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Disavowal Train

It is interesting to see the fallout. Many people are glad they have separated themselves from the alt-right. I would like to take a lap around by saying I warned of the alt-right long before people like Milo Yiannopoulos who have recently come out and said basically “no one” can associate themselves with the alt-right now. I would like to say that Steve Bannon has yet to admit his mistake, which I pointed out at the time. He is the one that said Breitbart is the news outlet of the alt-right. I noted at the time that was a mistake. Even people like PewDiePie a foul mouth Internet shock jock, and still one of the top YouTube personality even after being attacked by the liberal pressas a neo-NAZI because he created a few NAZI memes. Always expect the liberal press to attack those they disagree with. Now even PewDiePie officially and firmly disavowed white nationalists. I like one of the things he said; basically, I was shocked that there were still NAZIs. With today’s education system that is relatively understandable.

Unfortunately a couple of patriot militia types attended the Charlottesville fiasco.  The most photographed were the Latrobe, Pennsylvania based Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia (they organize on Facebook, enough said about that).  There are a lot of militias in the US, and only a couple got involved. The Pennsylvania Lightfoot have a lot of members and I only saw one guy.  Only a couple of guys were spotted wearing a III% patch.   Wile the III% didn’t come out and disavow the march specifically, I find what they said noteworthy. “Crushing Nazis & Fascists in America is self defense. It is not morally wrong. This applies also to Socialists, Communists, Anarchists and tyrants of all flavors who take active steps to impose their will upon any American, thus violating their Rightful Liberty.”

Liberal Press will present you  as racist anyway

Others are not bothering to disavow, and I understand that also. That is the way that very popular Internet personalities Lauren Southern and her podcast title They Don’t Care About Your Disavowal and the Patriot Nurse and her video titled Why I’m NOT Sorry About Charlottesville appear to have chosen to respond. Their opinion is that no matter what you say if you believe in the superiority of orthodox Christianity and western civilization the mainstream media will still call you racists, so you might as well just continue. I understand it, but I do not agree. I will not let my opposition define what I am or what I say. Truth is the truth, and speaking the truth is the only thing we really have. It doesn’t matter if the other side refuses to admit the facts; it is our obligation, to tell the truth. If you do not stand with white nationalist, say so.

Since this blog was started back in 2012, I have warned everyone publicly and privately that racists in general, but white supremacist, in particular, destroy everything they touch.  For example in 2013 my post title What Patriots can learn from Racists.  The reasons people despise white supremacist but do not have the same guttural rejection for black or Hispanic supremacy is simple. Most individuals in the West have not been the victim of violent racial minority-led supremacy. I fear if we do not change, we may get to experience it.

Racism is without Reason

The fight over removing our shared history is now permanently scarred in these disunited States because of the actions of Charlottesville and White Nationalist who like to brand themselves the “alt-right.” [Bard Note: how long before they remove MLK and Malcolm X because they were religious who opposed homosexuality?] I guess all of our statues will be of Barrack Obama. We have warned and warned not to get into bed with people like this.  As soon as the SHTF they become guys like this.

Those who hate all of Western Civilization are using this Unite the White Nationalists Charlottesville rally to quickly advance their agenda. Never let a crisis go to waste. There are so many people who warned that something like this would fail. But like most times, racists don’t listen, and claim anytime they get together and walk around it is a “win.” If there is any failure, it is the fault of “the Jews.”  Anyone who has a problem is a “race traitor” now called a cuckservative.  For every kid they may have attracted with a masculine response, they have repulsed 20.  Neither the NAZIs and Confederates before didn’t think “numbers matter.” That is why they are in the trash bin of history.

Jews are responsible for WW2, Africans are responsible for the Civil War

White separatists / supremacists / nationalists also like to rewrite history, because if you simply read basic history, you would not be into the modern day Hitler fetish. The Germans did not gas millions of people. The Civil War was not about African slavery. Hitler lost because he and his followers were without reason. And they murdered a lot of white people in their loosing. The Confederates lost because they and their supporters were without reason and they killed a lot of white people in their losing. Please note the British were able to outlaw slavery without murdering scores of people.

Our founding fathers were not into “pan-whiteness” they thought the Aryans were barbarians (well they did destroy Catholic Rome), Catholics were evil and the Eastern Europeans were little better than animals. Our Founding Fathers felt that democracy could only be trusted to the English Saxon Protestants. The Klan despised white Catholics as much as they hated blacks. The Klan killed liberal whites just like they murdered blacks. Hitler and the Nationalist Socialists were not into a “pan-whiteness.” He planned to exterminate the Slavs. Do you have any Czech, Polish, Russians or Ukrainian ancestors? You would not have if the Greatest Generation did not win the war against these insane racists, at considerable costs. And now these white nationalists wave the National Socialist or KKK flag around and expect anything other than complete disgust and hatred from the majority of white people? The only question I have is why we don’t have the same response to the Marxist Socialism as we do to National Socialism. Marxists socialist have murdered 100 million people in the 20th Century.

The enslaved Africans did not cause the civil war and millions of dead, primarily white men. It was the white supremacist of the South who were willing to die rather than give up African enslavement. Ok, request granted. And it was not Antifa that ran that car into a crowd of socialist and leftist and killed that white girl. It was a supporter of the White Nationalist movement. Antifa has caused a lot of other damage and destruction that the left refuses to “disavow.”  Oh, yeah, I know it is all a “Jewish lie, ” and I anyone who points these things out are race traitors now called a cuckservative.

The progressive left, who are wrong, win a lot with identity politics. The right simply will fail if we fall back into primarily identity politics. I understand why the right wants to use the identity politics of the left since the progressives have used it so well. Most realize that identity politics are horrible and are not good for nearly any society. Thus why would you “…become the monsters you fight?

If you choose to disavow the Charlottesville affair or not, we cannot win the battle to protect western civilization with identity politics.  The way forward that we have always use is to focus on the individual. Focus on our shared responsibility to maintain and preserve Western Civilization and our God-given individual rights. Strengthen yourself, and find others who are strong or growing stronger and make a team, and then continue to move forward. Our arguments can stand on their own; Orthodox Christianity, Western Civilization, individual liberty.