I am very happy to be the first blogger, to the best of my knowledge, to highlight the fact that the White House does not do investigations and thus what Susan Rice did was even more suspicious. This strongly suggests there is no valid reason the political White House had to unmask intelligence reports, especially concerning their political opponents. The second thing is that President Obama himself changed the rules so that the information including unmasking names of Americans could be shared widely and then, surprise, surprise it was leaked to the left-leaning press.

The White House does not lead investigations at all, neither criminal nor “counter intelligence.” Moreover, those agencies that do lead investigations had originally decided to mask the names. The agencies that do lead those investigations initially wrote reports that they thought were clear without revealing the names of Americans.

The reason the original agencies did not put the names in the report is that they did not think it was required to understand “there was nothing here.” The Obama White House overrode their initial decisions. Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are supposed to be non-political. However, as the American people are witnessing with their own eyes how political the so-called Deep State is at, they continue to wage war against President Trump. The “permanent” regulatory state is anything but non-partisan. The Democrats are the party of government. Moreover, we have given them all of this power to spy on us. Susan Rice unmasking is especially problematic when this is done by a political appointee against a political opponent and his team. It is also problematic that the former head of the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI Director “lied” by omission to Congress by not revealing this to members of Congress behind closed doors and flatly denying it in public. Remember Susan Rice is very close to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and the news media which her husband was a senior person at ABC. Evelyn Farkas who was out of the Obama White House by 2015, and now works for MSNBC was one of those people who seem to be knowledgeable of the leaking of classified documents to make Donald Trump and his team look bad. She said in an MSNBC interview “That is why you have all the leaking.”

Now elitist #nevertrump National Review has put out a good piece. Bill Oreilly also put out a good monolog. I will assume it is after they read my post, saying the same thing. The question is not the unmasking; it is why was there unmasking? What reason did Susan Rice have to unmask these names? Also, why on the Lord’s green earth are the only people asking these questions part time bloggers in the middle of Red State America.

BTW, I will also be the first to say it. I think she will get off clean. I think she will take the 5th Amendment. She knows too much ever to be placed under oath, which is the only way you may get the truth from her or other Obama appointees thus they will never let that happen. The legacy, liberal, lying press will cover for her, and the Republicans and Trump himself are proving to be extremely soft. The opposition is not.