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In addition to Muslim immigrants murdering Western men and women on the street, there is increasing information supporting the belief that muslim immigrants are raping Western and Christian prepubescent and teenage girls in a semi-organized fashion.  It appears this is being covered up by Western progressive authorities throughout Europe and America.

The purpose of organized or semi-organized rape of both men and women is often a military one.  It is to physiological “destroy” men and women impacting their ability to form loving and strong relationships within their own societies. “During war and armed conflict, rape is frequently used as a means of psychological warfare in order to humiliate the enemy…Long-term psychological injuries may include depression, anxiety disorders (including post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS)), multiple somatic symptoms, flashbacks, on-going trauma, chronic insomnia, self-hate, nightmares, paranoia, difficulty re-establishing intimate relationships, shame, disgust, anger, and persistent fears.” More reading at Wikepedia.

Grant Loebs

In Great Britain, it has been discovered that the have been primarily immigrant rape gangs operating for some time. These immigrant rape gangs are mainly Muslim men. Their victims are mostly Christian or “native” girls. Former British Home Secretary and Parliament member Jack Straw once said, “There’s a particular problem involving Pakistani heritage men who target young, vulnerable, white English girls.” He also said these Pakistani heritage men view white English girls as “easy meat.” Here are the things liberals like to call facts: “…calculations based on convictions show that a British Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be a part of sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim. And there are no recorded instances of non-Muslims doing this to Muslim girls as part of a criminal enterprise. In one local jurisdiction, it was estimated that six out of seven Muslim males either knew about or were part of, a grooming gang.” More at CBN.

There is a significant story in the town of South Yorkshire town of Rotherham. The civil authorities kept denying there was a muslim rape problem, yet people knew there was a problem.   The civil authorities tried to silence anyone looking into this and called those who cared about it their favorite slur, racists. Eventually, after no arrests, no government officials nor police officers being fired, a  key reporter who decided to investigate this story was Andrew Norfolk of the Times. We know what happens to anyone who stands up to the open border globalists.  Once the information was out, people connected by social media started to demanded action. 

former Wendy J. Olson

There was a report commission by Professor Alexi Jay, former chief inspector of social work in Scotland. In 153 pages Dr. Jay provides the truth that over 1,400 British native girls (white and primarily Christian) were raped. All of their attackers were largely Muslim and Pakistani.  More from Forbes.  Please note in the video documenting this fact when they say “Asian” men, they mean “Asian minor” or what we would call Arabic.  Also please note, no civil authorities have been fired, or held accountable in any way.

There are reports of immigrant Muslim rape gangs operating in Germany and Sweden.  Sweden stop keeping rape statistics by race because the numbers were so bad.  At this time, the civil authorities are denying that there is a problem. Why do I bother you with this evil?

Last year in the summer of 2016 a 5-year-old Idaho American girl was orally and anally raped (a favorite action of Muslims) and then pissed on by three Muslim immigrant boys in the southern Idaho two of Twin Falls. We covered this on this blog at the time in the post Muslim refugees rape 5-year-old American girl in Twin Falls Idaho. This blog was then threaten by then Obama Idaho Imperial Governor, call the State Attorney Wendy J. Olson. The local Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said we were all a bunch of racists. They denied there was anything to the story; they claim we were “wrong” because some blogs stated that they some of the boys were Syrian refugees, but apparently they ended up being Iraqi refugees and Eritrea (basically Somalia). We dared the Imperial Governor to try and shut us down in the post U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson I call your bluff. She changed her threat to Idaho residents. Thank the Lord Christ for Trump and Attorney General Sessions who fired her on the spot after Patriots defeated the Obama political machine.

Now the Muslim immigrant boys who raped that 5-year old child have been tried. They have been sentenced to … probation. The Judge Thomas Borreson of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District in the case has threatened the family that if they speak to the press, or to blogs about him letting these little muslim immigrant animals off, he put them in jail. Janice Kroeger, the Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney who was supposed to represent the victim spent her entire time defending the little Muslim immigrant monsters.

Judge Thomas Borreson (I believe)

We now know that civil authorities in the United Kingdom covered up the rape of at least 1,400 girls by primarily immigrant Muslim men. We have reports of gangs of muslim men raping people in Germany and Sweden and the authorities are telling us “there is nothing here.” I do find it remarkable to read about the immigrant Muslim man in Denmark who kidnapped and then “honor” anally raped a 22-year old man who wanted to date his daughter. Wow. We now see similar things happening in America.

It appears that Idaho local officials are willing to sacrifice the safety of your family to suppress negative information about Muslim refugees.  President Trump has not “sent home” any Muslim immigrants.  President Trump has allowed in nearly 50,000 primarily Muslim immigrants since becoming President.

What to do? Pray for the persecuted Christian Church all over the world, educate yourself and your neighbors about political islam and the issues with the migration of Muslims into Western lands, and lastly evangelize every Muslim you meet without fear.  The Bible commands us not to fear.  In addition protect yourself, your children and your community. This the Lord Christ commands you to protect your children.  It is my understanding you cannot achieve heaven if you do not protect the souls the Lord Christ has put into your care.  Your government will not.