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This is yet another lesson on how fast things fall apart. A very interesting concept that JWR talks about is the thin veneer of civilization. It suggests if basic services were denied to us, civilized behavior would fall apart very quickly.

It appears that with the economic war that Saudi Arabia started primarily with the States of Texas and North Dakota has continued to have unattended consequence. In Saudi Arabia’s attempt to destroy fracking they tried to bring the price of oil down to below the ability of the Americans to produce.  The flooded the market.  Saudi Arabia, a foreign cartel waged economic war on an American industry and put Americans out of work.

Without any support from the Obama administration, the mighty men of primarily North Dakota and Texas won. However part of that battle, oil prices have dropped a lot.  This war has crush economies that depend on oil. One of those nations is Brazil.

Looters plunder an electronic store, in Vitoria, Espirito Santo state, Brazil, Monday, Feb 6, 2017. Protests by the friends and family of military police in Espirito Santo have led to an increase in crime and forced the shut-down of some state services, authorities said Monday. (AP Photo/Diego Herculano)

In the Brazilian small northern coastal state of Espirito Santo, approximately 10,000 police decided they were not getting paid enough and went on strike. Immediately the thin veneer of civilization fell away. The human hyenas struck hours after the police went on strike.  Reportedly people were simply driving around and shooting people at random for no reason. Massive increase in rapes, murders, and thefts happened within hours of the police going on strike.

State officials have not officially confirmed the death toll from the violence, but local media have reported that more than 80 people have been killed since Saturday morning. Police have officially tallied 95 violent deaths in the southeastern state since police stopped patrolling the streets Friday night, and merchants say some 250 stores have been sacked.

This is a warning to us. How fast it can go from a fairly “normal” situation to absolute mayhem.