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Britain Exit of the European Union (EU) or Brexit is the recent vote the British people took to sever ties with the EU. Brexit is a major change in public opinion as Britain was a founding member of the EU. Also, Britain is the EU’s second-largest economy and has the largest and most powerful military in the EU block. It appears that the major issue that resonated with the British people was unlimited immigration started by Germany and uncontrolled movement of peoples required by EU law called the “freedom of movement.”brexit0

Essentially Germany has thrown open the EU borders and allowed an unlimited of people to enter Europe.  Once an unlimited number of foreigners enter the EU countries they have the right to move anywhere they want, and many move to Great Britain. It is interesting to note that unlimited migration of people are so important to the ruling elites they would sacrifice Brittan’s membership in the EU to maintain a massive influx of foreigners into Europe.  Their plans demand that Westerns continue to commit cultural suicide and are replaced.  What does Brexit say about the American Redoubt?

Well, I am not sure there are many direct correlations. Britain has a long and well-established history of being a sovereign nation. Britain’s main concern was uncontrolled migration of peoples into their nation. I don’t feel the American Redoubt has history of a sovereign nation nor is uncontrolled immigration the primary issue concerning people who support the Redoubt concept.  The American Redoubt is not a secessionist movement.  It is political migration within the current political union.  You could say that Brexit is more similar to the Texas Independence movement, as Texas has a history of independence and one of its main concerns is an uncontrolled migration of people across an international border.

You can say that all of the massive amounts of people wanting to separate indicate a common rejection of globalism and a desire for more self-determination.  That covers everything from Catalonia seeking to secede from Spain, Veneto from Italy, and Flemish nationalists from Belgium. Another thing that “people who see issues primarily through a lens of race” and / or progressives get wrong is that the majority different political migration movements in the US are cultural, not racial. Now culture is in a large way connected to race in the US, race is not the primary point of contention, it is culture.

You don’t hear the Texas Independence movement saying they want to remove all native-born Americans of Mexican descent from Texas.  Unlike the Southern Secessionist movements such as the League of the South, you don’t hear the Texas Independence movement, the American Redoubt or the Free State project speak about racial segregation in any form other than to say they rejected it completely.  Do you know how many Texas gringos are married to Latina? You see the opposite. Texas culture is Texas culture, and people who want to be part of that culture are welcomed. Of course Texas wants to control future migration into its borders and deal with the massive amount of foreign people who are in their borders illegally.

In my opinion political migration in the US is more like homosexuals moving to San Francisco because it is more culturally acceptable to their life style or traditional Christians moving to Montana because it is more culturally acceptable there. Political migration and the American Redoubt seem to be primarily a religious and cultural desire to live in peace, not a sovereign nation that is severing ties with an international body.

Brexit-AmericanRedoubt0In my opinion the American Redoubt seems closer to primarily Christians in South Sudan wanting to live separately (and eventually seceding) from primarily Islamic Khartoum (North Sudan), primarily Muslim Bosnia wanting to live separately from primarily Catholic Croatia or Orthodox Serbia, or better yet, primarily Communist atheist Kurds fighting for greater local self-determination from primarily Islamic fundamentalist Turkey and Iraq, and perhaps soon from Syria and Iran.

Also, note that with Brexit people were allowed to vote peacefully. So were the Scottish, but not the Catholic people in North Ireland. They had to try and fight their way to self-determination.  They failed to create a separate nation, but they succeeded in having greater local control and freedom.  In the US the Nine Black Robes have said there will be no peaceful separation and no growth in local determination for anyone.  Nor will there be 50 labs of democracy.  The Nine Black Robes and their authoritarian supporters on both sides of the aisle have said “one size fits all.”  Thus the Nine Black Robes have said eventually blood may need to be shed to achieve more local self-determination.

globalization-fragmentation-2-728Another great article to review is Brexit is a bad omen for world commerce by Jim Tankersley over at Standard Examiner.  He sounds like a fairly authoritarian progressive yet he seems to speaks the truth.  Which is a surprise.  He says “Harvard University economist Dani Rodrick dubs those trade-offs the “inescapable trilemma of the world economy.” What that means is that we can have any two of these three things, but never all three: democracy, national sovereignty and global economic integration. In other words, you can’t have people voting their own interests, in a country that always places its own interests above the shared interests of the global community, while also stitching everyone’s economies together seamlessly.”

To me this is very similar. This seems to describe those who oppose the American Redoubt concept and Brexit.  It seems to describe the technocrats in the EU capital of Brussels who oppose Brexit and the authoritarian progressives, in both the Republican and Democrat parties in D.C. who oppose more self determination for the various States.  The people who oppose more self-determination by smaller political units believe in political globalism (Democrats) or economic globalism also known as “free trade” (Republicans).  And for globalism to work “…we must either give up some democracy or some national sovereignty. Pretending that we can have all three simultaneously leaves us in an unstable no-man’s land.”

What guarantees our democracy (actually Constitutional Republic) and national sovereignty is the Constitution.  That is why it so often feels like it is authoritarian progressives vs. original intent Constitutionalism. This is also why both Republicans and Democrats hate Trump.   Like Brexit, I pray that we can figure out a way to achieve more local self-determination peacefully. Pray for the best, plan for the worse.

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