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chickens-out1Our small flock of Plymouth Rock barred color is only about a month old, and they are still pretty small. However my younger Wolf Daughter, so named because she loves to run through the woods and fields like some type of wolf child asked me to let them outside. She said, “Dad don’t you think they would be happier outside.”

And of course, I thought, how we will keep them safe, warm, etc. But then I thought. This is exactly what I am trying to teach the next generation. Simply decent treatment of our food animals.

This is our first flock of bared Plymouth Rock chickens, however I am impressed.  In a month we have not lost a single one.  (knocking on wood) When there are all bared Plymouth Rock chickens in the coop they seem to “peck” less.  They seem to be growing and feathering quickly.  We changed them from newspaper to pine chips because they started to scratch out the newspaper.  When we put them into the grass, they immediately started to forage.

Now our next thing is get them to return to the coop at the end of the day.  We are keeping the water and food in the coop, but only a few seem to be figuring out that they can climb in and out.

chickens-out0Thus the chickens are out. We kept them inside our lovely chicken coop for a couple of days just to teach them this is now home. Then we purchased a “poultry” net and tried to keep them in a 50’ square area.