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The blog One Peter Five reported on an interesting interaction with the Catholic Archdiocese that is in charge of all Catholic military chaplains that serve with US military. I found the article on their blog post fascinating, yet I think that One Peter Five used some “inside baseball” responses that may have not clearly shown how far the Novus Ordo Church is willing to go to destroy the Catholic Church rather than allow the faithful to be reunited with tradition and traditional Catholic priests in any form. I believe if we more clearly explain this amazing letter from SGT MAJ John Proctor to the Most Reverend Timothy Brogilo leader of all Catholic priests serving the US military perhaps people would be clearer how much the Novus Ordo Church hates its own faithful who prefer traditional orthodox Catholicism.

Archbishop Broglio letter to SGT MAJ John Proctor

You can read One Peter Five’s blog post, Military Archdiocese: Better to Have No Priests than Traditional Ones but essentially the Archdiocese for the Military Services which is the organization that manages all Catholic military chaplains across all branches of the US military.  The Military Archdiocese has said they very short on Catholic priests. Sergeant Major Johnny Proctor, US Army, III Armored Corps Chaplain Sergeant Major reached out to Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services and suggested he reach out to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICKSP) or the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) for priests to serve in the US military.

The reason is that SGT MAJ John Proctor noted that all three traditional Catholic groups have many vocations, with many younger priests and may be willing to send priests to serve the military with the Archdiocese for the Military Services.  Obviously to keep up in the Armed Forces younger, healthier priests are preferred.  The response from Archbishop Broglio response demonstrates that the Catholic Church would rather let the Catholics die with no sacraments than let traditional Catholicism serve.

“What would the message to them if I were to endorse a priest unwilling or forbidden to celebrate the ordinary form of the Mass?… Finally, I have a fundamental concern that there is some belief on the part of some individuals both in these societies and those who participate in extraordinary form liturgies, that there is something deficient in the ordinary form of the Mass.”

For those unaware, this statement highlights something I have said on this blog several times. All the traditional priest orders, SSPX, FSSP, and ICKSP, are “single rite” brotherhoods. They only offer the traditional Latin rite. That is their “purpose for existing.”  Elements of the Vatican have attacked them repeatedly for example with protocol 1411, but they remain single rite societies.

Home sweet home

I believe there are errors in both groups of the traditional priest here. The first error which I have corrected every time it has come up is the misconception among the SSPX faithful that the FSSP and ICKSP priest “must say the Novus Ordo or New Mass once per year.” That is false. The FSSP priests bravely actually refuse to say the Novus Ordo mass, as this letter from the Archbishop references. I assume the ICKSP priests are similar.

The other clear error is that the FSSP priest and some faithful publicly condemn the SSPX priest for speaking out about the errors of the New Mass and the Second Vatican Council. Yet go up and ask any FSSP priest you can find “will you say the New Mass.” They will all, to a man say “nope.” Then ask them why? Publicly they often will not share the details, giving mostly approved general public statements. However I have found privately they will say the same thing they condemn the SSPX priest for saying publicly. This may be how they want to approach the situation, but this strikes me as disingenuous.

“To suggest that I require all Catholic chaplains to learn and then offer the extraordinary form is simply not acceptable because the priest are already stretched thin, chapel space is shared, and many priests, unfortunately, would not understand the Latin.”

I cannot find where SGT MAJ Proctor suggested all Catholic chaplains do anything, but it is the line that “chapel space is shared” is only partially correct. The reason this is important is that you often cannot have a proper Catholic altar and the Station of the Cross and all that is required to make a proper Catholic chapel or parish. To have a proper Catholic church, it would need to be separate. It is true that the military may officially provide shared chapel space, yet in my many years of experience serving in and with the US military many places, you just offer Mass in any place you can find. It is often outside. You can offer mass in an office space, in a broom closet if you must. I have seen mass offered everywhere. There are no “shared spaces” on forward operating bases (FOB), and Catholic priests say mass in them night and day. I have never seen any military commander stop any religious group from making or finding their spaces to worship.

Car pooling to work Afghanistan style

When I worked in Afghanistan, the Romanian military contingent were Eastern Orthodox Christians of some sort I believe the Romanian Orthodox Church. They apparently didn’t like the “shared space” provided by the US military. They also didn’t care about the US military’s SJW immoral requirement that no church could have a crucifix on it, not to offend Muslims. The Romanian built their own separate church which looked a lot like a Roman Catholic Church to me. I do not understand how they did it, but there was beautiful wood beams, an altar area and more. It was a small, but a beautiful chapel that was on our military base. They just dared the US military SJW officers to try and tear it down. A good way to get the entire Romanian military contingent to go home. If we are going to die in this accursed sand than we should have the right to pray our last prayers properly and proper sacraments.

The fallen Romanian soldiers

The Romanians in the Afghanistan war were some of the hardest fighters, willing to work “outside the wire” in constant combat. I think they took some of the highest causality rates per capita as they are a small country. They were determined to prove the quality of their soldiers and commitment to the US after 9/11. This is the truth as I witnessed it. The pictures included in this blog post include some photos I took of the back of that small Romanian Orthodox chapel their men built. It showed all the Romanian soldiers who died fighting the muslim enemy in Afghanistan. The entire back wall was full of pictures of the fallen Christian soldiers.

There are traditional Catholic priests that may be willing to serve in the Military Archdiocese and ensure fewer Christians die without access to the Sacraments including Last Rights and Confession. The Military Archdiocese says they are unwelcomed because they exclusively use an older but approved for all Catholics form of the Catholic Sacraments. The Novus Ordo Church would rather let Christians die without access to any sacraments, and be denied entry into heaven for all eternity than allow a traditional Catholic priest to serve.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death

(For Protestants “If anyone sees his brother sinning, if the sin is not deadly, he should pray to God and he will give him life.”– 1 John 5: 16a)