There are three things I keep hearing in the liberty blog-o-sphere that I want to address. That Hillary is evil, that people are ready to die for their faith, and that they are preparing for new dark ages.

It is true that what was America is no longer. Can anyone continue to say that the America which values self-reliance, traditional family structure and working hard (the so-called Protestant work ethic) is alive after two elections where Barrack Obama and now an election where Hillary Clinton will be elected (twice)?

I said for the last four years, Obama is not the problem. Hillary is not the problem. The people who voted for him and supported him are the problem.  They are your neighbors.  They go to church with you.  Hillary may be evil, but that is not the problem. Many of your fellow citizens are evil, support evil and are more than willing to support diabolical forces. This is a problem, and it is not going anywhere.

benedict-optionAnother thing I keep hearing from those who are investigating things like the Saint Benedict option are they are getting ready for the coming of the “new dark ages” and in the future “some time” we will emerge.

“What matters at this stage is the construction of local forms of community within which civility and the intellectual and moral life can be sustained through the new dark ages which are already upon us.” – Alasdair MacIntyre

First, as many of you know, dying for your faith never ensures there will be another generation of Christians. However if you need more than just a bunch of dead adults to ensure that Christian children can be raised in peace. The question you never hear from these people is will they kill for their faith? I assume they think that Christendom was created and maintained by individuals running forward throwing themselves onto the spears of their adversaries.

TheEconomist0Now I am not a military historian, but I am a student (albeit a bad one) of military history.  The Dark Ages were not solely caused by the moral decline of the Roman Empire. The Dark Ages were not only caused by the devaluation of the money and the massive welfare state for the Roman citizens. It was not only caused by white Aryan barbarians coming down from the North including Germany destroying the most dominant European power of the era. This and more happened yet there is something else that contributed to the European Dark ages.

And like most things it has long been forgotten by the West. What contributed to the European Dark Ages was when mohmammadist put up a sea-based trade embargo around Europe. The navies of the combined mohmammadist nations stopped Europe from moving about and trading.  And Europe fell into a Dark Age that did not stop until Europe fought free of this Trade Embargo.  What is known as the European Dark Ages was considered the Golden Age of Islamic military and cultural expansion.

“The Arabs brought the Romans to their knees. They conquered the richest parts of the Mediterranean world and made the Mediterranean Sea a military frontier. They launched raiding expeditions to the Northern shores, further destabilizing and deurbanising the few places left that had real cities. They made papyrus impossible to acquire, leading to the need to write on parchment, a highly expensive item. They made a great network of trade stretching from North Africa to Persia, essentially leaving Europe outside. They effectively ruined any chance for the former Western Empire to recover from the Germanic invasions. At least for the time being.” Quora

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke

The simple point of this is that if conservative Americans are unwilling to sacrifice everything, we are completely impotent and will be dominated by those who are.  Reminds me of the parable of the guy on top of a roof during a flood praying for the Lord’s help and watched while boats and helicopters went by.  Eventually God said “dude, I sent you a boat, a helicopter, and a truck, now die.”  Or something like that.  God has given us the tools to our salvation, but we must exercise our own Free Will to achieve our own salvation.

scene-from-a-muslim-slave-market-of-white-women2-otto-pilnyIt was 500 years of Muslim advancement (mostly Turk) and the rule of European barbarians. This is what we could be looking at if we refuse to take a stand before we all die off.  Fascism did not just “die off” and God rescue his people.  He demanded we kill.  Communism did not just fail, the Lord demanded we kill.   A five hundred year rule of mohammadist, globalists, progressive and militant homosexuals. Over 500 years of mohammadist once again dominating the West.  Either fight for your future or prepare your children to be sex slaves, and raise your grand children as sex slaves for those willing to fight.