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This continues our own going coverage of three muslim refugee boys rape of a 5-year old America girl. This story is so horrible because so many of us warned our progressive neighbors that in every case where muslims were introduced to a society in significant numbers eventually sexual assault and violence (often terrorism) against non-muslims increased.  There is not one majority non-muslim nation from the Philippines to Sudan that is at peace with its muslim neighbor. Not one.

Yet authoritarian progressives are stuck on stupid. And now we see what we have feared starting to happen in rural America.  Yet the same progressive media which said we were bigoted for quoting facts now want to downplay muslim violence in America against non-muslims.  The politicians and media involved with the Twin Falls refugee Rape case simply do not cover the story in a fair and truthful way.  When I found a long article from Redoubt News covering a visit by several politicians affiliated with the Coalition of Western States, (COWS) that was good news as it gave us more information from a trusted source.

Patriot Shelly Shelton, COWS

Patriot Nevada Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, COWS

Redoubt News, which has recently grown, is an independent and conservative news outlet. I consider them primarily a news aggregator (think Drudge). They link too many articles that are of interest to conservative libertarians living in or moving to the North West. Sometimes they also produce their own stories and the visit to the Twin Falls, Idaho family by politicians of the Coalition of Western States is one such case.  Why do we need independent conservative media like Redoubt News? This case is a perfect example of information not being pursued by the legacy media.

COWS2The Coalition of Western States (COWS) is a group of concerned legislators, local government representatives, sheriffs, attorneys, and concerned citizens dedicated to the restoration of the Sovereignty of the States. The primer issue of the Coalition of Western States appears to be returning land rights to the management of the local States. The federal government owns approximately 47% of all land in the Western States and all of the natural resources on and under that land. In many States, the federal government controls the majority of the land. As a comparison, the federal government owns only 4 percent of land East of the Mississippi. The federal government has significantly restricted the use of the States own land, and thus has economically retarded the development of much of the West. The Coalition of Western States wants to change this for the benefit of all.

In federal Congress long-serving Alaska Rep. Don Young (R) introduced the State National Forest Management Act of 2015, which would allow each state to acquire two million acres of national forest land from the federal government. Young’s bill would require the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to convey land to any Western state when that state’s legislature passes a bill requesting the land. A bill introduced by Rep. Raul Labrador (R) of Idaho called the Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act, would establish pilot projects that would allow state and local officials to manage up to 2 percent of the 193 million acres of USFS land located in the West. He has reintroduced this Bill to the House since at least 2012, and it has not come up for a vote. Labrador’s name (as well as Idaho State Senator Russ Fulcher) has come up potentially running against Republican Establishment choice of Lieutenant Governor Little for governor of Idaho in 2018.

Image by Redoubt News - Patriot Assemblywoman Michele Fiore with the victim

Image by Redoubt News – Patriot Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, COWS with the victim (no recognizable image)

Anyway as far as I know The Coalition of Western States are good patriot leaders. After hearing about this rape of a 5-year old Idaho girl by muslim refugees and the apparent unaggressive response by the very liberal Twin Falls County prosecutor, Grant Loebs,  the apparently unhelpful Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury a group of political leaders from COWS were motivated to find out the facts of this case for themselves to the best of their ability.  I believe what push them to act, in part was when the very liberal Obama appointed Idaho US Attorney (and Idaho native) Wendy J. Olson threaten any patriot who dared to give their opinion on muslims, refugees or this case.


authoritarian progressive Wendy Olson, Obama appointed US State Attorney

That threat by Wendy Olson motivated me to write the blog post U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson I call your bluff daring her to try and enforce her unconstitutional threat. No one in America has been convicted of making “inflammatory” remarks under federal law. And she knows that. The group of concern leaders from the Coalition of Western States consisted of Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Clark County District 4 (Las Vegas), Nevada Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, Assembly District 10 and Tony Shelton Coalition of Western States Research and Policy Director. Just to answer the liberal progressive question, why two Nevada politicians went and visited this Idaho family was that they coordinated with Idaho legislators (and members of COWS) who asked them to visit with this family.


authoritarian progressive (liberal) County Prosecutor Grant Loebs

The very liberal Idaho Statesmen reported that authoritarian progressive County Prosecutor Grant Loebs stated this attack “…there was no gang-rape…”   This response to the question suggest there even though two boys were found naked with this 5-year old child, there was no penetration by more than one boy. Under Idaho State law  “Rape is defined as the penetration, however slight, of the oral, anal or vaginal opening with a penis.” Thus apparently what the very liberal County Prosecutor Grant Loebs is saying is that these boys did not penetrate this girl in any way.  Redoubt News breaks this down also in the article Yes Twin Falls Girl was Assaulted.

Lets get to the facts that we know.  The Redoubt News piece documents their fact-finding trip very well. But here is the summary.

A 5-year-old American girl was assaulted in Twin Falls, Idaho on June 2, 2016. Three young men were involved in this assault, ages 7, 10 and 14.  They were from Iraq and the Sudan. These boys sound like refugees as they “moved to the area” two years ago.  What else do we know?

• The assault was filmed
• There is an eyewitness
• The girl was urinated on
• The young girl called for help
• The alleged perpetrators were muslim
• Only 2 of the 3 boys involved were arrested

Two of the boys have moved out of the apartment complex. The last boy and “a woman from his house” spend their time actually harassing or trying to intimidate this American family. They walk back and forth outside of this American home. Redoubt News provided photo evidence of this fact.

Twin Falls Police Chief

do nothing Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury

The family begged the apartment building complex to provide security for them, and while it initially hired a security guard, it chose not to pay for the guard anymore. Redoubt News and the COWS reported: “The police have been called at least 6 times by the witness because of her harassment. This has been particularly horrifying for this elderly witness. The complex hired security for a couple of weeks after the rape, but has since discontinued the patrol.”

Now I don’t know if we are going to take action, but we are not going to let an American family be traumatized by muslim refugees in our own backyard. That is not going to happen. As I said initially, we are trying to get more information. That family needs to hire a good criminal lawyer, and we need to understand (to the best of our ability) what happened, and if there is any valid reason the State is dragging its feet. When we figure out the next steps, I will share it. Please read the entire article at Redoubt News under the post COWS Investigates Twin Falls Child Rape.