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I believe there is an issue with the police forces in these former United States. From Jack Yantis, Requiescat in pace (white guy) getting gunned down in the street by Adams County Sheriff Deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland (white guys). Or when you watch police officers and District Attorneys (all white people) lie on paper about an encounter with 47-year-old Army veteran Douglas Dendinger (white guy), who they tried to put into jail and then all of these people remain employed. There are so many instances in this nation of out of control police departments.

I disagree with the way Black Lives Matter (BLM) goes about making this point. Instead of using this as opportunity to bring us together and explain that the police officers are beating, killing and abusing all of us. The Black Live Matter organization allows for groups like the Nation of Islam (ethnic separatist), The New Black Panther Party (racial supremacist) and a list of New Left progressive and communist organizations to make this about only one racial group.

Yet there is still a problem with the use of force by police.

John Oliver, a comedian, has a show called Last Week Tonight. John Oliver is a social justice warrior, member of the New Left and a huge promoter of Hillary Clinton and most of her policies. Yet I still like to get my news from as many sources as possible. He did a show called Police Accountability. I think it does a good job of summing up the issue with police.   He is actually kinda of funny.  The Left does know comedy.  Just try to ignore the extreme progressive side comments weaved through the dialogue.

A few bad apples do spoil the barrel. As the police forces continue to refuse any meaningful reform of their use of force, the people will eventually demand that the federal government take over the (in more ways than now) the local police.  This will solidify the federally controlled Standing Army.  Hillary Clinton has a 76% chance of winning as of today.  Trump is going to have the rest of his life to Tweet about Miss Universe and Gold Star muslim families.  If Hillary Clinton wins, her minority voters which she is completely dependent upon have made massive “police reform” their number one issue.   Democracies often die to the applause of the masses.