I hate racists. I simply hate the failed theory that human beings, homo sapiens are biologically so different that culture and their environment cannot overcome it. Racists believe that biology is the primary difference between people. As I have said many times, I think all human beings are made up of three things, their genetics, their culture or environment and something I cannot put my finger on, which I call “raw spirit.” I recently found out the last element has some more validity as Dr.Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto in Canada has studied this and he calls “industriousness.” Different word, for the same concept, that you can get the smartest person who was raised by two professors in a loving environment and he comes to nothing. You can get someone who scores lower on IQ tests, parents are nothing to write home about, and he outperforms a person with a higher IQ for his entire life. What I call spirit, and what Dr. Jordan Peterson calls industriousness is not yet predictable in humans.

“The Iberians are believed to have been originally an African race, who thousands of years ago spread themselves through Spain over Western Europe. Their remains are found in the barrows, or burying places, in sundry parts of these countries. The skulls are of low prognathous type. They came to Ireland and mixed with the natives of the South and West, who themselves are supposed to have been of low type and descendants of savages of the Stone Age, who, in consequence of isolation from the rest of the world, had never been out-competed in the healthy struggle of life, and thus made way, according to the laws of nature, for superior races.”

Anyway, still hate racists. This is why I could apparently smell what was wrong with the alt-right long before Milo or Stephen Bannon and many others. Racists have failed in every time they have gotten power. Like communists. Moreover, the peculiar thing is that whenever racists get power, they seem to kill many people who look a lot like them. Yes, the White supremacist Hitler and the fascists NAZIs killed a lot of Jews and Gypsies, but they murdered million of other white Europeans and Russians. The Asian supremacist fascists Imperial Japanese and Pol Pot and his Communist Party of Kampuchea or Khmer Rouge spent their time murdering millions of Asians. An example of African supremacists is when the Hutu’s of Rwanda killed 70% of the minority population the Tutsi. My point is that racial supremacist talks a lot about other races, and kill a lot of other races, but when they get into power, they start killing many people who look like them. For the longest time, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants said that Irish were “white Negros” and Italians were not white.

After the failure of the Hungarian revolution in 1848 and Lajos Kossuth’s triumphant tour as a hero in exile, Emerson found a way to view the Hungarian situation through an Irish lens: “The paddy period lasts long. Hungary, it seems, must take the yoke again, & Austria, & Italy, & Prussia, & France. Only the English race can be trusted with freedom.” Emerson pontificated against Central Europeans as well as the Irish: “Races. Our idea, certainly, of Poles & Hungarians is little better than of horses recently humanized.” – The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter

Anyway, still hate racists. Probably more than I hate communist and socialists. It is a close thing. Below, we see that racism is alive and well and an entire generation of American children are being raised on some pretty sick ideology.

This starts that “the day of absence” on a University campus in Washington State. All the minorities students would take a day off. Ok, fine. You want to skip a day of classes you (or your parents) paid for, very well. Well, that is not enough. Now the minority students want to change their little time-wasting protest. They want to force white students to leave campus for a day. Whoa. You want to protest, that is your business. You want to force me to do something, well that is all of our business. Obviously, some white people are like; I do not want to leave campuses. Then the fireworks start. Thus stuff starts with people who think this type of behavior is not evil and despicable. If history is a guide, where it ends, is anyone’s guess.