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branco-trump-and-hillary_0On the day that hackers release the first batch of Hilary Clinton’s paid speeches to globalist banks, NBC released a very damaging tape where Donald Trump was talking (in a private conservation, with one person, 11 years ago, that he was unaware was being taped) very badly about women.  For now we will not talk about CNN’s Donna Brazile leaking debate questions to Hillary, or Fox News leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton before the debate so she could be better prepared.  We will not discuss that apparently Bill and Hillary Clinton have a black child, Danney Williams they have never assisted in all of his life.  Even the democrat  Klansman James Strom Thurmond help his half black daughter,  Essie Mae Washington-Williams out over her life and met her throughout his life.  Say that again, a Southern Klansman and opponent to integration and the Civil Rights Act treated his half black child better than Bill and Hillary.   We will not bring up how Clinton’s campaign bragged about attempting to take over the Catholic church and convert it (more) to a progressively  organization using so-called Catholic front groups such as .  No we will leave all of that aside for the moment.  Let address Donald Trump.

I said it, I was wrong and I apologize – Trump

In the tape Donald Trump basically talked about sexually assaulting women.  We hear a lot of this type of talk in in modern culture.  It was harsh language. No, I don’t think most men talk like this.  I’ve been in a fair share of locker rooms, and much more importantly I’ve been face down drunk around pretty aggressive males more times than I can count.  And no I can’t remember any talking like Donald spoke on that bus to his “friend.”  Actually, Donald said that he is allowed to sexually assault women because he is wealthy and famous.  You and I are not wealthy or famous and thus most likely would not know.  Do many men talk pretty harsh about women when they are not around?  In my experience yes, we do. Do we go as far as Trump did, at least very often? No, we do not. Donald Trump apologized, and he should. His running mate Mike Pence had a great approach. Mike Pence basically said what Donald Trump said was wrong. And he will not defend it. He pointed out that Trump has apologized. However this election is not about two people, it is about two visions for the future. I agree.

A difference between bad and evil

Another way to say this in religious terms is that there is a difference between a bad person, who has many personal failings, and an evil person who promotes evil.  It is why our Pope is so horrendous.   People dream the Catholic kings of old were not bending slaves and bar maids over every table they could.  You can (and often are required) to choose the lessor of two evils in the real world.  Trump has issues, but it does not mean he does not clearly represent the better of the two choices.

russtrump0Now, Clinton and her media defenders knew this Wiki leak dump was coming. Thus they release this damning Trump video / tape on the same day that Wiki leaks published her speeches in front of globalists bankers.  BTW in those speeches some of the most damning revelations (to me) are that she basically admits to lying to everyone by having a public and private positions and that she wants to make one country out of the United States and Mexico with completely open borders.   The globalist want the American middle class to look like the Mexican middle class.

Hillary Clinton said in a a paid speech to Brazilian Banco Itau in 2013: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that’s as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” Without borders, there are no countries, including the United States.

Thus every news outlet then started to cover the Trump tape and not the paid speeches where she talks about how she will bring about the end of our nation.  I was amazed to see how easy it was to manipulate the American people through the media.  And I think that is a very important lesson for patriots.  Apparently, the American people will sell their religious freedom, gun rights, baby’s lives and future in general because they are offended at talk.

hillary-clinton-unbornYou cannot save a person who has given up the will to live. I feel that applies to communities also. This is why I am not in the ghetto trying to convince a bunch of people to change the way they live. The influence of what was called in yesteryear White Anglo Saxon Protestants in this nation is coming to an end, and it is simply amazing to watch the end, as the children of the Founders of this nation cast their vote for their own demise. The statues of those who built this great nation are being torn down as we speak.

Many of us have been preparing ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically for an economically weaker and permanently divided nation and the troubles that imply for some time now. I have always said we really don’t know the shape of things to come, just that it will be less free and more hostile to (orthodox) Christian and classic Western Civilization in general.  Watching this election and voters is amazing, like watching a horrible accident.  In this election we are watching our nation destroy itself.  It is sickeningly attention grabbing isn’t?

jefferson-quote0Less than 30 days to go. Vegas live betting odds give Hilary an 84% chance of winning.  If she wins, she will be president for 8 years.  Those talking heads that believe they can win it back in four years as usual don’t know what they are talking about.  The coalition that elected Republicans on the national stage has been shattered and people like Jeb! will never  put it back together.  Nationally Republicans will try to  become the democrat lite party.  Demographics and uncontrolled immigration suggest you will never see a conservative or constitutional President in this nation again.

Vote and volunteer.

Pray and prepare.