We on the conservative side, have very little to add to the conversation after the third Islam-inspired terrorist attack in the United Kingdom. The Westminster Islamic inspired attack by 52-year-old Muslim convert Adrian Russell Ajao aka Khalid Masood, the Manchester Arena bombing by child of Libyan refugees Muslim Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22-year-old against a concert by the anti-American and pornographic child superstar Ariana Grande, and now the London Bridge attacks where 7 people were killed by three Muslim men shouting “this is for Allah.”

Adrian Russell Ajao aka Khalid Masood

For my regular subscribers, you know where I stand, and what I recommend you do to protect yourself and your community as your globalist, progressive government will not.  Thus for this one, I will try to do something slightly different. This is my explanation of the conservative idea to solve the unending terrorism for progressives. I will try and use language progressives understand.

Salman Ramadan Abedi

I would like to ask progressives (as defined by those who focus on using government and institutional power to force rapid social and economic reforms they believe are for the common good), what is their plan to stop these attacks in the future? Love will overcome hate is not a plan. We have a saying for that “hope is not a plan.” What is your detailed description of the problem, and what is your concrete series of steps to stop the problem? I do not think progressives have an articulated problem description nor solution.

For many talking heads on the TV, let me explain to you clearly why progressives, globalists (as defined by those who prefer tighter international cooperation and promote the power of international organizations over local or nation-state political entities) legacy media like Germany’ Angela Merkel will never change, no matter how many innocent people are slaughtered.  We have actually found CNN, AP and BBC staging a “positive Muslim protest” after the most recent London Bridge attacks. This is the definition #fakenews.  I do like how they moved out the white cops and ensured they had “muslim looking police” standing in the picture.  It is because progressives and globalist are way too proud and arrogant to say “we were wrong.”

It is untrue that no one could have anticipated or predicted this.  Many people predicted this Islamic-inspired carnage.  On this very blog, we predicted exactly this on December 2, 2015, in the post The Coming Islamic Tet Offensive in Europe by Matthew Bracken. In that post, I said I thought Matthew Bracken was right that there would be an increasing number of Islamic-inspired terrorist attacks, but he was wrong when he predicted a significant organized military campaign in the winter of 2015.  I was 100% accurate in my analysis prediction.

President Bush II was wrong. We do not have a war on a “method of warfare” i.e. war on terrorism. Terrorism is simply a way to fight. The truth of the situation is that the British accused the American colonist of fighting “dishonorable” or we could say in their era, being terrorists. You make war on a nation, group of people or ideology, not a method of warfare. It is my opinion that currently the most violent brand of terrorism is motivated by Islam. You may say, by political Islam. My evidence for this in part are the terrorists themselves. They say “we are doing this in the name of our religion.” Thus for people to say “terrorism has no religion.” They are somewhat accurate; anyone can be a terrorist. There are other groups who commit terrorist acts, that is also true. However what is also true, and in my opinion, much more meaningful is that Islam inspires the most common form of terrorism happening now.

Thus the first thing to do is call it what it is, terrorism inspired by “radical” Islam. We believe naming your enemy is imperative. This is Islamic-inspired terrorism. What to do about it?

1. Stop all future immigration from nations with a significant violent Islamic community
2. Destroy violent Islamic organizations overseas
3. Pray for those persecuted by “terrorism inspired by Islam”
4. Educate yourself and your neighbors about Islam
5. Assimilate Muslims from violent nations that are already here

Stop immigration. No one has a right to come to any other country. Refugees or immigrants do not have the right to cross international borders. Progressives will refuse to say what is a “reasonable” limit to immigration.  They believe people are just some type of blank clay that all cultures are equally valued, and thus people from anywhere on the earth can be interchanged with any other “human resource” and you get a simliar result.  Globalists view humans as simple widgets to be interchanged at the leisure. They are wrong; we told them they were wrong, yet they did not listen. They have now been proven wrong, time and time again. Remember, many far left progressives are humanist and morally agnostics. If “proving” their incorrect theory cost you and yours, your life, or even their lives, they will gladly give their lives and your children’s lives in their search for a humanist, religiously agnostic, and socialist utopia. Look at all the socialist systems that have been built over the last century.

War to the knife. We simply must understand we are in a new “cold, hot war” against so-called “radical Islam.” This war against “Islamic-inspired terrorism” will go on for as long as there is a significant number of muslims who want to spread their religion and political system through force. British Prime Minister May asked for a new international cooperation. All she wants to do is have the government monitor your social media activities more closely. Ok, how long do you think it will take before the Muslims choose a different platform to organize on? The Parish attacks organized themselves over the Sony Play Station gaming network.

Like all globalists British Prime Minister May will not admit she was wrong on her immigration policies. She will not implement extreme vetting; she will not implement a travel ban that could have prevented both of the last two attacks.

How about this Prime Minister May, why not all of the Western World declares war on the Islamic State and all of its affiliates, including Boko Haram (Nigeria), al-Shabaab (Somalia) and anyone associated with them? She does not want to do something so decisive, but she wants to spy on your private online messaging. BTW, she complains about this because it is reported that the Islamic-Inspired terrorist organized over Telegraph a moderately encrypted application. We recommend Wire.  Much stronger encryption without being poisoned by Google code like Signal.  Even with that, everyone knows it is safer to simply talk face-to-face. What then? All of the UK cameras, spying, and police have not and cannot stop random attacks by random people who suddenly decide to become violent and do not want to live through the attack. It only took 8 minutes for three men to murder six, and significantly harm 48 people. The British police cannot be everywhere at once all the time.  No government can.  That is why we thank the Lord Christ for our American Constitutional right to keep and carry any firearm we want.

We must not be so focused on “when white people die” that we do not find common cause with all of the people of the earth who are being slaughtered by Islam-inspired terrorism. During the same period of the last three UK attacks,  90 people were slaughtered in Afghanistan for cooperating with the Western governments, primarily the US, and 38 people were slaughtered and a Catholic Priest Father Teresito Suganob was kidnapped in attacks by the Islamic State in the Philippines. When violent Islamic attack brown and black people we should be just as outraged. Track what is happening and pray for the persecuted Christians all over the world.

Educated yourself about the nature of Islam, both the religion and the political system. Islam is both a religion and a political system. All the monotheistic religions are. The Jewish faith has a religious component, and a political/civil one. I know Catholicism does. We have our own separate divorce laws and courts. There is a strong argument that the Christian political/civil system built western democracy.  Thus is “compatible” with the system it built.  Islam like the other Abrahamic religions is both a religion and political/civil system. We normally use “sharia law” for shorthand for the Islamic political/civil system. This system, not the “peaceful” practice of the Islamic faith is what is completely incompatible with a liberal multi-religious western democracy.

Assimilate or loose. We must have an extra strong assimilate process for muslims who have already been allowed into our nations from these violent nations. Either they will assimilate us, or we will assimilate them. Choose wisely. It is our opinion that Western civilization is better than any other form of civilization on this planet.  It is our opinion that Christianity is a better faith than any other on this planet.  Yet right now the ACLU is defending the right of Muslims to remove the clitoris of young girls under a freedom or religion. Well, if that holds water, and it may then why don’t we all do that to all of our girls? Why not make this a common practice?

Muslims remove girls clitoris to control their daughters by removing or suppressing most of the pleasurable aspects of sex for them. “The clitoris is the human female’s most sensitive erogenous zone and the primary anatomical source of human female sexual pleasure.” It is not like circumcision which it is often compared too. That is a lie. Circumcision does not remove the desire for sex for the vast majority of men, while female genital mutilation does. However, the progressives will accept even this. I would say if it is good for the muslim girls, why not become a common practice for all American girls? While we are on the subject, in most Muslim-majority nations there is no minimal age for marriage, and men can have multiple wives, but the reverse is not allowed. I for one, am tired of fighting for women who are hellbent on selling themselves and their daughters into slavery. Have a strong approach to assimilate those here into our culture, or be prepared to have them change our culture.

As a final thing to think about, Catholic Poland has a been in a fight with the globalist and has so-far refused massive immigration from nations where there is violent Islamic ideology.  This map shows where terrorist attacks have happened in Europe.   To the best of my knowledge there has been no terrorist attacks in Poland (or Slovenia or Hungary).  This is a conservative plan to prevent the next terrorist attack. You may not think it will work, but if you are logical and not so stuck on yourself, why not give it a try?