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Recently there was a dust up in the local Kootenai  Republican organization. I basically thought it was not worth addressing this at all, but since this little liar likes to use the term “Redoubt”  like it is some talisman to scare up the liberal natives I thought I might as well address it.

First a little history. Many, many liberal journalists have tried to cover the American Redoubt movement.  We (JJS and myself) have given one, and only one interview to a “mainstream” publication. That was the Economist which published an article title The last big frontier was read by millions of people around the world. All other legacy media coverage of the Redoubt has failed.  For example, Chris Carlson, the former press secretary to Democrat Governor Cecil Andrus (and biographer of the four-term governor) wrote up a hit piece about the Redoubt. In it he tries to connect in the reader’s mind, there is some connection between the Redoubt movement and racists with lines like “The forefathers of the American Redoubters used to embrace racism.”

First there are not “forefathers” of the AR.  Unlike “the forefathers” of the modern Democratic Party who lynched blacks, does Chris Carlson suggest that all Democrats are hood wearing Klansmen?  Well based upon Chris Carlson’s logic, maybe, and Democrats should be watched closely.  This hit piece by a democratic operative was syndicated across Idaho.  No proof, no evidence, no interviews, no direct knowledge and no rebuttal.  Chris Carlson did not talk to any of the principles of the Redoubt Movement, JWR, JJS or myself.

Christa Hazel with her retried FBI father Wayne Manis who likes to brag about getting into gun fights with Idaho racists

What Chris Carlson used is an old propagandist trick called apophenia.  Apophenia is tricking people by linking two unrelated facts.  For example imagine someone said “…the economy is rotten.”  Then said “Jews are disproportionately represented in the financial services sector.”  Chris Carlson basically said the Ayran Nations were active in Idaho.  The American Redoubt movement is active in Idaho.  See how it works?  Anyone who has met me knows comparing Redoubters to the Aryan Nation is funny.

The Washington Post in a very long article wrote: “Much of the Redoubt Migration is motivated by fears that President Obama and his potential successor, Hillary Clinton wants to scrap the Second Amendment…” False. However, we don’t tell the liberal media what “motivates” us. Note once again that this anti-Christian liberal rag did not in any way talk to any of the principles of the Redoubt Movement, JWR, JJS or myself.  A billion word article and they could not get any of us on the phone.  I wonder why, Matthew 10:16 comes to mind.

Thus liberal journalists pretty much know nothing about the American Redoubt. And we are ok with liberals operating from a state of basically complete ignorance. There are so many good people out there, that I have left defending the Redoubt to you.  One great example is John Tappero of Spirit Lake Idaho, when he wrote in a letter to the editor titled “Welcome Redoubt Refugees”  he said “These ‘redoubt’ immigrants are self-reliant conservative refugees fleeing from oppressive rules, regulations and taxes…Most are also fully vetted with background documentation such as U.S. birth certificates and passports…”  Ain’t that the truth!  Liberals love “foreign 3rd world refugees from violent parts of the globe,” but despise their (allegedly) own country men.

I also find it noteworthy that these liberal journalists are getting awards for writing about what they have no knowledge of. Like when the Idaho Press Club gave Spokesman-Review’s Boise bureau chief, Betsy Z. Russell an award for “covering” the American Redoubt.  Another liberal progressive person who has never interviewed any of the principles of the Redoubt movement.  However, that is the SJW form of journalism we all are use too.  These people are not interested in covering conservatives fairly, they are only interested in promoting their own globalist authoritarian world view.   You can read about my coverage of a lot of liberal media getting anything about the American Redoubt movement wrong in the blog post Who Speaks for the American Redoubt.

Fast forward a year or so and another big government Republican comes out against people who choose to associate themselves with the American Redoubt concept voting and volunteering in all forms of outreach including politics. The little liar then acts like a martyr and “resigns” as a precinct committeewomen from the Kootenai County Republican Party, which is ok, but the little liar then throws the Redoubt into the conversation.  This little liar complains that the new “Redoubt people” are pushing Idaho Republican politics “…further to the right.”

Christa Hazel and her democratic friends

One thing for her liberal allies in the media should know about her diatribe on this issue is she lied. In one line of her more recent articles Where did the GOP go? she says “Leadership discusses “Redoubt Principles” that advocate peeling off Idaho to join other areas of neighboring states for like-minded Conservatives seeking political exile from liberal urban areas to live. This is inappropriate for Republican meetings and detrimental to Idaho.” That is an out and out lie.  Of course the progressive media will not care.

The Republican leadership, or any Republican that I know of, have never spoken about “Redoubt Principles” in any meeting.  I would love for this little liar or anyone else from the local Republican Party “leadership” to tell me three “Redoubt principles” of the Redoubt. All of you are laughing because you know we do not have “Redoubt principles.”  At best we have a set of broad guiding precepts.  And oh by the way, we have said multiple times that we do not promote secession (for various reasons).  You know like a bunch of liberal California politicians including the State’s Attorney General and business leaders are promoting.  Also the Redoubt is not in favor of “peeling off Idaho” or any other State.  The little liar knows nothing.

Do you guys remember another little wanna be open boarders “patriot hater” named Ben Stuckart from Eastern Washington?  That little open border progressive punk ran for federal Congress after slandering the many veterans who identify as “Patriots” or modern day Christian anti-federalists.  Ben Stuckart campaign went down in flames.  Deus Gracias and excellent work patriots.

Another politician from Northern Idaho we opposed Shawn Keough, is finally retiring.  Keough said, “The last three primaries have been particularly brutal and bruising, and while it is not in my nature to run from bullies, the increasing lack of civility on the part of some and focus on issues unrelated to the duties of serving in the state Senate have taken a toll, particularly on my husband.” Deus Gracias and excellent work patriots.  Shawn Keough has endorsed another (apparently) big government Republican, Jim Woodward who wants to take more of your property to spend on anti-Christian government schools and roads.  More on that race later.  We all need to get on our knees and thank the Lord Christ for his continued blessings.  The Redoubt movement does not have to put up our “wins” all over the public sphere. We are not MTV cribs.

I am ok with progressive politicians telling entire segments of our growing population do not vote for me.  As many of you know the Redoubt is primarily Christians but not exclusively.  One of the few Redoubt guys I have eaten with is a gun-packing Buddhist Monk and one of the few people I have camped with is a neo-pagan who only dresses in deer skins she has made herself.  We accept and solicit support from everyone who wants the government to leave them alone and does not mind living with Christians.

You are doing an excellent job. You are making a difference. You can tell, in part by the wailing and gnashing of those who oppose you like the little liar. You are achieving the objective of promoting Western Civilization, the Bill of Rights and Liberty under Christ.

Redoubters are not the first conservatives that Christa Hazel has savaged.  Christa Hazel campaigned against a solid conservative for School Board and won.  She and liberal PAC Balanced North Idaho supported Tom Hearn for School Board, a very liberal democrat over a committed conservative in 2013 and won.  Christa Hazel also supported Walt Minnick, a former Republican who moved to the Democrat Party over a staunch Christian conservative Bill Sali for federal Congress with her Republican Friends of Walt, and won.  How many conservatives has Christa Hazel helped destroy with her friends in the legacy media and Democratic Party?  Right same thing.

Christa Hazel is a little liar.  Christa Haze has a Martyr Complex.  Christa Hazel is an undocumented democrat.  Christa Hazel has allies in the globalist and democratic establishment including the liberal and progressive local press that give her a platform while slandering conservative Christians who are politically activev. Christa Hazel was one of the main promoters of linking downtown Spokane to Northern Idaho via cheap mass transit with the Bob Bingham’s Bus Taj Mahal project.  I do not believe Christa Hazel resigned from a fairly conservative Republican Party  because of an email disclaimer.  It is my opinion that she resigned so she can run for another political office (she is a professional establishment politician) as a “common sense” Republican and attempt to pull in a lot of democratic support (look I am a #NeverTrump who hates other Republicans) and just enough Republican support to win. When the little liar runs for another office, we look forward to raising money and volunteering for her opponent.

We believe and We Vote