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IMO normally the NRA does not take a tough enough stand on protecting the Second Amendment. That is why I also support the Gun Owners of America. The fact is that we have a God-given right and responsibility to own and carry any and all weapons we want to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. The fact is the Second Amendment is not about personal protection; it is about enabling the citizens of this nation to have sufficient arms to resist the federal, State and local governments.

The government in the form of corrupt Sheriffs back in the 1960 (and before) who let far left groups attack American citizens and deny them their constitutional rights and corrupt police departments now-a days who allow far left groups attack Americans and deny them their constitutional rights.  Just like their government predecessors let the Klan attack black Americans and deny them their constitutional rights, current corrupt police departments let Meet Antifa attack Americans and deny them their constitutional rights.  This is what the Second Amendment is for, to protect yourself, your family and your community.  Every single regulation, every hoop you have to jump through to own or carry a gun is both unGodly and unconstitutional. However, often the NRA shies away from speaking pure “…truth to power.”

Thus it becomes news when the NRA speaks a little-unfiltered truth. The NRA put out an ad by Dana Loesch called “Freedom’s Safest Place: Violence of Lies” what the rest of us called the clenched fist of truth ad. The left got mad. I looked at the ad, it says nothing of violence, it is just a group the left hates speaking a little assertively. I included the ad in this post for your to make up your mind.  I also included a follow up ad by the NRA.

Here is the fact, the left uses real violence all over this nation against Christians and the Bill of Rights all the time. The worst being the violent riots at UC Berkley against Free Speach. How about the violence at Evergreen State College in Washington State?

The school has since the 1970s held an annual demonstration called a “Day of Absence,” inspired by a play, that is meant to highlight the importance of people of color to the community by their absence, and give them a chance to gather to talk about racial issues.  This year, the school suggested that white students and faculty stay away from campus that day. Weinstein objected, telling organizers by email, “On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — must never be based on skin color.”

We also have a violent so-called Anti-Fascist organization.  A liberal professor associated with this organization beat a protestor with a bike chain. Then, of course, the leftist Democrat was shooting down Republicans at a baseball practice and nearly killing the number 2 guy in the House.

The NRA in very moderate tones said we should meet their violence with “…the clench fist of truth.” In reality, we must meet their violence in whatever manner they attack us with.  We fight on whatever battlefield the battle takes place on.  The only way peace has ever existed in humanity includes the threat of retaliation.  You don’t have a right to self-defense, you have a responsibility to self-defense by whatever means is required.  Become at peace with your inner monster. This is a great ad by the NRA, and I do not have to renew my membership since I am a life time supporter of the NRA.