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On this blog we document our own family’s move from a suburb in a deep blue, Democratic trifecta State to a rural setting in a deep red, Republican trifecta state.  We also encourage other libertarian leaning conservative Christians to think of migrating to a states that are more compatible with your beliefs.  If you do not know where to go, consider the American Redoubt.  If you choose to get out of dodge, don’t think you will retire to your little slice of heaven, but plan on becoming active in your new adopted community and ensure what happened to the community you left, does not happen to your new community.  Become a partisan.

James Carville an insane liberal was being interviewed by globalist legacy liberal MSNBC on Morning Joe awhile ago. This was back before we knew what was going to happen between Trump and Clinton. Remember that long ago?  When they knew they were going to win, they were very comfortable explaining to “fly over country” what is what.

In this interview James Carville is asked “what can Clinton do to bring this country together” after she wins. Listen to what James says. He says, “I am not sure the country wants to be together (correct). He says there are stark differences in the nation, (correct) rural people vote differently than cities. (correct) Hillary gets all her support from the large cities. He says, “we” don’t know any republicans. Then he adds, “…people clump up” together. And this point is very close to the concept of the American Redoubt political migration.

Trump and his team may want to listen to this democratic operative explain the lay of the land.  The people who voted against you are never going to support you.  You must keep your primary promises to the people who did support you. How many miles of the wall have been built?  Zero.  Are we out of NATFA?  No.   Has the Muslim Brotherhood been declared a terrorist organization?  No[Bard Note: BTW, who do you think is funding a lot of people fighting against you? Answer, the Muslim Brotherhood.]  Have you stopped Muslim migration from violent parts of the world from this nation. No.  The people who hate you, will continue to hate you.  This is goes for not only Trump, but you too.

Liberals think that migration makes red states more liberal.  The New York Times’s Robert Gebeloff and David Leonhardt published an article, The Growing Blue-State Diaspora that tries to make this point.  Migration makes red states more liberal.  They are wrong.  The polling organization FiveThirtyEight that got several recent elections very wrong says in an article titled Migration Isn’t Turning Red States Blue; “If anything, movers generally have more extreme political views than natives: Those people moving to the West Coast or New England, for example, are more liberal than people who grew up there. Thus, the process of intra-country migration could be contributing to political polarization rather than making states more purple.”

We should clump together. Remember the progressive liberals will not leave a single State, county or town for conservatives. Liberal Democrats like the Little Liar will try to convert the entire nation to their post-modernist, neo-socalist, anti-Christian, anti-life, globalist way of thinking.  They will attack anyone who they think stands in their way.  Thus if you want any space to live in peace, you must fight. If you live in a Deep Blue State there is no chance of change in those States.  You are in a ghetto.  Once liberal democrats get power, they hang on like some devil tick. Do as Hillary’s surrogate James Carville complains about. “Clump” together.