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The biggest mistake (I can think of) Ronald Regan and the old line conservatives made back in the 1980’s is agreeing to amnesty. They made a deal with the Democrats that they would “create a pathway to citizenship” for 3 to 4 million illegal aliens, in exchange the Democrats would work with the Republicans in the future to secure the border. Wasn’t there a Popeye character who always promised to pay you on Wednesday for a hamburger today?

It is simple math. When you legalize approximately 4 million people primarily Mexicans, they are now full American citizens, and they now have every legal right to pull in their wife and two kids (you hope). 4 million immediately becomes at minimal 12 million new Americans.  Please think that through when modern globalist Republicans and Democrats suggest legalizing the 11 – 30 million illegals aliens today.  That could become as high as 120 million more Mexicans people.

Moreover, they all vote. 70% of Mexicans vote for the most socialist option in their nation the Institutional (Communist) Revolutionary Party (PRI) over slightly more conservative National Action Party (PAN). Think of the PRI as the Democrats on steroids and the PAN what globalist RINOs want the Republican Party to become, globalists, weak on abortion, pro-gun control, open borders.

In Mexico where immigration is not an issue, other than ensuring Americans do not have the right to buy property within 100 kilometers of the border and 50 kilometers of the water and keeping out even more poor Central American Hispanics yet 70% of Mexicans vote the more liberal, progressive globalist option. Once they come to the US approximately 70% Hispanic Mexicans vote for the Democratic Party. Their voting patterns have not changed.

Mexicans have screwed up their country so bad; the Catholic Church in Mexico said it is an act of terrorism to return Mexicans to Mexico. By their voting patterns inside Mexico and once they get to America, they have learned nothing (unlike say Hispanic Cubans) and are determined to drag the United States into the same hellhole state as their native Mexico. Viva Mexico. President Regan and his advisors put a ticking time bomb into our nation. They thought they could win a significant number of Hispanic votes by agreeing to this amnesty. They won nothing.

Jorge Ramos was one of those Mexicans Regan allowed into our nation.  He is an excellent example of what President Regan and the old line Republicans gave us.  He like many Mexican immigrants have now become an anti-white, Hispanic supremacist bigot. La Raza (our Race over all others)! Recently Jorge Ramos was speaking about how America belongs to the Hispanic, primarily Mexican people. He says America does not belong to the descendants of the original settlers, or  the slaves they brought to work the land. It does not even belong to the original inhabitants, the Native North Americans, not Central America. America belongs to the Mexicans. Jorge Ramos and his Hispanic supremacist bigots like to crow about the demise of the white race. Let me set the record straight.

Non-Hispanic white people i.e. white people have 1.995 million babies a year. Moreover, all other non-white people have 1.982 million children a year. Pew suggest all minorities together will be more than 50% by 2055, the Census Bureau suggest by 2044.  These are projections! Like climate change projections often they are completely wrong.However, that is not the entire story; you see how they mislead you with “non-white” and then “all minorities.”

According to a study by the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s (UNO) Center for Public Affairs Research (CPAR) reports that in 2013 Hispanic mothers had 900,000 babies in 2013.  Approximately 295,000 babies born were to illegals primarily Mexicans in the United States. Hispanic births in the U.S. have declined each year from 2007 to 2013. The 2013 U.S. fertility rate among Hispanics stands at 73 births per thousand women aged 15-44, which is down from 108 in 1990.

If everything remained the same as it is in 2013 with a declining birth rate among Hispanic women and a relatively stable birthrate among Non-Hispanic white; Non-Hispanic whites would continue as the majority population in this nation for the foreseeable future. However, that is not the whole story either. Notice this is simply tracking the race of the mother of the child.  I am pretty sure it still takes two.

In 2004, 26 percent of Hispanic marriages were to a non-Hispanic individuals.  To compare according to the Brookings Institute 9% of whites marry non-whites.  The number of inter-ethnic marriages among Hispanics increased from 891,000 in 1980 to 2,076,000 in 2004. The majority of inter-ethnic marriages are between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic whites.  Thus in truth, of the 900,000 babies born to Hispanic women, approximately 37% or 333,000 of them are actually to a Hispanic woman and a white father. In our culture, this means “appears as” white. Among newlyweds in 2010, 9% of whites married someone who was Hispanic or of another race. That was nearly triple the rate in 1980. In a 2009 Pew Research Center survey, 29% of whites said they have an immediate family member or close relative married to someone of a different race; this compares with 50% of nonwhites who said the same.

Remember the average “Mexican” has considerable “European” or Spanish heritage in their blood.  When intermarrying Americans with European heritage most of these people “present” as white.  There is no reason to think or allow Democrats and Jorge Ramos to speak for this growing group of people.  Even the fact that Hispanics have a falling birthrate and are much more likely to marry whites (people of European descent) even that does not tell the entire story.

The real truth is that the only reason you have these stupid numbers is that White and Black people identify themselves in the way old racists did during slavery and the American apartheid (Jim Crow) period in America past.  I suggest we stop.  White people are new to this minority game and apparently can’t figure out how to get out of a wet paper bag. That the majority of our statistics and thought patterns have not changed from our racist past is twisting all the numbers and our view of our own nation. The racist rule which most people still follow, I assume unconsciously, is if you are 1% any other race, you are no longer white.  That is simply untrue.

According to American Journal of Human Genetics and the DNA research website 23andme six million Americans who self-identify as “white” have at least 1 percent African ancestry. 10% of white people in the South have a black person in their family tree.

If you ask a Mexican what makes a person Mexican or Hispanic, they will tell you, the person is born in Mexico or to at least one Mexican parent, and speaks Spanish. Poof, you are Hispanic.   If you ask a White person in America what makes a white person, they answer like the “biodiversity politics” alt-right, Neo-NAZI or Klan, the person has 100% European ancestry, looks white and speaks English. I completely concur that percentage of “pure” white people will become smaller.  The number of pure Germans (Aryan) in America has become smaller.   It is obvious, the percentage of “pure” anyone will become smaller.

How many so-called whites identify as “pure” German, or pure English, or pure any thing?  100 years ago when people spoke of “whites” they clearly defined concept that as Germans (Saxons) from England (Anglo-Saxon) who were not Catholic or white Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP). [Bard Note:  This definition is too funny since the German Tribes moved from Germany to previously Roman England under Catholicism and long before the Protestant revolution.  By definition Anglo Saxons were Catholic Germans who moved to Catholic England and created a Catholic culture.]  Germans, Italians, Greek, Spanish, and even the Scottish and Irish were not considered  WASP at the founding of this nation.  Benjamin Franklin hated Germans.  What percentage of America is still pure “WASP?”   A lot less.   I mean at one time WASP could mean anyone from Northern Europe but even that has been “stretched.”  We now have this “made up” pan-European (and Russian and Slav) thought of “white.”  White is just a nice word for “European mutt.”   I believe just like the concept of “white” in American has moved from WASP, to pan-European white it will continue to evolve.  Or at least it can.

To many people everyone in this photo is “non-white”

If you even define “Anglo” in a fairly conservative way way like “the person is more than 50% pan-European, was born in the United States and speaks English,” you would get a massive increase number of “people who identify as white.” Nearly 40% of the Hispanics born in the United States would suddenly become white.  Pew suggest already 25% of mix-raced children identify as “white.”

By the way this can’t be said enough, white women murder 37.6% of their children, while black and Hispanic women murder 55.4% of their children.

Will Whites become a minority?  All depends on how you define “white.”

This is why the Democrat party is desperate to fool the Trump administration and the Republican Party into not conducting massive deportations. They know that they are fully dependent upon more and more Hispanic immigration to maintain the number of people who identify as “non-white hispanics.” The Hispanics inside the United States are having fewer children, intermarry way more than any other group and murder their children through abortion way more than whites. If you do not look at race as a racist, and you stop the massive migration of Mexicans than in the future the vast majority of Americans will have primarily European ancestry and nearly everyone will have some level of European ancestry.  To me, a new American or “Anglo” or Anglorum race which is basically “American mutt.”  Anglorum-American.

Moreover, just a note. I get very sad when I see capable, conservative people with no children. (Yes I am thinking of you Franklin, get to adopting).  It is nearly as bad as abortion. I do not think Hispanic or black women are having more “sex” than white women.  If they are, that itself should be studied.  I assume they are all having about the same, but Hispanic (and black) women somehow are producing more life. Only 30% of white women have children out of wedlock while 50% of Hispanic women do. If I look at these numbers what jumps out at me is that Hispanic women are much more willing to have children outside of wedlock and Hispanic women are willing to marry people of other races. It is a complete failure when you see some of the strongest voices for conservatism and Catholicism childless. The Bard’s solution to Hispanic bigots like Jorge Ramos is simple.

1. Stop murdering your children. Since women apparently don’t have the self-control to not murder their children, defund Planned Parenthood.
2. Stop using contraception. Since white women apparently don’t have the self-control to stop chemically neutering themselves make contraception harder to get.
3. Get married.
4. Don’t get divorced.
5. Have more children. I could care less of what you think you can afford.
6. If you are over 35 and didn’t get married, become a nun to help raise the “tribe’s” children or ensure you follow steps 1 and 2 and I think “it will all work itself out.”  If not, adopt.  Always love life no matter how it gets here. Life is the reason, period.
7. Marry whom you want, but raise them with traditional Western culture and values.
8. Vote like a minority. People who believe in classic Western Civilization will become more of a minority. Vote Republican and then we can work it out within one party that does not hate us for our race our culture.

I disagree with my alt-right friends. Culture is not only a product of your genetics. Non-European cultures can create or maintain diverse democratic governments and cultures look at Japan and India. The entire world would be a better place if it were based on Western civilization and values.  It is my opinion from a life of study and experience that a people and therefore civilizations are a product of your genetics, your culture and something that I cannot put my finger on, which I call raw spirit.

In my life, I am convinced that how you turn out is more dependent upon culture or upbringing and spirit than genetics. White trash looks a lot like the ghetto or the barrio to me. That is why I live in the middle of nowhere. My children are not going to become “white, ” but they will be raised in a traditional Western Civilization dominated environment. I believe (and pray) that will make them better human beings and more likely to have a successful life.

Get married, have more babies, and vote like your life depended upon it, as your future does.