a full throat. They snivel, scheme and compromise with anti-life, anti-Christian, anti-liberty authoritarian progressives and socialists. They will speak with Hispanic supremacist groups like The Race (La Raza) but will not even talk to modern day anti-federalist (Romney and McCain I have not forgotten). They do not defend the use of the English language in America, they do not defend our borders, and they do not defend our Western Civilization culture or our shared Christian faith. They are enslaved to the heresy of Indifference, where all cultures and religions are seen as equal. They do not even defend the jobs of their own countrymen with their love with outsourcing jobs through so-called free trade agreements. They simply surrender. They are the weakest of men.

cuckssuck-e1438204405773These are real concern among patriots. But there is a little issue here. The term cuckservative has some heavy baggage with it. The term appears to come initially from a certain species of bird called the cuckoo. This way some of these parasitic bird spreads their progeny is to go into another birds nest and kill its young. Then the cuckoo bird puts its young into the nest. The confused mother bird raises the cuckoo’s young as its own. Ok, you say, that is not too bad. Well for the last, long while the term cuckold coming from the term cuckoo has not really referred to the bird. It has referred to a form of pornography.

Cuckservative-Tweet0Cuckold is a perverse sexual fetish. If you go to any porn site and type in the term cuckold it will show you videos of white women (who pretend to be married) normally having sex with men who are not their husbands, most often Americans of African descent normally while their husband watches. The pornographic term cuckold referrers to a type of mental masochism where the person can only get off by watching his wife or girlfriend has sex with other “alpha” males. Often these alpha males were black men because of their perceived sexual power. The cuckold porn category is even more twisted because it is mental masochism, but also mental sadism. You see in the sick racist’s view of the world a white woman is demeaned by having sex with a black man. And no, it is not simply letting your wife sleep around, it has a black man, white woman meaning. And yes, this is an entire category of porn. Go ahead do your own research if you want to believe Cuckold simply means “race neutral wife adultery.”

Cuckolding — which, again, is a type of pornography in which, normally white men allow their wives and female partners to be sexually “used” by other normally black men while in front of them — is ostensibly about humiliation. As the Daily Beast noted in 2010: “Cuckolded men (aka “cucks”) only observe their wives’ infidelities, they don’t participate. And that’s why they find it a turn-on: They’re left out, looking on as the woman they love climaxes with a better man than them. It’s a form of psychological sadomasochism. Some people get turned on by whips, chains, and physical pain. Cucks get aroused by mental anguish.”

cuckservative0Thus, the term cuckservative comes from a strange form of racist, twisted porn, and sexual fetish. Now you may say, well it comes from that term, but it means something more now.  However those who popularized the term cuckservative are not “racially neutral.” Far-right blogger Alfred W Clark, for instance, wrote that “human biodiversity terrifies the cuckservative, as deep down he has bought into blank-slatism and egalitarianism. The cuckservative would rather just have a Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas poster on his wall than actually have to honestly think about race.” Biodiversity and biopolitics are euphemism for race-based politics.

BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein and the New Republic’s Jeet Heer have traced the origins of the term to the white supremacist blog The Right Stuff and the right-wing board My Posting Career. Heer, pointed out that the shortened prefix ‘cuck’ is both “a genre where husbands, often white, watch their wives have sex with other men, often African-American” and “a much-deployed sneer on 4chan the imageboard website.” And Bernstein points out that the first contextual use of the term he could find came from @Drunknsage, who had been a supporter of the #Gamergate crusade against so-called “social justice warriors of the left. “If you are a white conservative but don’t stand up for whites, then you are a cuckservative.”

Richard Spencer, a popular writer of the alt-right and White nationalist sites, say this; “The #cuckservative meme doesn’t make any sense without race. It’s all about race…What’s powerful about #cuckservative is that it is call for a racially conscious politics—and not the kind of shot-gun spray muckraking that Johnson specializes in.”

Joseph - The First CuckservativeI really like when they use the term cuckservative to attack Christians.  I found this nice blurb: “The cuckservative is often fanatically in favor of transracial adoption. He sees it as some divine calling. In a sense, this is cuckoldry at its essence, since these whites are usually forgoing their own inclusive fitness to adopt someone from another race. As Heartiste notes, they’re race-cucking their own families.”

Look, I will not say that anyone who uses the term is racists.  It is not a term like nigger with wide spread and long term use.  In truth, I think most people don’t even know where the term comes from. But I will say this term is pretty foul.  I reject racial identity politics, racial nationalism and such from all races.  Every thing racists touch fail.  Mostly because it is anti-Christian and anti-fact based. I believe in Christian based liberty.  We must have liberty if we are free to choose to follow Christ.  Racist do not believe in liberty, they believe in authoritarianism.  I despise authoritarianism not matter if it is progressive or conservative in nature. Racists must have a government that is invasive if they are going to tell you who you can have children with, who you are going to marry or who you are going to adopt.

I believe in language, culture and borders because they work. I believe if you are going to have a multi-racial society then you really need to have a dominant single unifying culture. Thus, I reject too much multiculturalism as unworkable. However with that being said I do not believe the term cuckservative is in line with my beliefs. I am a Christian before all, and Christ teaches us that all men were created by God, and all men can come to his Church, and are equal before him.  The Holy Bible says that all men are from Adam and Even.  Heck, even science strongly suggest that all men descended from one group of men, who were from Africa. I am an anti-federalist, but I believe in the Constitution’s language that “all men are created equal.”  I believe in religious and culture conservatism that encompass people of all races. I believe that Christianity and Western Civilization are exceptional, special and should be defended and spread.  I have no patience for people who see the world through the erroneous view that race decides all about a person. I will not be using the term cuckservative.