Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains announced today that it would close its medical facility in Casper, Wyoming, on 21JUL2017. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, runs baby-killing facilities in Colorado, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  The facility in Casper, Wyoming has been murdering unborn human babies since 1975 through surgical abortion. According to an article in the Casper Star-Tribune, the facility is closing for financial reasons and lack of customers—as it only served 480 clients a year.  Thank all the women who found themselves in tough situations but have made the hard decision not to murder their children.

This is the last baby killing facility in the State of Wyoming. Planned Parenthood extremists will continue K-12 indoctrination in Wyoming and continue to spend money in Wyoming to influence politics. Also while this is excellent news and a win for liberty under Christ which acknowledges every human right to life, we must also be aware of medical abortion through pills young women can pick up. These thankfully only work early in the pregnancy, so this is a huge win.

I find it very interesting that they closed this clinic after H.B. 116 successfully passed this year.  H.B. 116 makes it a felony to sell, transfer, or distribute tissue or cells from an aborted baby for the purpose of experimentation.  Those women were murdering their children and the baby killers were cutting up their children and selling their parts. 

Pro Life March in Wyoming 2017

Some people will immediately say this great movement is “not that great” or point out something that also needs to get done.  Those people are morale killers.  We take our wins where we find them.   Do you know how many prayers, vigils and political involvement to get a State free of child-killing?  A lot.  Others will say that patriots are failing all over the place. We know that is false. The Lord Christ blesses your work. We should all pray a rosary (or whatever) of thanks to the wonderful Wyoming patriots (as defined as libertarian leaning orthodox Christians and Jews who are modern day anti-federalists) and their great success.  My the Lord bless you.  As this nation continues down its post-Christian descent, it is my opinion that we have the responsibility to do what we can to separate ourselves from the worse parts of these non-United States. If there are States making concrete progress defending liberty under Christ, we should support them.

Pro-life people in Wyoming you are our Patriot of the Week.