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I was waiting to pick up Eldest daughter after swimming practice, and I was wasting time running the “inner tubes” of the Internet. I came across this video which happened awhile ago but is just interesting to me.  With the raising amount of political violence in this nation, primarily from leftist progressives, I think it is worthy to think about.

Two drunk lesbians come into Greenwich Village, New York McDonald’s after a hard night of drinking. They order a bunch of stuff and then pay with a $50 bill. The guy (later identified as 31 year old Rayon McIntosh) who is getting paid “fast food wages” says he has to check the bill per company policy. The lesbian gets angry they are checking their money.  That is when the drunk homosexuals go crazy. They spit in the face of this man and then verbally attack him.  They follow that up with physical attacks these homosexuals  assuming that women in general and homosexuals in particular oh sorry the LGBQTI community is the new super protected class. Western men do not fight back.

I want you to watch what happens next. Then think what you would do? *** warning as expected there is a lot of terrible cussing ***

The two foul mouth LGBQTI couple later identified as Denise Darbeau, 24, and Rachel Edwards, 24 or what the Holy Bible the divine word of God calls sodomites suffered a fractured skull, broken arm.  They kept this guy in jail for a week, and then let him out.  After 11 days of review a Grand Jury dropped all charges against him.  There was a entire free Rayon McIntosh to help him with his legal bills.  The women pleaded guilty to  several felonies including criminal trespassing, menacing and disorderly conduct.

Here is an interesting analysis of the event from a black woman.  Again, warning ***cussing every other word***