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The Alternative Right (#altright) has made some news this election cycle with their support for Donald Trump. I address them in the CCS Podcast The Man, the Jew and the New World Order. On Friday 09SEP2016 many “senior” voices of the Alternative Right held a press conference. I believe that press conference is the start of the end of the alternative right being a force in American Politics. It is my opinion that as more people understand what the alt-right actually believes, they will be quickly severe their ties with the ideology.

whatisthealtright0The “alternative right” has been kinda of a mystery for the larger culture and political society in particular. It is a real grab bag of counter progressive cultural young people. A lot of people have spent time trying to understand what the alternative right is. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump said: “Nobody even knows what it is. And she didn’t know what it was.” He says, “There’s no alt-right or alt-left. All I’m embracing is common sense.” He is right that it is hard to pinpoint. He is wrong that it does not exist.

The truth is, a lot of people who are “anti” progressive and anti-New Left culture were considered part of the “alternative right.” The difficulty in understanding the alt-right is because it is not really that organized. It is an e-mob.  The Left apparently doesn’t know how that works.  However, in a recent press, they have made what they stand for very clear. I guess a lot of this were already out there on various blogs, yet not widely known. Like my post on explaining the term cuckservative, I share my new found clarity with this readership. I think once it is clear, people can make their own decisions.

I assume in a desire to do what racist always do which is to self-destruct and take as many people with them as possible, several influential voices of the alternative right arranged an official press conference on Friday 09SEP2016 in Washington DC. They clearly understood that because it was in the middle of a Presidential campaign, and Hillary Clinton had made a major speech about their movement, trying to associate it with Donald Trump they would get a lot more interest.

After watching what they said, they must have also understood they were actually harming Donald Trump’s chances of becoming President.  And of course the next several news cycles covered the alt-right news conferences.  And tied tried to tie these harden races to Donald Trump primairly through his campaign’s CEO Stephen Brannon.  Initially, this press conference was to be held at the National Press Club which is within walking distance of the White House.  For the first time in the National Press Club’s 109 history it cancelled an event.  I think that was a mistake.  Let the devil speak.  Eventually, the news conference was moved down the street to the Willard Hotel in the Peacock Room.

The three men who were invited to speak at the alt-right press conference are significant people in the alternative right. Richard Spencer who runs the White Nationalist thinks tank called the National Policy Institute and is the Editor of RadixJournal, Peter Brimelow who runs the blog VDare.com and author of Alien-Nation a longtime anti-immigration activist and Jared Taylor who runs the American Renaissance blog. I feel that Richard Spencer is of particular interest as he has been given credit for coining the term “alternative right” in 2010 and even published a now defunct magazine called Alternative Right. Richard Spencer apparently lives near Kalispell, Montana. The other two men have pretty large online followings and have been involved, at least in the periphery of the alternative right for a while.

In this press conference called in front of cameras and the press pool, Richard Spencer, and in various degrees the other speakers clearly said the alternative right stands for White Nationalism.

alt-right4In other words, the alternative right core mission is a separate racially white nation state. These three men said that some races are more intelligent than others based on their (mis) understanding of genetics and IQ. They said that the alt-right stands for culturally or politically separating races in the United States.

Jared Taylor said, “The egalitarian orthodoxy in which the alt-right is in unanimity about rejecting, and rejects probably with the most enthusiasm, is the idea that the races are basically equivalent and interchangeable.” Jared then started down one of his favorite rabbit hole of races and IQ and the fact that Asians are smarter than everyone and I guess should be the world’s engineers and scientist. Even though the vast majority of scientist and physiology say, there is no direct correlation between IQ and intelligence, nor IQ and actual performance.

alt-right2Peter Brimelow was asked point blank, “The alt-right were described as white supremacist organization, is that accurate?” Peter responded (with Richard Spencer standing right beside him) and said “…Richard said he wants a white homeland a white identity. Richard didn’t say he wants to go around suppressing people.” As the three men who many see as leaders of the alternative right have openly said;

The alternative right is White Nationalists.
The alternative right want politics based on white identity.
The alternative right does not believe in the equality of the races.

Several popular online alt-right blogs have been clearer on the point of what the alt-right stands for. To all respect to Brietbart.com, the online blog Daily Stormer bills itself as the number one alternative right and pro-genocide website put out an article on 27SEP2016 attacking one of the most well-known figures of associated with the alternative right Milo Yiannopoulos. The post is called The Final Solution to the Milo Problem.

milo-cancelled0Milo is a British national who now lives in the US. Milo grandfather is Jewish. His parents converted to Catholicism which he still claims he practices. Milo is a practicing and flamboyant cross-dressing sodomite. Yet he is also extremely conservative and an effective speaker. Milo Yiannopoulos works for Brietbart.com and has actually been one of the strongest voices for the “big tent” alt-right movement and minimizing the racist objectives of the alt-right. On Daily Stormer, they called for a Holy Crusade against Milo as misrepresenting the alt-right. In the article the Daily Stormer said:

The alternative right is racist.
The alternative right is anti- Semitic.
Anyone who says differently is lying about the alternative right.

dailystormer0The Daily Stormer published by Andrew Anglin also clarifies the alt-right with the statement “The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.”  Recently The Daily Stormer address the “big tent” alt-right theory with this comment “The Alt-Right is White Nationalism. Period. If we are talking about “big tent,” we are talking about differences between White Nationalists and outright Nazis. There is no version of Alt-Right that is about ‘Western heritage.’ It is about race.” BTW, NAZIs are most associated with violent white supremacy.  Another popular alt right site called The Right Stuff run by Mike Enoch said: “The alt-right is the right wing stripped of any superstitious belief in human equality and any admission of the left’s moral authority…”

Now as I started, I can understand how the alternative right as a new political force, was unknown to most people.  Most of us did not know what it stood for. I understand how straight white men and women have had it up to here with everyone having identity politics except for them, and rejecting the thought that one must be ashamed of who they are, and even ashamed of their history. I can understand men rejecting the thought they must be ashamed of even their own masculinity as some have suggested. In alt-right lingo, the New Left are Social Justice Warriors (SJW). I can see how people would instinctively disagree with the ravings of liberal mass media who simply scream “racist” at anything they do not like. Thus when the progressive media or The Establishment said the alt-right were racists, no one believed them.

I also see the alt-right as a reflection of the New Left. I know how organizations like The Race (La Raza), the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam just to name a few, who support umbrella groups like Black Lives Matter and to a larger extent the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton are made up of racial nationalists. Yet this is never covered in the mainstream media and only a little in The Establishment media outlets.  The Trump campaign seems too slow to simply say we disavow the support of all racists including the KKK and the alt-right, when will Clinton disavow the support of the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA)?

I even find it amusing that Democrats and authoritarian progressives like to say “we must have a conversation on race in America” but then as soon as someone shows up to say something about race they don’t like they freak out. Who are you going to have a conversation with? I also am sympathetic to the fact of the utter and complete failure of the traditional conservatives in America. What significant advancement have they made? What of traditional Christian values have they “conserved?” What great libertarian advancements have they made? What advancements of Life, liberty, or even simply growing the labor participation rate? What have people gained in voting for traditional conservatives in America for 40 years?

However unlike organizations like The Race who actively try to hide that they are … you know … for a single “race.” You know, like their name says, the Alternative Right has chosen to “come out of the closet” as it were. Perhaps it is better to say they have decided to “make the air.”

Now that they have held this nice press conference and their favorite online blogs have echoed its principal points, often more loudly, I believe it is very reasonable for people to take them at the world.  This mean the alternative right or alt-right are White Nationalists who do not believe that “all men are created equally.” They are racists and anti- Semitic.  You no longer have to figure out what they are, they have simply spelled it out.  I think anyone (i.e. Milo) who says the majority of the alt-right are not hardened racists needs to prove their assertion.

I guess Spencer and company do not understand the depths of people’s hatred of white supremacy. I just wish people hated all forms of racial politics the same. The alt-right does not seem to understand that the overwhelming majority of human’s rejection of their viewpoints as loathsome.  I have met many, many Republicans and Libertarians over my life and career.  I can tell you the overwhelming majority are not only not racists, do not believe joking about the holocaust is funny, but actually hate racists.  I believe the “influential speakers” for the alt-right are about to find out. Again.  I wonder how much of an impact (if any) will it have on the larger presidential election.

The Right Stuff apparently started the concept of putting parentheses around Jewish names. Some form of electronic “Yellow Star.”  I believe some of the strongest advocates of the American language, culture, and borders are actually (((Jewish)) including (((Michael Savage))) and to a lesser degree (((Mark Levin))). I do not believe in White Nationalism or Black Nationalism, especially in the United States. I do not believe in race-based politics, black, white or brown.  I do not believe people are primarily defined by their race or genes.   I am neither a racist nor anti-Semitic. God choose to be born a Jew.

I do not support the alt-right.