The story is relatively straightforward. Law abiding concealed carry holder later identified as Ashad Russell, 35, of Lehigh Acres, Florida comes across a guy, identified as Edward Strother beating the crap out of a uniformed cop, Deputy Dean Bardes. Mr. Russell pulled out his concealed carry weapon order Mr. Strother to get off the cop. When he failed to comply Mr. Russell shoots him dead.

Why have I chosen to cover this on our series Second Amendment Tuesdays?  Because this did not get much national coverage.  I believe it did not get much national coverage because it challenges stereotypes of the socialist left.  Guns are bad, blacks can only be victims.  Mr. Russell the conceal carry guy an American of African descent. The suspect (now extremely deceased) was also an American of African descent. The cop who was saved was an American of European descent. This event challenges liberal’s world view. The progressive Left including liberal Republicans are stuck on race and sex. They like to define issues primarily by race and sex. They also hate to see any data that proves law abiding people with weapons make us all safer.

Notice there were a lot of people standing around watching this cop get his a** kicked.  Only one man decided to take action.  That is important to me.  Also notice that Mr. Russell, after the copy has regained the situation, throws his gun down and walks away seemingly in disgust.  That is powerful.  He just throws his gun down on the ground and turns his back to this situation.  It demonstrates something else that sets liberals and progressives a flame.  People who carry are not “just itching” to use their weapons.  Killing kinda of sucks.

I will take this opportunity to remind people (mostly liberals who have found the site)  about the American Redoubt movement. It is not a “prepper” movement; it is a political migration movement. Most of us are into some form of self-sufficiency, that is true, but the AR is not about prepping. It also is not a racist movement. Liberals love to know nothing about something and just throw accusations at things they do not understand. I have knowledge of people accusing JWR of being a racist and not “proud of being white.”  People have accused me of being a white supremacist. He and all of us have said multiple times it is your character that matters.  The left is stuck on race. We understand that in the 21st century things are a bit more complicated and it is culture and character that unites or divides us.  Just like this case.

Señor Ashad Russell, later cleared in the shooting is our patriot of the week.