I am putting this out to start some form of “political immunotherapy” (trade mark The Bard).  I know we are in the middle of the political campaign and no I am not simply writing off Trump when his numbers drop. However, what did the military teach me, and I share with you? We plan for the what? We plan for the worse and pray for the best.

reverend-omarosa-manigault-michael-duncans-fianceeI thought Donald Trump demonstrated an inability to win a while ago, but falling for “hope bias” I kept it to myself.  Perhaps wrong, but … well, I needed my on political immunotherapy. The time I became very concern that Trump may not have it in him is when he picked Omarosa Manigault as his Director of African-American Outreach. The apparently fairly popular woman was also his Vice Chair of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. She was popular on his reality show the Apprentice.

When asked why Trump was polling near zero with Americans of African descent n both Pennsylvania and Ohio, Manigault’s home state. She immediately refuted the polls saying just yesterday she spent time with African Americans who are Trump supporters like herself.

blackGOPNo little one, all Republicans get very little support from Americans of African descent, and it has been that way for generations. Republicans routinely get 5% of the Americans of African descent vote and up to 30% of the Americans of Hispanic descent. They pull the bulk of their support from Americans of European descent.

However it was not Omarosa’s “answer” that really clicked in my mind. What clicked is that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of Americans of African descent who work regularly in various places in the Republican Party, Tea Party, Pro-Life groups, Second Amendment groups and other various liberty and conservative causes. Many of These people are hard charging politically conservative minorities.  They work in the community regularly.   They also get beaten up regularly (Uncle Tom) for daring to “go off the reservation” of progressivism and dependency upon the government (taking from their neighbors). These conservative men and women are all out there, and I assume any would have been honored to be asked to bring what they have done to Donald Trump. However, apparently, he didn’t ask, didn’t know to ask or was not comfortable asking. That demonstrated something.

Trump apparently values loyalty and familiarity more than he values effectiveness.

And that friend can be a leader’s critical flaw. Doubly so for Donald Trump because he does not have the time to get “familiar” with enough people. This is a form of “family and friend” nepotism. It is a weakness.

Also Trump’s path does not seem to materialize as he wanted. He keeps talking about “putting other States” into play that traditional Republicans could not. However, Hilary Clinton is up 8 points in Pennsylvania, up 6 points in Michigan, up 8 points in Colorado. The white, blue-collar (often union) worker apparently will not cross the aisle for Trump.  If the American working man will not defend his job, he deserves to loose it to globalist.

Remember beyond massive Republican establishment betrayal what is standing ready is the Democrat’s massive “get out the vote” with no voting fraud detection machine. Trump does not have this machine.  Globalist progressives are simply willing to do what is required to gain and maintain power.  Eight more years of Obama’s policies.  I think Donald Trump is preparing himself for losing that is why he says things like well the path to the nomination is hard for any Republican or the polls are phony or the election system is rigged.  Most of this has some element of truth in it, but they were true before you started.

The simple truth is a couple of things. First, nationally the Republican Party as we have known it is over if Trump wins or loses. If he wins which seems very doubtful today, the Party will change into a more populist, economic nationalist party.

20160627_TrumpClintonWapoABCIf he loses the betrayal by people like the Koch Brothers, by the Bush family, talking heads like Mark Levin, little Senators from Texas and the “establishment” will never be forgotten. If you think the 10 or 20% of the Republican base which is hardcore Trump supporters will ever “pull the lever” for a national Establishment Republican again, you are mistaken. Thus the Republican Party will become, well more obviously become, the Democrat Lite Party. They need to try and replace that primarily white base by trying to reach out to the same globalist and racial groups the Democrats have been working with for generations by working with racial and sexual identity politics. That is why Paul Ryan is with homosexual Tim Cook of Apple looking for money to keep the globalist agenda rolling.

“The math suggests Trump would need a whopping 70 percent of white male voters to cast their ballots for him. That’s a larger percentage than Republicans have ever won before — more than the GOP won in the landslide victories of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and far more than they won during the racially polarized elections of Barack Obama…Ronald Reagan cruised to an easy victory by winning 63 percent of white males, according to exit polls. In 1988, George H.W. Bush took 63 percent of that group in his rout of Michael Dukakis. By 2004, however, winning 62 percent of white men barely got George W. Bush past John Kerry in a squeaker. And eight years later, Romney won 62 percent of white men—and lost to Barack Obama by 3.5 million votes.”  Read more at Politico

The last point is if Trump wins or loses there is one main voting block that will be showing its political might or weakness. White men. Simply put, if white men do not show up at the polls for Trump  the same way Black people showed up in “record numbers” for Obama, Trump loses, and a great historical passing will happen in America. 98% of Americans of African descent voted for Obama, Trump needs more than 70% of  Americans of European descent who are men.  If he does not get this number, white people will just be “one of many” concerns in the nation they founded. This is something the progressives have been working on, for generations.  White men many not even be a concern, as other groups have shown the willingness to turn up.  You just need all the other minorities and a certain percentage of white women and you win.   Yes, white married women are also critical to a Trump victory, but the real demographic that propelled Trump to the top are white men. Do they still have enough will to propel him to the White House?

We will see.