Often on this blog, we cover our family’s journey from a somewhat typical suburbia lifestyle to being somewhat functional deep in rural America in a very “red state” or the American Redoubt.  We call those post La Hacienda del Norte  We also try to have a “positive” post weekly.  Trying to cover something positive is to try and  remind us that all is not gloom and doom.  We are all living, and things are not as bad as the constant stream of horrible news makes it out to be.  Keep your chin up, make babies, live your life.

In this post, we combine sharing something from La Hacienda del Norte and a funny post. Our youngest daughter is thankfully healthy and growing. She is completely oblivious to how many issues happened around her birth. Anyway, she is growing and is closing down on two years old. Time, time time.  This is the time where children begin to copy everything they see and hear. I believe this is human programming that help kept human children alive. Eat this, and don’t eat that, assume a rustle in the weeds is a tiger, avoid the snake. Nowadays this is encountered when you are driving with your more religious friends and nearly get into an accident and your 2-year-old swears from the back seat. And you think “****, really?”

Also, it is the time where we do the “potty training” thing. Potty training in my house involves a lot of accidents, also a lot of time sitting on the potty until “something happens.”

Anyway, my wife sent me this picture of Youngest Daughter on the potty. Her text said, “where do you think she got this from?” We had a great laugh which I am sharing with you.