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The coverage of the event in Charlottesville is, as usual, confusing and the legacy media is covering only with their anti-conservative basis.  Thus I will share what I understand at this time.  A bunch of white nationalists had a rally. It appears approximately 1,200 people showed up to support this event. The violent anti-fascists organizations primarily antifa showed up. There appeared to be significant political violence where once again, the police appear to have allowed the violence. President Trump and every major conservative groups have quickly condemned the white nationalist rally. President Obama and Democrats have still refused to condemn the violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Anti-Fascist organizations.

The White Nationalists do not represent the majority of Trump supporters, Republicans, or conservatives in general.  White Nationalist do not represent the overwhelming people on the right or even the so-called far right.  Racism including white nationalism is a plague upon this nation. It destroys everything it touches. I do not think they understand how much the entire nation hates our shared history of white supremacy.

Now with that said, I believe in the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech no matter if it is race identity movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM) or White Nationalists. Unpopular speech must be protected. The government of Virginia and Charlottesville appeared to have done a terrible job of maintaining control of the situation. They appear to have allowed to very hostile groups the white nationalist and the Antifa to co-mingle and then were what surprised when violence happened?

The organizations that were active in Charlottesville appear to include Traditional Workers Party, Vanguard America, the League of the South, Identity Evrupa and many other groups. The unifying objective of these white nationalist and their older organizations (KKK, skinheads and various neo-NAZIs) whom they call “white nationalist 1.0” is the creation of a white ethnic state.  This event was called “Unifying the Right, ” but it was unifying the white nationalist groups.

The other members of the so-call right that white nationalist has had issues with are what they call “alt-light” or alt-west such as Cernovich and Posobiec. The third major movements are the “Patriots” or conservative leaning libertarians such as the Oath Keepers and various patriot groups. While the politicians and legacy lying media conflates these disparate groups, they are very separate, and in general, do not have the same objectives. I have included a few videos of patriots and white nationalist nearly coming to blows.  You will not see this reported on legacy lying liberal media.

These groups are antithetical to each other. Patriots tend to be Christian, conservative libertarians. We are dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government. White Nationalist tend to be authoritarians, often socialist and anti-Christian. You see, to tell someone whom they can have a baby with, and what race can vote you have to have a very authoritarian government. For example the white nationalist call Oath Keepers “oath cucks.”  I do not believe the patriots and the alt-west were not represented in any significant numbers at Charlottesville. I did see a few III% patches out there, but not significant numbers.

In watching coverage of the event through alternative media, I did notice some interesting things. I saw Steve Lemons who writes the Hate Watch section of the SPLC site, get into it with Baked Alaska who self-identifies as a white nationalist. What was interesting about this exchange is to see an SPLC staff member call Baked Alaska a “cuck.” He was intentionally baiting him. I also saw Richard Spencer begging law enforcement not to you know, enforce the law as they have been instructed.  Epic fail, they did what they were told.

I do not see how the organizers of this event can call it a success.  I am sure they will.  I see a complete fail.  All media is not good media.  For each person who may be attracted at the display of western masculinity, they have turned off twenty people who simply despise race based politics in general and neo-NAZI, KKK organizations in particular. It now appears that a white nationalist ran a car into a group of antifa protestors, killing a … young white woman. However white nationalist does not care about whites that do not agree with them.  They will call her a “race traitor.”  Currently it appears that  James Alex Fields Jr., of Maumee, Ohio, has been charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failing to stop at the scene of an accident that resulted in a death after a car plowed into a crowd on the Downtown Mall.  The crash killed a 32-year-old woman and injured 19 others following an alt-right demonstration downtown.

I believe in freedom of speech. I disagree it is good to take down statues of history. I believe there is a problem with mass immigration, I believe in language, culture, and borders. I also believe that Christianity, Western Civilization, and America are exceptional. However, you start taking out the NAZI flags and inviting Klansmen with the message that we are broken down by race, and you have lost me. The fascist Japanese sent my grandfather back home in a body cast. We fought a war against nationalist socialism. I have no patience for people who see the world through the erroneous view that race decides all about a person. I am not alone.

If you want to hear white nationalist explain themselves, you  can listen to this video titled Why Oathkeepers Suck.