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We have a segment on this site we call “Jackboot” where I chronicle the excesses of the post-Christian, post-constitutional police and surveillance State. I have invented a new Twitter “hash tag” called White people get gaffled too #whitepeoplegetgaffled2 to make the point that this is not only a Black issue (#blacklivesmatter) actually people of all races are getting face stomped by the State. This is not a communist issue, this is not a black racial supremacist issue, it is a God-given liberty and Constitutional rights issue. And yes, I may be the only person on the “inter-tubes” of the Internet that has this opinion.

And socialist (funded by tax dollars taken at the point of a gun and 1/3 of their budget already coming from the federales) police unions wonder why so many people don’t trust them. It is not because of the media, it is not because of the protest. It is because of people’s interaction (or their family / friends) with the police themselves. It is also because there has never been a “good relationship” between the black community and the police. Never.

Jack Yantis, Requiescat in pace (RIP)

Jack Yantis, Requiescat in pace (RIP)

This Jackboot is tying the knot on Jack Yantis. We covered Jack Yantis when he was murdered by Adams County Sheriff Deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland in the post When Adams County Sheriff deputies met Jack Yantis. Basically, Jack Yantis prized bull got out and was running around on the highway. The bull was accidentally hit by a car.  These things happen in rural America.  In its pain and confusion, the bull dragged itself home. Jack Yantis was called by the local Adams County Sheriff’s department to put down his bull. For us city slickers who don’t know where eggs come from, a bull can be a family’s entire 401K savings. It is a very valuable animal. Anyway, Jack Yantis walked down his driveway with his rifle to put down his prized bull who had made it home. The police saw this man and his rifle and shot him dead.Officers Brian Wood and Cody Roland are of European descent (white), and Jack Yantis was white.

No Justice for Jack

In my mind, this case is very much like Philando Castile being murder by St. Anthony, Minnesota police officers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser. In that case, Philando Castile was a licensed conceal carry holder. Philando Castile followed all the crazy rules to legally carry a concealed weapon. Philando Castile made the mistake of telling the Jeronimo Yanez he was carrying and when the State in the form of Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez told Jeronimo Yanez to reach for his wallet, the police shot him dead. In this case, the police officer was an American of Mexican descent, and the victim was an American of African descent (black).

1108 Yantis1 night sceneIn both cases, Yantis and Castile the wife / girlfriends recorded the aftermath of their men being murdered by the State. In both cases, the fact that the citizen was legally armed was used as an excuse to kill him in cold blood.

The same thing that happens in inner cities occurred in this case. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has cleared the Adams County Sheriff Deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland of any wrong doings. No jury trial, just cleared. The State has said there is not enough evidence to even try these two officers, even though several eyewitnesses say the police shot him without cause.  In addition Idaho Attorney General Wasden said he cannot say “who fired first.”  He also made the point that the only rounds found at the scene were from the police.  None of the bullets were proven to be from Yantis’ rifle.  Yet not enough evidence to have a trial.

Law enforcement officers in Idaho have shot and killed at least 54 people in the line of duty in the past 15 years. Officers were cleared in 50 of those deaths; four remain under investigation.

Idaho (like most States) have cleared police officers in 100% of shootings by police.  Think of those odds.  We have found you are right 100% of the time.  If you had done this, do you think there would have been enough evidence to go to trial?  These two murderous sheriff deputies will be back on the job, “protecting and serving” the people of Idaho very soon. How much you want to bet when the State investigates Jeronimo Yanez they will also clear him of murder? No day in court for you citizen.

Wasden said Friday that his office was “ethically bound not to file charges,” because he could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the deputies had violated state any Idaho homicide statute. “I’m not saying the actions by the deputies were justifiable, nor that they were not justifiable,” he said.

We call on the use of force laws by police to be reformed.  Until the State decides to limit its own power (good luck on that) we suggest that all citizens tape their interactions with the State and that you protect yourself.