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I have seen a slight uptick in subscribers. I gather this has something to do with the election. Perhaps because it has been laid bare that the legacy media has no idea about a lot of America.  We are simply one giant pot of bumpkins, racists, and homophobes to them.

bannon0Yet today we are going to answer is Stephen K. Bannon the CEO of Donald Trump’s campaign and will serve as Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor racist? This has become a talking point among the know-nothing media because he lost the battle to be the White House Chief of Staff, which many of us out here find deeply troubling, but he won the battle to be one of the two top advisors to President-Elect Trump. And many of you now realize that there is not a legacy liberal paper especially in our local community who can give you an honest answer because they have no idea about the Right. None. Thus I your not so humble Bard will provide you information. The answer to the question is most likely not.

Everyone they don’t like is a racist

Now first we accept that the progressive left calls everyone they do not like a racist. They call Bush the II a racist. They call Mitt Romney the Moderate a racist.  They call the American Redoubt movement a racist movement.  They call you a racist. Thus them calling anyone a racist, means absolutely nothing.  Steve Bannon called Planned Parenthood a holocaust.  Which of course is true.   Why do we forget so quickly?  Please don’t forget the media was all wrong, and because of Wikileaks nearly every single American media outlet has been proven to be cooperating with the Democrats / globalist progressives.

Vectors of attack by liberals

What has Stephen Bannon said or done that would make him a racist? Some liberals say Steve Bannon is a racists because his ex-wife said he didn’t want his kids to go to school with Jews.  Anyone who would use the comments of an ex-spouse during a bitter divorce 20 years ago is not practicing journalism.  They are a shrill of the democrats.   We are still waiting for CNN to fire anyone who leaked questions to Hillary Clinton during their Presidential debates, thus CNN is bankrupt.  Next the left complains about headlines on Breitbart.  It is questionable if a Senior Editor is responsible for all the headlines he writes.

One of the headlines they point to is about Never Trump Bill Kristol “Bill Kristol, Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew.”  That headline was not commissioned by Breitbart and it was written by another Jew David Horowitz.   What is Steve Bannon a Catholic suppose to do, tell two Jews how to bait each other?  David Horowitz was pointing out how Never Trump Bill Kristol was betraying the State of Israel, and the Jewish people by voting against Trump.  The fact they try to make that a headline a Breitbart shows, yet again they are shrills for the progressive democrat party.  Breitbart is fundamentally dedicated to free speech.  Thus they have very provocative non-politically correct stories and headlines.  Like when feminist complain about men on the Internet, Breitbart runs a story that says “log off.”

In nearly every interview the progressive liberal legacy media points to his association to the alt-right as evidence of his racism.   This primarily came from a statement Steve Bannon made to radical progressive Sarah Posner of Mother Jones in July 2016 that Breitbart “We’re the platform for the alt-right…”. He has officially connected himself to the alt-right. This is what this blog post will try to focus on. Is the alt-right racists? The answer is they say they are.

Richard Spencer says alt-right are racists

The person who invented the term alt-right is Richard Spencer who runs the White Nationalist think tank called National Policy Institute and is the Editor of RadixJournal. Richard Spencer says what he means by alternative right is white identify politics for the purpose of trying to build “white nationalism.” He said this in a non-defunct magazine called the Alternative Right in 2010.   You see the first point? Steven Bannon came along 6 years later and associated himself and his paper Breitbart with something that had long been in existence.   There is a question if Breitbart really represents the alt-right at all.  BTW for this article we will just ignore the real difference between racial supremacist and nationalists and just use the debased term “racists” that most people understand.


Richard Spencer

BTW, the hard (14/88) racists web site Daily Stormer says it is the world’s number one alt-right website, not Breitbart. Now Richard Spencer is the guy widely given credit for creating the term alt-right. Richard Spencer is not “a few people” on the periphery of the alt-right movement.  He is the guy who is given credit for inventing the term and movement. He even had a badly advised press conference right in the middle of the Presidential campaign of 2016 to basically say yes we are racists.  I covered that in the post The End of the Alternative Right.  You may listen to Richard Spencer own explanation of what the alt-right is in that blog piece. I don’t like racists, thus you ask? Why am I not freaked out about this?  Well, there is another part of this coin.

The alt-right includes more than racists

Yes, the alt-right was founded by a Richard Spencer who is a white nationalist, yet the alt-right is actually much, much larger than that. The alt-right is a bunch of disparate groups of people who lean conservative who didn’t have any political title to grab on too. Even the white nationalist admits that the alt-right includes some Ron Paul supporters who were run out of the Republican party. It includes the Gamer Gate guys many of them not at all white nationalist and some quit Gamer Gate / the alt-right when hard racists tried to get them to sign up to white nationalism.  Ever hear that in the no-nothing legacy media?  No.  It includes some who are opposed to unlimited immigration who are not even white. One way to think of the alt-right is some of the people who lean conservative that the Republican party has made war upon in their quest to destroy the Party; old Ross Perot supporters, old Pat Buchanan supporters, Sara Palin Tea Party supporters and Ron Paul Supporters.  As well as White Nationalist.

I have a thought for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and his new moto. We are still here too. The issue is that the guy who invented the term alt-right and a lot of people he personally points to who he says do represent the alt-right say, yeah all of these “late comers” like Steve Bannon may not be racists like us but our movement is still racists. Then enters MILO.


MILO Yiannopoulos is a very young, popular and prolific speaker. He is British, Novus Ordo Catholic, his father is Greek and Catholic, his maternal grandmother was Jewish, and MILO is a flamboyant practicing homosexual.  Yet he is also an adamant supporter of the Bill of Rights and fundamentally politically conservative and unapologetically believes in the superiority of Christianity over other religious especially Islam.  He says in Christianity they want to save my soul, in Islam they want to kill me.  And unlike all of you, he is an excellent speaker to the young. He is like combining Elton John and Pat Buchanan. MILO Yiannopoulos is outrageous, but he is highly effective presenter of what I would call Palo Conservative views to a young audience.


MILO Yiannopoulos

He is currently on a tour of a lot of college campuses. The tour is called the Dangerous Faggot Tour. The Left hates him because he blows up too many of their narratives. Most of the conservative right in reality do not know what to do with MILO, thus they basically just pretend like he doesn’t exist.  The 14/88 alt-white hate him because they think he is trying to change their movement.  He seems to love the hate. He has been given massive credit for getting many young people to support Donald Trump. And he is adamant that he and others want the alt-right to mean more than white nationalism.  He even went on Brietbart and published a long article titled An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right.  The hard racists in the alt-right what we call the 14/88 guys hate Milo and Steve Bannon and were not amused.  They want to destroy his career because they think he is adopting their movement and moving it in a direction they don’t want. They have started what they call the Final Solution to the MILO problem. Obviously trolling his Jewish ancestry. What MILO and some others in the alt-right say is the alt-right has two main factions, alt-white (racists) and alt-west (cultural).


People like Michael Savage (Michael Alan Weiner) could be considered an an alt-west guy. He is Jewish, but he is a Western civilization fundamentalist when it comes to language, culture and borders.  Savage is not a white nationalist alt-right guy.  Savage would not associate himself with NAZIs, but he does believe in the superiority of Western civilization.  Savage preached this long before Richard Spencer created the term alt-right.  Many of the European parties like Front National in France, Freedom Party in Austria, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party are what you would call alt-west parties.

European freedom parties are alt-west

Many of these parties appear to believe in the superiority of Western civilization and are sick and tired of apologizing for being Christian, European, heterosexual or male.  They do not believe in limitless migration of people.  However, many of those who are fighting for Christianity and Western Civilization what use to be called Christendom do not like the racists 14/88 guys. Have you heard that in the legacy media? Of course not. Hungry which is run by the hard “alt-west” Fidesz party led by their Prime Minister Viktor Orbán first arrested and then kicked Richard Spencer and his gathering of 14/88 “alt-white” guys out of their country. It was a huge issue in the alt-whatever community.  Even the more right wing Hungarian Jobbik party pulled out of this conference and said they did not want to associate themselves with the alt-right / alt-white.  The progressive Left will not give anyone who they do not like any credit for actually standing up to racists in their own midst. However, that is the new role of alternative media like this blog. To bring you honest coverage of an issue.

Democrats are ok with minority racists

The progressive legacy left media will also never discuss that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama promote and are comfortable with racial identify politics and anti-Jewish. Barrack Obama publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement that was itself supported by hard racists in the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.  Hillary Clinton had significant support and advice from racial identify groups like Hispanic The Race (La Raza) organization and no one had an issue with that.  One of the primary financial supporters of the liberal elites is a Jewish NAZI sympathizer George Soros who has never apologized for selling his people out to the NAZIs. The left’s position is that racial identity politics is ok for everyone but Europeans.  That simply does not make sense, especially in an century where Europeans will be the minority in a growing number of States.  I will tell you what Steve Brannon is:

1. He is anti-feminist.
2. He is anti-progressive.
3. He does not apologize for being a white heterosexual male

And he is very good at promoting palo conservative ideas.  He is everything the left hates and this is at least in part why they are coming after him.  Thus the alt-right was founded by racists. It has a lot of racists in it. The alt-right also has a lot of non-racists in it with one of their most vocal supporters being people like MILO. Some people want to call these non-racists members of the alt-right “alt-west” and call the white nationalists portion of the alt-right “alt-white.” Some of the racists’ founders of the alt-right movement reject this difference and are at war with those who want the alt-right to stand for more than white nationalism. It appears in talking to a lot of people who associate themselves with the alt-right that they are not racists or white nationalist. Most of the people I meet would think of themselves as alt-west.

milo-cancelled0Steve Bannon has never made public comments or taken any action that would indicate he is a racist.  He has taken several positions and taken action to indicate he is very supportive of blacks, Israel and Jews in general.  The Zionist Organization of America, a Jewish organization came out in defense of Steve Bannon.  I have found no articles on Breitbart promoting White Nationalism.  That is why some in the alt-right are so angry with Bannon, Breitbart and MILO.  They associates themselves with the alt-right but refuses to promote any of their White nationalist rhetoric.  BTW, if you listen to Richard Spencer the alt-right has this love / hate feeling about Trump himself.  With that said, Steve Bannon has never clarified what part of the alt-right he chose to associate himself and Breitbart with. However, if we listen to interviews and follow many Breitbart writers and the most vocal Breitbart editor, who has associated himself with the alt-right, MILO it is clear that he chooses to associate himself with the non-racists portions of the movement.  They have tried so hard to define the alt-right as non-race focused that  MILO and Breitbart are under a “fatwa” from the hard racists in the alt-right.

I wish Steven Bannon would clarify this so we could just point to his statement. Yet perhaps for reasons, I do not know that is not the best course for him. Thus I can say, there is no evidence that Steve Bannon is a racist, but he is everything the progressive Left hates. A heterosexual white man who does not feel bad about it.