I often will write about current events I care about, or that I feel are not being accurately covered elsewhere. Some people have written fairly well about the bombing of Syria, but there have been fairly major missing parts. Here are my two cents. BTW, I am neutral on if he should have done it. I could care less who is killing radical muslims. The Christian Orthodox Russians, Muslim Shia Alawites Syrians, and atheist communist Kurds seem to be doing a good enough job.  Why get in their way?

First, the big question has been avoided by all mainstream media and talking heads, as normal. Does the American citizen want to be the world police? The answer will mostly be “no.” Then you ask, are you ok seeing atrocities committed all over the world, that we could have stopped on your evening news? The answer to that will often be no. See, the American people hate seeing dead children on T.V. and will demand their government “do something.” Because the American public is of two minds; don’t want to be the world police, but want America to “do something” our policy is confused. This basic and big question has to be answered one way or the other, or we will keep seeing these types of actions. I am not holding my breath for this nation to go one way or the other anytime soon.  We are two separate peoples on most issues.

Next the action itself. Again, I am neutral if we involve ourselves in this war.  The Assad regime are terrible radical Shia Alawites muslims.  The terrible Sunni muslims are worse.  From 1988 when I went into the military to now, we have fought muslims from Somalia to Afghanistan, and that does not include the dirty little wars we fight in places like Southern Philippines and Yemen. I just can no longer get spun up about yet another group of radical muslims. The action that Trump took is the minimal action that Trump could do. He bombed one airbase, he gave the Russians full warning one hour before he attacked, knowing full well they would tell the Syrians. The Russians and Syrians would have time to move men from harm’s way, but not material. To compare we opened up DESERT STORM II with something like 550 Tomahawks. We shot 60 tomahawks from the Arleigh Burke class missile destroyers USS Ross and USS Porter at one base in Syria.

This attack was not what it could have been. We most likely have a good idea where President Assad is. We most likely know where he keeps a lot of his special weapons. I would assume the Christians In Action have a good idea where his family including his wife Asma and other top generals families are. We could have bombed his and his family’s homes in this nation. We could have released the CIA to murder his family all over the world. We could have bombed the front lines of the conflict to reverse gains the Syrian military had against the other murderous radical Muslims. We did not do any of this. You don’t think we do that?  Ask the Libyans about the strike Ronald Regan made during his time as President.  A lot of his family did not make it.

Thus this attack was what I would call a “shot across the bow.” You may not like “gunboat” diplomacy, but this nation has used it for hundreds of years. This attack appears to be clear and precise. What it says to me, from reading open source (nothing internal to the government or classified) is we actually don’t care, or want to care about your civil war, but if you use chemical weapons, or if there is a lot of evidence of you using chemical weapons that end up on our Evening News, we are going to hurt you.

I don’t have any information to say this is one big “head fake” by Trump and Putin. I also have no evidence that suggests that this was a chemical weapon attack by the radical cannibalistic muslims who then blamed it on the Assad government. From my experience, the simplest answer is often the correct one.

Bashar al-Assad apparently used chemical weapons. If he actually used them, I would assume he was targeting something he wanted to destroy most likely enemy forces. Civilians were caught in the crossfire, or the local radical muslims forces faked the Assad government out, which they try to do to us all the time, and had civilians around the military targets. The local radical muslims thought the Assad radical muslims might attack at this location and had their cameras ready. They got that footage to the West.

Our own War Parties and globalist progressives use that footage to jinn up a lot of outrage. It is ok to murder a lot of women and children with machetes (Clinton). It is not ok to murder the people with chemical weapons. Trump decided to take a limited strike to “send a message.” He did something, but he did most likely the minimal he could do, and much less than what he could have ordered. What happens next is any body’s guess. However, one thing the world now must add to its calculation is that this President will take action. Those Tomahawks were heard from Syria, Iran and North Korea, which most likely was clearly intended.