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Both Hillary Clinton and the liberal media have claimed Donald Trump supports the alt-right. This post will explore if this is true.  I believe this question has become more important now that influential voices of the alt-right have come out and said that their movement stands for white nationalism, the genetic superior of some races and antisemitism.

We have explained in a previous post that the alt-right now have clarified their position that they are racists (or what most people understand as racists), and anti-Semitic.  Some of the popular alt-right sites have demanded people use the term alt-right NAZIs.  Ok.

Donald Trump has done some things that seem to suggest he is at minimal tone deaf on the issue of racism.  For example when Donald Trump initially made a statement that he didn’t know who David Duke was, nor what the KKK was. Now Trump has said on multiple occasions that he did not hear the question clearly.  Also it is important to point out that after that interview he quickly and repeatedly came out and disavowed David Duke and his followers. I found a pretty kool video that shows how many times Trump had repudiated racists.

Another major concern some have raised is the issue the senior editor of Breitbart Stephen Bannon, who is now the Donald Trump campaign’s “CEO” said of Breitbart in an interview with Mother Jones “We’re the platform for the alt-right.” I can’t understand this statement in any other way than Stephen Bannon intentionally associating himself and Breitbart.com with the alternative right.  I do not know if the Trump campaign has addressed the issue of Bannon and his apparent support for the alt-right.

Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump himself have used several alt-right NAZI images on social media. The most obvious are Pepe the frog. “Pepe is by far the most covered meme in this media storm which has taken place around the Alt-Right. He is a cartoon frog, who has served as the alt-right movement’s mascot.”

alt-right-meme0“Pepe became the alt-right NAZI mascot (he wasn’t “chosen” by anyone, except the meme-mob, which is everyone) because he embodies the goal of coaching NAZI idealism within irony. A movement which meets all of the SPLC’s definitions of Neo-NAZI White Supremacist using a cartoon frog to represent itself takes on a subversive power to bypass historical stereotypes of such movements and thus present the ideas themselves in a fun way without the baggage of Schindler’s List and American History X.”  I do not know if the Trump campaign has addressed  Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. re-tweeting alt-right NAZIs imagery.

Even though there have been several issues raising questions about Trump and the racists alt-right NAZI movement, both the alt-right and Donald Trump reject they really have any connection. In a recent press conference, Richard Spencer who is a White Nationalist who coined the term alt-right said, “I don’t think our support of Trump is about (racist) policy.” Richard Spencer continued Donald Trump is not Alt Right in his ideas…he is not really Alt Right in his policies with the exception to a degree of foreign policy and immigration. I have been fairly disappointed in what he has put forward in terms of policy. It sounds like a typical Republican. We want to imagine Trump in our image.”

trump-pepe0The Alternative Right has apparently said while they support some things about Donald Trump, they do not like Donald Trump policies and primarily use him to get publicity. Richard Spencer said, Certainly we have been, you could say, riding his coattails, there’s been more interest in us because we’re generally pro-Trump because we’re inspired by him and things like that.”

Donald Trump has disavowed the alt-right and other groups who most would understand as racists. CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason asked Kelly Anne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager if the Donald Trump campaign was a platform for the alt-right she responded: “No, not at all. “We’ve never even discussed it internally,” she added. “It certainly isn’t a part of our strategy meetings. It’s nothing that Mr. Trump says out on the stump.”

In a WSJ article, the Trump campaign has “…has disavowed and will continue to disavow the support of any such groups associated with a message of hate.” The Trump issued a statement on the press conference itself: “The Trump Campaign openly renounced this conference, saying that this kind of racism is repugnant and has no place in a civilized society and we categorically condemn the message and the messengers.”

jose-angel-gutierrezI believe Trump should come up with a concise and specific answer to these questions and overall his campaigns supposed involvement with the alt-right NAZIs. The answer that Hillary invented the alt-right, and no one knows what the alt-right is, will not fly.  Especially now that the alt-right has had a very public press conference in Washington D.C. and said they stand for White Nationalism.   I believe it is very reasonable to assume that Hilary Clinton will bring this up in one of the remaining televised debates.  I do not believe Trump should have an 8 minute response.  I believe the Trump campaign should answer the charge of them being involved in the alt-right with something like this:

“I have been racially inclusive throughout my business and personal life. My daughter and grandchildren are Jewish and my premier Florida Club Mar-a-Lago was the first private club to allow Jews and African-Americans to join in the local area. I categorically disavow the support of any such groups associated with a message of ethnic-nationalism or racism including the alt-right and the KKK. When will Clinton disavow the support of Islamist such as Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and etho-nationalist such as The Race (La Raza) and the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA)?”

I do not believe that Donald Trump is a supporter of the alt-right, nor is he a racist.  There is a lot in his history that suggest he is not a racist at all.  The most famous is his private Florida golf course Mar-a-Lago which he opened to Jews and Blacks against the wishes of most of the wealthy white residents and his daughter, Ivanka Trump marrying a Jewish man and converting to Orthodox Judaism. I think it is hard to be a alt-right NAZI if you have a Orthodox Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren.  This fact is never covered by Hillary nor the progressive mainstream media.

However I think because of his choice to hire Stephen Brannon, Donald Trump Jr repeated use of alt-right NAZI imagery and previous missteps when answering questions about David Duke and the KKK, Donald Trump would be wise to speak clearly on this issue.  Trump will not win Nevada without Hispanic support.  He currently gets an amazing 25% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada.  He will not win North Caroline with out Black voters.  He currently receives 16% of the black vote in North Carolina.   If he wins neither he will not become President.  There is not a racial minority in this nation that can vote for a candidate that has any connection with White Nationalism or Nazism, even if it is alt-right NAZIs.  Trump should be prepared to repeat his concise response until election day.  If you support Trump I would encourage you to share this post with his campaign as often as possible.  I can nearly guarantee the Clinton campaign will use this issue.

P.S. No one is locked in here with you, the rest of us are just going to leave.