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The Economist Story

Recently a well-established international publication (progressive globalist) with a circulation exceeding 1.5 million, requested a few interviews about the American Redoubt. The reporter reached out to many people who he could find who are in some way related to the American Redoubt movement for a comment on his piece which would be titled “The Last Big Frontier: A movement of staunch conservatives and doomsday-watchers in the Inland Northwest is quietly gaining steam

The author actually got a few people to talk to him. He wrote a piece that as JWR said “The Economist (a leftist magazine and web site) did a pretty decent writeup on the American Redoubt featuring JWR. There are a few back-handed compliments, but overall it’s a good article.”   Even with some of the issues with the paper I also think the article was fine.  And some of the comments are hilarious. Other comments were spot on.  A commenter who calls himself guest-ajaoejea wrote:

The movement has less to do with doomsday than it does with freedom and liberty. We moved from the suburbs and built in a conservative township in rural Wisconsin. I had no local government or commissioner telling me where I could place my barbecue grill or where I could park my camper. We did not have neighbors telling us they would prefer if we used organic fertilizer and telling us that they did not like our dog. Setting up and building in a rural area is relatively easy. Propane is great, geothermal is a great way to go to heat and cool your house. I would certainly love high speed internet, but satellites are OK. Home schooling is the best way to educate your children. ‘The ACT and SAT scores will judge that. We have the occasional snowflake that wants to start an organic farm, but they eventually realize that liberty is the only way yo get along in a rural area. Telling others to “buy into the state” doesn’t work when you have people that are really independent and have faith.”

Spot on. I have no idea how much the article has been viewed but it has been shared over 6,500 on Facebook alone with over 380 comments.   I have certainly seen worse articles. The author of this article does make the point that progressive journalists such as an old Idaho Democratic operative Chris Carlson in an article titled Raising serious doubts about American Redoubt where he tried to connect the American Redoubt to white supremacist he said “…They say they welcome all, and that there’s no discrimination against minorities, but that’s easy to say when you have no minorities.” Anyone who has ever seen us talk laughed at the incompetence of the modern media. Also, Carlson did you noticed that “Hispanics accounted for 42 percent of the enrollment growth in Idaho’s public schools in the last five years?”

The liberal media is untrustworthy

As you know, we do not normally give interviews to liberal and progressive leaning media.  As all of you know many polls show that the media is overwhelmingly progressive, liberal and supporters of the Democratic Party. The American Redoubt and people who choose to associate with it are overwhelmingly  Christian, constitutional  (anti-federalist or Bill of Rights +13th), conservatives who oppose most of what globalist and progressives stand for. Thus it is just shocking, shocking I say that most stories written by the progressive journalists controlled by liberal editors often cast a bad light on Christian constitutional conservatives.  Shocking! Even JWR who gives the most interviews as he has a separate publishing career, sometimes just doesn’t bother.  It is just the same stereotypical propaganda that the media always peddled.  However instead of casting blacks (women, Asians, or whoever) in the worst light possible it is now Christians and conservatives.

don't tread on me

We are growing

What do you do if you cannot trust the 4th estate?  Remember you do not have problems, just another opportunity to excel.   In an average week the “three big blogs” covering American Redoubt related news including this blog and podcast, the John Jacob Schmidt show on KTW 630 AM broadcast out of Spokane Washington (Saturday 1100 AM and Sunday 2000 PM) plus his podcast and James Rawles and Survival Blog reaches hundreds of thousands of people. In other words, the online and on-air media controlled by people who regularly speak about the AR movement reach a fair amount of people.  And that is thanks to all of your support and spreading the word continuously.


Recently Ryan Collingswood (with assistance from Maureen Dolana) a Staff Writer for CDA Press (a northern Idaho progressive paper) wrote a piece titled Welcome to the American Redoubt where he seems not to like the fact that the Economist wrote the story covering the American Redoubt. Ryan starts his story with a manipulation by saying the Economist piece “…featured Coeur d’Alene.”

Untrue. The Economist piece did not “feature Coeur d”Alene” any more than it featured Bonners Ferry Idaho, Sandpoint, Idaho or Billings Montana. It featured the American Redoubt political migration movement. It just happens that he spent a lot of time in Northern Idaho. If certain people were located in Billings Montana, he would have spent time there.

Another strange part of Ryan’s piece is that he apparently called up a North Idaho business owner and asked him about the American Redoubt. Why? I really do not know why he choose to interview a person without any connection with the American Redoubt political migration movement?   Well actually I have an idea.

Want to know about Black Lives Matter organization?
Just pick a random black person and ask him.

Alex Jones and Info Wars just did this. Info Wars ran a title of “Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Target Whites for Beat Downs.” The article then talks about random black thugs talking about beating up white people.  Now we all know that Black Lives Matter organization is dominated by racial supremacist (Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party) and communists (Revolutionary Communist Party) and globalist progressives (Soros funded Democratic Alliance 33M so far we can find).  However truth is truth and this article is not it.  In the lead in Paul Joseph Watson says “…violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee.” Not a single person officially connected to the Black Lives Matter organization is even accused of being at the event, nor “beating up anyone.”  Those people arrived a few days later.  Paul Joseph Watson just found a video of random criminals who are black assaulting people (only a few who are white). I especially like how he uses the term black lives matter in quotes. Of course, Paul does not make the point that several of the businesses that got torched were owned by black people.

Ryan from the CDA press does the same thing. Want to know about the American Redoubt movement? Just talk to people who are actually not connected to the movement and pretend like it is news.  And of course, he gets a lot wrong. Shocking I know.  Why did Ryan call a “random conservative?” Most likely because he could not get anyone actually associated with the American Redoubt movement on the phone. As I started with, we don’t do many interviews.  Especially with liberal media.  And this leads me to my last point. Who speaks for the AR movement?

Who speaks for the AR?

However still, I think going forward this may become more important.  When some random insane person gets on the video and says “I am with the American Redoubt” think on this post. This is not to disparage anyone who is working hard to expand the movement and freely associating with the AR.

survivalblog0There are three people.  One. Two. Three.  I consider who generate original content inline with the concept of the American Redoubt movement. Three, not four. And the counting shall be three! James Rawles, of Survival Blog,  John Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt and Alex Barron of the Charles Carroll Society. That would be three. Only one of those can change an American Redoubt principle which he calls precepts, and that is James Rawles.  BTW there are other long time people and service providers who have done more for the self-sufficiency cause, specifically located in and round the AR than most.  However those people have chosen not to put themselves out there and thus I will not either.   Yes, the American Redoubt movement is blessed with many service providers, people, and organizations who choose to associate themselves with the American Redoubt concept, such as Redoubt News.  However, in my not so humble opinion none of them speak for the American Redoubt movement.

Stay strong, stay focused, we plant the garden, but the garden grows as God wills. Pray but prepare for 8 more years of Obama’s policies.  Walk to freedom as soon as you can.