Well, we are moving this grand experiment forward. Now, that you have a little land you are like, “what do I do first.” Well getting the internal home situated and making sure the family are comfortable is a good first step. Next, I started thinking about the grounds. As I shared, I am trying to identify what is here and how to protect it. Also, I cry when I think that this land was mono-cropped for the Lord only knows how long, and then a few decades ago it turned into 5-acre parcels.

lawn2And then someone put grass over half of it. Which is essentially another form of mono-cropping.  However, I believe in Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms concept that we should work to heal the land, not just find other virgin lands that have not been abused. Thus I am looking for anyone who can help me plan on how to heal this land and return more of it to a semi-natural state. Why would you need 2 ½ acres of just grass?

lawn1I know you guys will laugh, but one of the first things I had to figure out is; how to cut the lawn.   I know, we have to start on such basic stuff.   No we didn’t immediately start with raise beds, and crops.  We are starting small.  Our family moved from suburbia to a “more rural” lifestyle.  I have not done my yard regularly in … well since I was a child. During my teenage years we moved back to the city (no lawn) then military (Navy is not known for its lawns), then apartments then condos, and finally living in a state where you can get guys to cut your yard for $15 there is no real “drive” to do your lawn.

When I initially moved to the Redoubt, I looked around for guys who could cut lawns. Up here the price is much higher than back home. I was a bit surprised. I was getting quotes for like $40 bucks per week. One guy said, “…well since you have not cut it for four weeks it will be $70.”  Paying someone $30 bucks a month to cut your yard every two weeks, maybe. Paying $160, not so much.

lawn0Thus I figure the first thing I can figure out is how to take care of the lawn. I then went to Home Depot and said how much for a used lawn mower? $120. Done. Thus, I and my son has been cutting our yard (badly) since then. Good exercise anyway. I got a used Honda GCV160. It has worked perfectly, turned on every time I tried to start it. Anyway, for me, the first thing I am doing with this land is figuring how to care for this existing yard.