I think that our side has the right to feel good about a win. We have lost so much, so often and we have had to deal with this pain. That is something I don’t see reported by the know nothing media. All these liberals in the streets crying. This is exactly how we felt when Barrack Hussein Obama was elected. Exactly. But we don’t cry in public. We didn’t take to the streets, which some of us felt we should have done. But how we felt? The same. Yet in the new globalist run nation that use be the US, your “feelings” are more important than anyone else.

mouringinamerica0Paul Joseph Watson put together a video of Hillary supporters loosing it. It includes a lot of swearing, not my problem, it is simply reporting what liberal, progressive, globalists are saying. As my Oldest Daughter says “…well life is kinda of R rated…” I don’t think our side should be dancing around too much. We will lose in the future, but know this. In the future when we lose again, they will be doing their “End Zone” dance in our face. So even though it is not good to spike the ball, you know what Red America can do a little end zone dance, just a little because you look ridiculous.

Everyone you see crying:

  1.  Supports murdering children when their mom wants.
  2.  Supports limiting religious exercise of Christians
  3.  Supports homosexual marriage
  4.  Supports taking your gun rights
  5.  Unlimited immigration, including from Islamic nations who have murder all of their native Christians

The list of course can go on.  Thus, I don’t feel too bad about watching them loose it.   Feel good, have a little fun for tomorrow there is more work. External vigilance. That is the price.