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Tommy Ahlquist

Previously I provided my analysis of the 2018 governor’s race in Idaho in the post Patriot update on the Idaho Governor’s Race. Now that the former State Senator Russ Fulcher has moved to the US Congress campaign we have Raul,  a fairly conservative  congressmen and member of the ultra conservative Freedom Caucus, and Tommy Boy Ahlquist the Mitt Romney, #NeverTrump Republican running against liberal big government Republican Lieutenant Governor Brad “Little for Idaho.” Tommy Boy is a filthy rich medical doctor who appears to be willing to buy his way to the governor’s mansion.

Butch Otter, Hindu “priest” and Brad “Little for Idaho”

Apparently, some  Republicans have been impressed with Tommy Boy Ahlquist even though he has never held office before, the only money we can find he has ever donated in politics was to  A.J. Balukoff a Democrat running for governor in 2014, and to the best of our investigation, Tommy Boy Ahlquist was not a registered Republican until last year.

We should say that again. To the best of our knowledge, Tommy Boy Ahlquist was not a registered or in political speak “affiliated” Republican until last year.   The Idaho State Journal reports Tommy Boy describes pro-abortion, gun grabbing, open boarders Democrat Boise Mayor Dave Beiter, as a “great man who has done good things for the city.”  This is what Democrat Mayor Dave Beiter said about illegal immigrants and muslim refugees flooding into American and starting to flood into Idaho State “The Latino contribution to our lives is unmistakable. Without them, many of Idaho’s most important industries would have collapsed long ago. And so it is today with refugees. Boise is home to Bosnians, Somalis, Iraqis and Syrians. Our city government reaches out through nearly all departments — police to ensure refugees know they are safe; parks and recreation programs help refugee children enjoy our outdoors, like all our children do; library programs help with access to computers and other learning tools; our arts and history programs help with cultural activities.”  Of course we all remember the Mitt Romney consultants and what they did in Mississippi working against the Tea Party.

Letter from Democrat Rep King

Now your hard working Bard has come across a document. I am fairly sure this undated letter is valid but I am still investigating how this letter came to be published. It is allegedly from Democratic Idaho House of Representative Phylis King to “fellow Democrats.” It suggests that he has been in talks with Tommy Boy Ahlquist in getting him to switch parties and run as a Democrat in 2018 for governor.

State Representative King makes the point that Tommy Boy financially supported “his friend” Democrat A.J. Balukoff against Governor Otter in 2014. He suggests that he has been in discussion with Tommy Boy Ahlquist when he says “…I asked Tommy to join us…while Tommy is still deciding what party to run…” Well, he is not “deciding” Tommy Boy is currently a registered Republican and running for governor.  Now, Tommy is being recruited by the anti-gun, pro-abortion open borders Democrats in Idaho, and allegedly he is considering switching parties (again I guess).

This is a good time for us to remind ourselves about the baby murdering, gun grabbing, open boarders Democrats in Idaho. Do you guys remember Sally Boynton Brown was the Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party from 2012-2017. She apparently stepped down on April 21, 2017.  She got another gig working for the Florida Democratic Party.  When Sally Boynton Brown was running to be the National Democratic Chairwoman, she said about “whites” which includes Tommy Boy it was her job to “…shut other white people down.”  The Idaho Democratic Party never repudiated these comments.

Think about that for a moment. Liberal Republicans and Democrats suggest “newcomers” have “…extreme views…” because we believe in the superiority of the Christian faith, Western Civilization and are Bill of Rights fundamentalist yet their own Executive Director has made one of the most racist speech in modern history. Remember  she is not the only extremist in the Idaho Democratic Party.

It would be very good for all involved in Tommy Boy publicly said he had no intention of running as a Democrat or actually as an Independent either for Idaho Governor in 2018.  If his campaign wants to make a statement I will be more than willing to share it.

Update 2100 07JUL2017.  I have confirmed that the letter is authentic.  Democratic Representative Phylis King has confirmed to another Idaho State Representative that she did write the letter.  I up dated the title to reflect this.  For those Republicans who like Tommy, why can’t Tommy just come out and say he would never think of running with the Idaho Democratic Party?