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Several people have reached out to me for my opinion on the North Korea nuclear situation.  This blog has been around long enough to exist through a few crises. I believe our track record of advising on crises has been very good.  Let’s look through a few of the crises we have advised on.

In 2013 we advised people to not stuff their mattresses with gold and silver but to get out of debt, and invest in a broad array of investment options.  Specifically I said back in 2013 “I am also trying to invest in the stock market so I can buy the biggest tangible asset I can, food producing land which I own with independent power and water. This may work again. I still need the magic of compounding interest because I don’t have a lot of assets.” People who did not listen and put a lot of gold and silver under their mattress lost a lot of money. Those who did are doing ok.

In 2014, when the Ebola crisis in Africa was happening, we advised caution.  I specifically said “My needle is still green. You may ask why? The reason is that this is all possible, maybe even likely but none of it has happened yet.   There is an excellent chance that the inept actions taken by treating this at the source may greatly reduce the spread. If that happens, it will not be 500,000 by JAN2015, but many, many less.”

In 2015 when other alternative media outlets were making a big deal about operation JADE HELM, we strongly stated we do not believe this is “Obama’s plan” to take your guns. The American Redoubt movement was a voice of reason in the patriot and liberty circles.  What did Radio Free Redoubt and John Jacob Schmidt say about JADE HELM “…These kinds of ‘cry wolf’ reports will only lead to lost credibility, and make us look foolish…”   What did James Rawles say about JADE HELM when asked by his subscriber base“JWR and I  are in complete agreement on the implications of Jade Helm 15 and its impact on the people in the United States. It is nothing more than a training exercise.”  I didn’t even cover it.

In 2016 when the water crises happened primarily affecting California we advised while it seemed bad, it would not be the end of California. We also advised that the federal government would “use any crisis” to infringe upon the water rights of the west.  However what I specifically advised was “Once again, we do not want to overreact nor be victim of normalcy basis.  We want to keep ourselves informed and make rational decisions.  Here is a great article by the Daily Beast discussing how California is so far from being rational in its response to this crisis.”  I linked to a article be a liberal progressive.

We did warn multiple times about a direct threat to conservatives from left-wing political violence the last time on 09FEB2017 five months before Democratic supporter and anti-Trump activist James T. Hodgkinson shot a bunch of dis-armed Republicans including Republican Whip Steve Scaliseon 14JUN2017.  Steve Scaliseon is still in the hospital.  We did warn those on the right about alt-right and the use of the term cuckconservative.  And of course we have warned many times about growing Islam inspired violence.  The American Redoubt in general and this blog in particular have a high level of credibility in dealing with the crises of the day.

Now on North Korea situation. How many people talking to you have been to Korea?  How many people have seen the DMZ in person?  How many people talking about a nuclear attack from North Korea have participated in war games defending South Korea and Japan from a North Korean attack? I answer yes to all of those questions.

North Korea has a very limited number of missiles that could potentially hit the continental United States.  We do not know if they have a nuclear reentry payload.  The heavier the payload the shorter the range.  Thus say the two-stage North Korean Hwasong-14 ICBMs may be able to strike mainland USA if they had a reentry payload that was small and light enough.  These are what we would call intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM).  There are few of these missiles and we should be able to see them through our military aircraft and spy planes preparing to launch those missiles. It should give the US and other governments time to strike them first. Yes, we have interception technology, but because the Democrats forced us to stop working on the so-called “Star Wars” for so long, we are behind in its development.  It is simply not easy to hit a bullet with another bullet controlled by a computer.  Our missile defense technology appears to work about 50% of the time. With the limited number of interceptors, around 36 the last time I cheeked, of anti-missile launch platforms we have dedicated to the Pacific, we most likely could down a limited number of missiles.

There is a 0% chance North Korea would survive a nuclear attack against the US.  First North Korea could never hope to destroy every US intercontinental ballistic missile silo, stockpiled nuclear weapon, and nuclear-capable bomber. Russia does not have enough weapons to do that.  Even if somehow it disrupted all of the land and air based US nuclear weapons, US nuclear submarines could and would retaliate.  Before we gave the country over to globalist progressives who weaken our national defense a US captain of a strategic sub could decided all by himself (two officers actually) to launch his weapons if he thought he lost contact with the mainland due a surprise attack.  I assume those protocols and procedures are being updated under President Trump.  In other words a retaliation package is already sitting on a lot of nuclear sub captain’s desk.  Actually in a safe in the ready room or captain’s office.

What will Kim Jong-un do? I have no idea; the guy appears to be pure nuts. The fact is eventually he can develop any weapon he wants, or we destroy him. If he develops any weapon, eventually he will have enough missiles that could seriously threaten mainland US. You will need to live with that. If we use our American Legions to “degrade” his nation, by destroying a lot of stuff and killing many people, many people in South Korea and Japan will also die. Put the causalities guess in the tens of thousands in the South, and several thousand in Japan if we can remove his nuclear forces before he uses them.

Thus America has a choice. Leave him be, and he will continue to grow and metastasis until he is a real threat to the US, or use the military to destroy him. That is it. Everything else is a “holding action” that the progressives and the neo-cons have been trying for 50 plus years. It has not worked. Do something, or do nothing.  If I were to guess, there would eventually talk, and they will find a face-saving way exit this situation. Everyone will kick the can down the road, and things will go back to normal (SNAFU).

What do we do? Many of you have plans, preparations, some place to go and a plan to get there.  Other of us have places where others are heading too.  Thus when things like this happens it really does not drive the same “fear” as others who have not even thought about it. If you are under a nuclear blast, there is a good chance you die fast.  If you are not, then prepare for massive disruption of services (food, water, safety, etc.).

Here is a link from the Ready.gov site about nuclear attacks.  Read it and understand it.  Ensure you check in with alternative sites who monitor these things like this blog, Survival blog Dot Com for example the article The Good News About Nuclear Destruction, by S.C. and Radio Free Redoubt. There is a neat site named Alert USA that a couple of members of the Patriot Darknet monitor.  I do not sign up my cell phone because I do not want to get multiple SMS alerts.  However I do monitor their website.  Figure out if you can get alerts from your local sheriff.  Here is a link from the very Constitutional Idaho Boundary Sheriff’s office.   I would most certainly ensure I had a ham radio, practice with how to use it and when not in use kept it in a metal box perhaps in your trunk.

Take this opportunity to highlight to your neighbors and friends while you do not think a nuclear attack by North Korea is imminent, this is an real world example of how fast something catastrophic can happen.  Encourage them to get into shape, encourage them to get out of debt.  Encourage them to figure out how to live securely without any outside help for some time. Encourage them to have a bug out plan.  Start them with the Rural Revolution or Survival Mom graduate them to The Survival Podcast and Survival Blog.  Pray and prepare, but do as the Lord Christ commands.  Do not live in fear.

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