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kidsbonfire1What many of us are doing in deep red states that are politically and culturally conservative is forming communities that are self-sufficient and independent as possible.  What some call the Saint Benedict Option or Ben Op.  And that is in reality our focus. This blog is how we went from your typical Novus Ordo suburbia household to living deep in the Mountain states. Like the Anabaptist before us, we do our civic duty of voting, or whatever, and then we get back to making ourselves as non-dependent upon this corrupt system as possible. Well this weekend the folk of my extended “tribe” were at play.

kidsbonfire0I love that the community has a lot of children, and they can play and run all day. The great Christian mothers really are the unsung Saints.  One thing I have notice, that is very surprising. At the boy’s school, we send our son, there are over 200 boys. At the girls school, there are over 240 girls. And among all of those children, there is not a single fat kid. I mean there are a few girls with a little extra weight, but none I would describe as fat. I actually have no idea why. However, one reason is that they run and play. They run a lot. And on our little get together this weekend, they ran all day. And I mean all day. Real games of kick ball, dodge ball, soccer, Frisbee, tag, etc.  Could it be that simple?

IMG_2016-05-21_20-45-18.28It is important for the young people to be able to play together at times as they go to single gender schools or home school. My daughter was remarking that playing kickball with the boys is “…not the same as when it is only girls, the boys kick hard.” Yes, they do honey, if you don’t want to get hit, don’t play with the boys. There were catapult and trebuchet building contests, much pork to eat and of course a small bonfire. And the tribe sang and danced late into the night. On Monday when everyone returned to their studies my Oldest Daughter was like “I am still sore from all the running we did this weekend.”  There are so many dangers for young people in our society today.  It is so wonderful to just pause with other like minded families.  I am so happy my children have joined a group of conservative Christian people, where they have space to grow strong in their orthodox Christian faith.

Good times deep in the redoubt.