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We have four Republicans that are “major contenders” running to replace the current Idaho Governor Butch Otter who is a liberal Republican and a liberal Novus Ordo Catholic. Bard Note: I do not use the term “moderate” Republican. In my opinion either you support expanding liberty under Christ and shrinking the size, scope, and reach of our civil government or you do not.

Brad Little with Governor Butch Otter

The four major candidates who seem to have a good chance of winning the Idaho Governor’s race are relatively conservative congressional Representative Raul Labrador, very conservative former State Senator Russ Fulcher, unknown newcomer Tommy Ahlquist aka “Tommy Boy” who is associated with Mitt Romney and is a wealthy businessman and physician.  We also have very liberal Republican Brad Little aka “Little for Idaho” who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Idaho and often seen as a continuation of the current Otter style of governing.  We have two relatively conservative people, one liberal big government Republican and an unknown person running for Governor.

Tommy Ahlquist

Tommy Ahlquist or Tommy Boy is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).  The Gem State Patriot has done a story on Tommy Boy which shows he financially supported a Democrat for Governor with the maximum individual donation of $5,000.  Also the Idaho Statesman reports that Tommy Ahlquist has not voted in a Republican primary until 2016.  This suggest that perhaps Tommy Ahlquist was not active in Republican politics and we can find no information of him supporting Republican candidates until he decided to run as one for Governor.

Butch Otter, Hindu “priest” and Brad Little

Lieutenant Governor Brad Little is an Episcopalian has already raised over $340,000 for the 2018 governor’s race. Butch Otter spent over $2 million dollars on a successful run for governor in 2014. The Episcopalian Church is the American version of the Church of England (Anglican) and was in the news when the Episcopalian church appointed the first openly homosexual Episcopalian Bishop. Brad Little single-highhandedly stopped Idaho’s Constitutional Amendment protecting traditional marriage for over two years which had overwhelming public support.  Brad Little also made waves when he arranged for a Hindu priest to pray over the Christian politicians in Boise.  An orthodox conservative Christian view is that it is immoral to have non Christians publicly pray “over you.”  Several conservative Christians politicians got up and left before the Hindu religious man prayed to … his many gods and Brad Little seem to chastise these Christians for living their Christian faith.   Brad Little has been endorsed by current Governor Republican Butch Otter who is not seeking re-election. Butch Otter is not seeking re-election. Some suggest that Brad Little is more liberal than Butch Otter.

Congressional Raul Representative Labrador

Congressional Representative Raul Labrador appears to be a conservative, but so did Butch Otter. Raul was a leader in the very conservative congressional Freedom Caucus. I will share more about Raul in the future, but for now, he is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), Hispanic (Puerto Rican) and the child of a single mother. He is strong on most issues of concern to libertarian-leaning Christians, but I am concerned about his stand on immigration specifically fighting the increase in muslim refugees in Idaho.  Like the muslim refugees that plead guilty to sexual assault of a 5-year old American child from Twin Falls Idaho. Why am I concern about his immigration stance?  Before running for Congress Raul Labrador was an immigration attorney.  During congress in 2012 Raul Labrador worked with a bipartisan group of eight House members on a comprehensive immigration bill including a pathway to citizenship for millions of primarily Mexican citizens i.e. amnesty.  Thankfully it failed, in part because Raul removed his support for the bill.  However it must be noted, that Raul was elected as a Tea Party conservative and has stood with President Trump on all issues that we have found.  Raul has been a solid conservative vote in Congress. 

former Idaho State Senator Russ Fulcher

Many people in this community and others support Russ Fulcher.  To the best of my knowledge Russ Fulcher is a non-denominational protestant.  Russ Fulcher previously ran for governor.  He won 43% of the state-wide vote when he ran for governor before.  He has a 100% rating from the NRA. He was endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life; he has an 87% rating by the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF). He has been a strong advocate of clawing back the 62% of the land the federal government has seized from Idaho. With the federal government owning the majority of the land and resources in Idaho, this puts the citizens of Idaho onto a federal reservation and on state-wide welfare called “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” (PILT). More than 36% of Idaho’s State budget is controlled by the Uncle Sugar (federal government).

Russ Fulcher has spoken to all voters including the conservative patriots all over Idaho.  He appears to be a solid conservative patriot. He does not seem to be a big government Republican. He is well respected by patriot leaders up and down the State.

The issue is we have four Republicans running for governor. At least two of them, perhaps three are real conservatives. If you split your vote like that, the Democrats or liberal Republicans have an excellent chance to winning the governorship. This week we had some good news.

Russ Fulcher decided to get out of the race for governor. He is now running for the congressional seat vacated by Raul Labrador. This is a very smart and generous move by Russ Fulcher. Too many politicians feel they are more important than the mission, of expanding Liberty under Christ. It was a hard decision for Russ Fulcher. Russ announced before Raul and ran strongly against the incumbent sitting governor where Butch Otter only won 51% of the vote. There are many people I know who would have voted for Russ Fulcher over Raul Labrador. This humility speaks well of Russ Fulcher.

Russ Fulcher has endorsed Raul Labrador for Idaho Governor in 2018. Raul Labrador has endorsed Russ Fulcher for US Congress. Raul Labrador had also endorsed Russ Fulcher for Governor in 2014. Now we can support Russ Fulcher to represent our interest at the federal level, and we can (most likely) support Raul Labrador to serve our interest at the State level. I hope you can get behind Russ Fulcher for Congress in a big way. We need more pro-Christian, pro-Bill of Rights conservatives in Congress.  I anticipate that the liberal Republican establishment (led by Otter and Little) and the Democratic Party will run hard in 2018 and as this is an open congressional seat expect the alt-left to run a progressive candidate with a lot of financial support against Russ.  Obviously the left will spend a lot of time demonizing Russ Fulcher.  Please do what you can to support Russ Fulcher in his run for Congress.

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