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I do not have a crystal ball, and the Lord Christ has not gifted me with the powers of prophecy. When I suggest “this most likely will happen” it is using my God-given brain.
When I heard that Spokane’s City Council President Ben Stuckart was going to send out some community invitation on behalf of all the people of Spokane, Washington to an Islamic political organization that was named in a terrorist case by a federal judge people, I went to their City Council meeting and wrote an article and said there is a valid security concern (of actually both illegal aliens and refugees). Specifically, I said “…(local resolution) does not address the issue that ‘…the authorities of these United States…’ have clearly said in testimony before the Congress including federal representatives of Idaho that at this time they do not have the ability to screen the Syrian refugees.” Mayor Stuckart made sure the Patriots who showed up could not speak but a supporter of his who said he wished veterans and Patriots would “…just go and die” was given ample time.

islam-is-not-a-raceWhen Mayor Rognstad of Sandpoint, Idaho said he “welcomed” Muslims refugees without any consideration for the valid security concerns of residents we covered that event and spoke about the community’s legitimate security concerns. City Council President Stuckart ignored legitimate concern from his voters, Mayor Rognstad in the end listened and withdrew his one-sided “invitation.”

We have found out only through the work of the online blogger community that apparently on 02JUN2016 three muslim refugees children including a 10 and 14-year-old from Sudan and Iraq kidnapped a 5-year-old American girl who was playing in front of her house, they took her to utility closet at her apartment building and “sexually assaulted” her and then pissed in her mouth.

IdahoOfficeforRefugeesOrg0I first read this on the Creeping Sharia blog on (I believe) on Saturday 18JUN2016.  Side note excellent use of SSL / HTTPS Creeping Sharia making it Tor safe(er).  However apparently he was quoting a 07JUN2016 post by the blog Behind My Back. The police finally charged the little muslim animals on Thursday 18JUN2016. Neither the police chief or apparently liberal prosecutor provided information to the community. On Monday after a couple of people notified me about the story, I started to look into this story more urgently but resisted publishing anything until I knew more. In one email to a subscriber I specifically said “…we need some people in (redacted) to confirm some of this. It is all ‘sealed’ and no one knows. We must get some good information.” There was a city council meeting on Monday 20JUN2016 and the Patriots in that community stood up and were counted. On Tuesday 21JUN2016 apparently, the police chief and prosecutor finally released details on the case.

SYRIA-REFUGEES1This happened in Twin Falls Idaho. Small town USA. This happened in a city that has resettled the majority of Islamic refugees in Idaho (Boise and Twin Falls). Initially, the police were not forthcoming about this issue claiming that because children are involved they cannot give out any information. This is obviously false, the police cannot provide specific identifying information, but they can give the basics of the situation.

The local elected authoritarian progressive city council tried to hide this heinous crime from the people by claiming ignorance of the fact. Once again, thus struck individuals who knew of it, very similar to the rapes by muslim refugees in Germany and how the local progressive government tried to cover it up and not report it.

ZeroRefugeesHowever in our case, the blog-o-sphere would not give up and the story started to get picked up by the big online blogs like World Net Daily, Infowars, Drudge Report, and many others.  The police were forced to admit what had happened. Still, they attempt to downplay the incident. While Twin Falls liberal progressive prosecutor Grant Loebs says “…there was no gang-rape…”   Ok, you have to ask, was there a rape of a 5-year old American girl by 3 muslim refugees?  The liberal prosecutor and liberal media fail to report a retired nurse, Jolene Payne who witness the sexual assault reported “…He (the oldest boy) was taking pictures but he was telling the two younger boys what to do… The door was cracked enough for him to see the pictures he was taking. I opened that door and I almost fainted when I saw what was going on and here I’m a nurse. What a pitiful thing for a poor little girl to go through.” This statement was corroborated by community resident David Odell, who said: “they stripped her naked and urinated in her mouth.”

The liberals in the press say that Jolene Payne the public prosecutor said: “Anti-Muslim bigots made up shocking gang rape story to smear Syrian refugees.” Without honestly reporting that in truth many blogs said “Syrian or Iraqi refugees” and that was accurate. Many blogs only reported them as “muslim refugees.” And this is apparently true. Some blogs such as Get Off The BS debunked other blogs and tried to scale back the information. And of course, we were still looking into it trying to gather accurate information for our audience.

The authoritarian progressive prosecutor and liberal press also fail to admit that officials including the public prosecutor, the police department and the elected servants of the people fail to provide any information and thus citizen journalist many of them part time went and did the best to gather their information. Obviously, specifics of the case may be in error when you have part-time journalist digging up a story, just like the mistakes and “mistakes” that are made by professional journalists. Getting some things wrong does not make them “bigots” the favorite parrot word that progressives over uses to try and demonize anyone they don’t like.

The truth is, muslim refugee children at least one of them from Iraq did something sexual, something terrible to an American 5-year-old girl in the small town of Idaho Twin Falls. The truth is the authorities failed to keep the public informed of this case and left a vacuum of information. The fact is that refuge companies make millions importing massive numbers of people with very different cultural norms and dumping them in small rural American communities. They dump these refugees into small rural towns and let the residents pay for the extra public services these people require while they walk off with a nice private profit from their federal paymasters. And finally, many, many people including yours truly have warned that there are valid security concerns with primarily muslim immigrants and political islam and this very thing, sexual crimes, and terrorism. And the simple truth is that one 5-year old American child has been traumatized for life, at minimally partially because of the immigration policies of the far-left.

That is the truth, and the liberal press and prosecutors cannot deny that fact.

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