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The radical alt-left of America including the New Democratic Party is still reeling from the loss of Hillary Clinton.  They are all dedicated to the destruction of Donald Trump and his supporters, but they are splitting up the work.  While some focus on directly tearing down the White House others are busy trying to figure out how his supporters in Red State America gets our information so that they can interrupt or control the information flow. What they have figured out is that we use social media fairly successfully, like blogs and such to get around the radical alt-left domination of legacy media.

We on the more conservative or orthodox Christian side have been successfully pushed out of K-12 education. Thus we moved to homeschooling and private schooling. The left has pushed us out of upper education. Thus we have created new colleges like Liberty University (Protestant Christian) and Wyoming Catholic College (Catholic Christian). There are not enough university where conservative thought is allowed. Thus we have also created significant think thanks like Heritage.

What the left is beginning to understand is that the mainstream media has a lot less influence, especially in 48% of America that considers itself “politically conservative.” The “bubble” the legacy left media operates in is the 48% of America that already agrees with them, what we call Blue State America.  They have lost the ability to influence Red State America.  Many of us have moved to alternative media for news, commentary, and analysis. The larger parts are talk radio, where the landscape is dominated by conservatives, the Drudge Report and places like Fox News where you can get a more balanced opinion, but it is still owned and controlled by globalists. However, a growth area for smaller conservative voices is social media.

Thus after the election of President Donald Trump, globalist and the mainstream media apparently believe they ignored online alternative media and it contributed to the loss of their choice Hillary Clinton.  They have now started to try and silence any non-liberal voices on social media. They also have violently tried to silence conservative voices on college campuses, but this post is focused on the left’s war on social media. One issue is that most of the social media giants, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple are all owned by anti-Christian, extreme leftist globalist. Thus the alt-left has found a friend in trying to suppress speech they do not like.

One of the things they are implementing is the complete control of search results and news feeds by militant liberals. Facebook and Google have ignored “fake news” on the left and only focus on what they consider fake news on the right. They have hired extreme left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America founded by Clinton loyalist and sodomite David Brock to decide what fake news is or not. Wonder if you will see this post shared in the Facebook news feed.  Wonder if it will show up in any search results.

Another thing Google has done is create what they call the Google’s YouTube Hero program, a completely Orwellian term. Google Hero is nothing more than the communist neighborhood watch program for the 21st century. Google ask people to run around YouTube and find videos that they don’t like and point them out to Google. Google then bans the videos and rewards these little liberal narks.

As the radical alt-left try to develop automated tools to suppress and disrupt conservative online thought they are also trying to destroy existing voices that are active on social media they don’t like. The first big story I watched was Google banning Hickok45’s Google YouTube channel. I like to watch his videos he has as a very fun looking gun range in the backyard. His real name is Greg Kinman, according to Wikipedia, a retired middle-school English teacher from Tennessee. Greg Kinman knows a lot about guns.

Apparently, he becomes very popular and apparently the radical alt-left didn’t like him promoting “gun culture” (no mention of Hollywood).  With 1.5 million subscribers and one of Google’s most popular shows Google still banned his channel, just removed it from the Internet one day. They never publicly told anyone what he did wrong.  He thinks it is because of something with Google +.  Yet they have never said.  Hickok45 doesn’t use curse words; he doesn’t show anything sexual, he just reviews guns. After one of the largest uproars online I have seen in awhile Google put his channel back on, but removed him from “search results.” Thus if you search guns, his channel will not come up, even though he is one of the most popular gun shows on the Internet today. Again he is back online in some reduced form (which seems not to impact his growth at all).

Now last week the old-school legacy media in the form of the Wall Street Journal has tried to destroy another online media person called Pewdiepie aka Swede Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. I have never heard of Pewdiepie. Apparently, he is a game reviewer, and apparently a bit of a shock jock. Well somehow he has become one of the most popular YouTube shows on the Internet. He also has a contract with both Google’s paid service called YouTube Red and Disney. Well the WSJ wrote what I would consider a dishonest piece about him. They seem to take some of his videos out of context. They claimed that he is a neo-NAZI. Which he denies and there is no evidence except for some jokes in bad taste.

He has made some bad jokes. For example, he showed himself sitting in a military uniform listening to Hitler to protest the Google YouTube Hero program because he thought it was similar to the NAZI’s fascist neighborhood watch program where people spied on and turned in their neighbors. He was making fun of the Google program by comparing it to NAZI spying. He was not saying he was a NAZI.  The WSJ doesn’t give its reader’s that background. *** PewDiePie uses a lot of curse words don’t watch video if you don’t want to hear them ***

Anyway, Disney has dropped Pewdiepie and Google has now dropped Pewdiepie’s channel from their Youtube “Red” program, which means this man has lost a lot of money.

You can go on, Milo being banned from Twitter (while allowing the Muslim Brotherhood and many ISIS accounts),  Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump from their stores because, well she is a Trump. I look back on the homosexual mafia in this nation demonstrating its power back in 2014 by it forcing the CEO of Firefox (Mozilla co-founder) Brendan Eich to resign because he had given his private money to support traditional marriage. The calls for a boycott of Chick-fil founded by devout Southern Baptist S. Truett Cathy by homosexuals and progressives because he supported traditional marriage. Recently a Washington State judge says homosexuals can seize the home of Barronelle Stutzman a devout Christian who is also a florist because she does not want to participate in their homosexual ceremony they call a marriage. I also see lighter attempts to suppress thought they don’t like. Notice what is coming up in your search bar when you search for various things. More and more liberal sites dominate. Facebook has removed the ability for people to subscribe to news sources they like and now forces a one size fits all.  I.e. everyone gets liberal media sources.

I believe they will eventually fail.  Just like the growth of Think Tanks in response to their exclusion in liberal universities different thoughts will be heard. You can see that on college campuses as young conservatives are actually physically fighting classmates, their professors, and their administration just for the right to speak. I also think the liberals attempt to silence conservative thought will fail. The Internet is designed to overcome subversion. It is designed to share information. “We” built the Internet back in the late 80’s and early 90’s for the specific purpose of allowing communications to continue in case of nuclear war.

Google is powerful, but not that powerful. Try DuckDuckGo or Disconnected Search. Twitter pushed many radical muslims off its platform, and they found a new way to talk (Signal). The actual point of this is to hurt people they don’t like and try to get more people to self-censor by costing people their livelihoods and even take their homes if they don’t submit.  Sound familiar?