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There is a procedure in Congress called “budget reconciliation.”  Both Democrats and Republican have used this loophole to push through bills to avoid the Senate filibuster rules.  The Senate filibuster rule says that 60 Senators must vote on a bill to pass the chamber.  I believe that the federal defunding of racist, eugenics, baby-killing Planned un Parenthood can be passed through budget reconciliation. Most likely it should be done at the first opportunity.  It can be done in tandem with repealing Obamacare.  The abortion industry and Planned un Parenthood donate money to Democrats like the NRA donates to pro-gun Republicans and Democrats. No Democrat can successfully run without the support of this demonic agency specifically designed to keep the number of “…human weeds…” down. Thus expect only Republicans to support this bill.

defundplanppobamcare0Before the 2016 election the House voted 240-181 to defund Planned unParenthood with Republicans voting 239-3 for the bill and Democrats voting 1-178 against it (55%).   They used Budget Reconciliation to get the Bill through the Senate and to the President’s desk.  President Obama veto the Bill and the Republicans did not have the votes to override his veto (67%).  President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary, is pro-life Georgia Congressman Tom Price who has a 100% pro-life voting record and pushed the House vote to defund Planned Parenthood.  This is why you and I supported Trump.  He surrounds himself with some good people.

Planned unParenthood received $528 million in tax monies last year or 40% of its budget taken at the point of a gun from you and me by our own federal government. Planned Parenthood-affiliated groups then gave at least $6 million to defeat Republicans in 2016. Thus these republicans who do not want to defund the baby killing operation are actually voting to continue to raise money against all Republicans.  Please remember because of the great work of Project Veritas we know Planned Parenthood also harvest the body parts of murdered babies and sells them for a profit.

Because Democratic Senators will filibuster any attempt to defund demonic Planned Parenthood, the only way to get federal funding cut from Planned unParenthood is through budget reconciliation.  You can do this because funding Planned Parenthood is budget related.  Already there are weak-kneed House and Senate Republicans who have campaigned for years as “pro-life” who are privately trying to say they don’t want to cut off all funding to the baby killing mills.

These Establishment Republican members of Congress did this before.   Previously the Establishment Republican efforts to keep funding going to Planned Parenthood was led by Rep. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, Rep. Charlie Dent (#nevertrump) of Pennsylvania and Jackie Walorski of Indiana.   The patriots of North Carolina ended the traitorous pro-abortion Renee Ellmers political career in the 2016 primary and elected Rep. George Holding in her place.  Holdings beat out the Democratic challenger.  Lets see if George Holding who replaces the turncoat Renee Ellmers holds to his pro-life principles.  Thank you to all the patriots working in North Carolina.

simoneariannebiles0Also remember we are not denying any monies to poor women.  These bills would only move monies from Planned Parenthood to facilities that offer all the same services except for abortion. Tax payer subsidized services for poor women will continue. It will continue to cost hundreds of millions of dollars we don’t have.  It will not make abortion illegal, it will simply make it so that the rest of us are not directly assisting evil.   Also, note States still have the option of financing their own abortion mills, these proposals only limit federal dollars to abortion.  You will then have even more incentive to move out of States that fund abortions.  By the way democrats are already threatening violence if Republicans stop federal funding of abortions.

I also recommend the pro-life community focuses on pro-life priorities that have the most public support. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We should strike hard, but not overplay our hand either.  Things I think have significant support among the American people are defunding Planned unParenthood, restricting abortion to the first trimester and parental consent for minor girls.

A nationwide poll conducted by the Robert Morris University Polling Institute found that 53.3 percent of those surveyed support moving federal funding from Planned Parenthood to community clinics that do not offer abortions, while 31.5 percent are opposed.

A law that requires parental consent for minor girls to get abortions which are supported by approximately 69% of Americans according to a Gallup poll. By the way, parental consent is either parent or a judge of there is a reason the teenage girl cannot get either parent to sign off.

A law that bans 3rd-trimester abortions (including partial birth abortion), and restricts abortion to the first trimester is supported by over 80% of women according to poll conducted by Marist in JUL2016.  Just to let people know, many countries in Europe already restrict abortion to some time limit.  The only major Western countries that I have found that allow for things like 9th month abortion are Canada and America.  Canada allows for the legal “abortion” shortly after birth of the baby.

abortionkills0This is not perfect, but nothing is.  If we removed federal funding for abortion, which makes us all somewhat culpable in the evil of baby killing, and implement federal parental consent, restrict abortions to first trimester and other less contentious issues such as ensuring we have conscious clauses to protect Christian hospitals and doctors from participating in this evil, do you know how many innocent souls we could save?  It would be the largest pro-life accomplishment since the 9 Black Robes inflicted this evil upon the American people as a whole.

I would encourage you to demand the defunding of Planned Parenthood through budget reconciliation in the first 100 days. We can start by writing, calling, Tweeting and Face booking your local federal Congressional Representative and Senator.  You can even link to this article.  Here is the short URL for this article: https://wp.me/p2Qno5-3gf  Remember, while you are free to contact any member of Congress, you will be most effective by contacting legislators who represent you directly.

The Lord God blessed all of our hard work and delivered this political miracle to the spineless Republican Establishment due to the prayers and work of the faithful. We must demonstrate our renewed faith in the Lord Christ, and hold these weak Republicans to their promises.