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I have said as many times as I can, that I oppose identity politics. Yet I am also a Bill of Rights fundamentalist [Bard Note: Patriots are not “anti government” we are modern day Christian anti-federalists]. Thus when I watch the left advance their globalist anti-Christian authoritarian agenda because some NAZIs and Klansmen marched around a statue that no one has thought of, I notice.

Progressive owned companies (GoDaddy, Google, Facebook, Patreon, PayPal) have now taken it upon themselves to ban sites they don’t like for “promoting violence.” “Radical” islamic sites, stay up, radical leftist sites like Antifa and Black Lives Matter sites, who have actually murdered cops, stay up. Yet white racist who have hate filled sites like the hard 14/88 web site the Daily Stormer which are completely hate filled are denied their DNS names. They banned the Daily Stormer because it was one of the main sites organizing the Unite the White Nationalist (right) rally in Charlottesville. Also because it put up some truly vile postings about the woman who was murdered at this rally.

“Literally, I woke up in a bad mood and decided someone shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. No one should have that power.” – Cloudflare’s CEO

People, denying someone a DNS name is like the government refusing to list your address in the white pages, or the phone company refusing to give them a phone number. It is worse actually.  Imagine if only FedEx and UPS managed all postal addresses. There is no government owned DNS registrar.  And then they both decided not to even “give” you an address.  I mean pornographers don’t get this response. Folks, this is a complete denial of their civil, and perhaps Constitutional Rights in America. If you let San Jose Liberal Aristocrats ban the Daily Stormer from the Internet, you are inviting your own doom. This is such a rapid, massive growth in what authoritarian autocratic progressives are willing to do, I am most likely failing in explaining the significance to you.

Imagine if you did not have a mailing address, and the authoritarian progressive government refused to give you one. Imagine if the UPS and FedEx PO boxes (that is where Daily Stormer went next) also refused to give you a mailing address? How could you do business or participate in life in any meaningful way? Everywhere asks you “what is your address,”passports, driver licenses, utility bills. It is tough to do business in a modern society, without the ability to use the Internet. That is what Go Daddy and Google just did.

You just witnessed wealthy globalist authoritarian progressives electronically “unpersonned” someone. Unperson from the 1984 novel means “…a person accorded no recognition or consideration by another or by a specific group.” Do we all have the right to unperson people we feel are doing “violence” to us?  And we all just witnessed it. No one should accept such as a massive attack on the civil and constitutional rights of any one in America.  Even people we despise.  Folks, this is a problem. I like that NameCheap tried to apologize for banning a website solely based upon its content.

And do not give me that “incite violence” line. That is a complete lie. See, there is a small point here. If speech actually crossed the line into actual advocacy of violence, the law enforcement would charge someone with something. In the US that is a very high bar. None of these people have been publicly accused of anything by law enforcement, (anything related to the content that got them unpersonned) because none of these people have broken any law with their content, here in the US. Google, Go Daddy, NameCheap and all the rest are taking down content they “feel” incites violence. That is utterly sick, immoral, infringes on their civil rights and most likely is unconstitutional.

There is no American law saying that the Internet companies “must” remove someone’s domain name registry because of their speech unless direct too by a court of law.  Most Internet companies are actually immune to being sued. If the police thought that the Daily Stormer blog post had cross a legal line, then the police would (and perhaps they are) investigating. It is not for these global progressive companies to police people. Yet these 21st-century technological aristocrats have taken it upon themselves who can, and cannot exist on the Internet.

When will they say the NRA who supports the Bill of Rights or your local Christian church which teaches that homosexuality is a sin be electronically unpersonned? In Australia they are already trying to pass a law to force Catholic priest to go to jail or obey their faith by trying to force them to break the Seal of the Confessional.  Again, folks, Google is already removing conservative content or putting it into an electronic ghetto. Google is partnering with the SPLC and muslims to decide what hate speech is. Guess who will be on that list? Paypal has dumped everyone from Ann Barnhart to Lauren Southern. Yet all of that is much, much less than the DNS registers getting into the self-censor bandwagon.

Again this is basically removing people from being able to exist on the Internet. I believe that a good law firm should win this case. It is simply Google and others are destroying people based upon the content of their speech.  This is very dangerous for all individuals who do not hold to the new postmodernist, militant atheist orthodoxy. [Bard Note: It is very rich that conservatives are “demonized” yet the same people want to force Christians to do creation related business with sodomites.] Google has created an electronic Gulag for undesirables and have stepped up to electronically unpersoning people.

However what I was amazed at is how fast the Daily Stormer resurfaced. Where you may ask? On the Dark Web. The same dark web I have advised Christian libertarian leaning conservatives to master for a long time now, calling the project the Patriot Darknet. I always thought this is what happens before the complete access to all undesirable speech is cut off. Historically authoritarians (Nationalist Socialist, Marxist Socialists, Racists, etc.) implement their control of you in stages. First pushing undesirables into “ghettos” like they did the Native Americans, the Jews and Americans of African descent (apartheid or Jim Crow). Once you are out of sight, then they come for you physically.

Yet I was shocked how fast the neo-NAZI Daily Stormer popped back up on Tor and the new alternative to Twitter called Gab. If you want to see how little control the authoritarian progressives actually have on the flow of information, go get the Tor Browser Bundle. Download it, and then using the TBB go to the new Daily Stormer site at http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/ Bam, back in action. They came back online faster under Tor then they did moving their site’s registration to various allegedly free speech sites and to another country Russia. I was amazed it happened so fast. You can also go to the Gab.ai, URL and lurk what @AndrewAnglin the founder of the racist Daily Stormer site has to say. You must use the gab.ai website because Apple has refused to allow Gab to publish their application in the iTunes store because of Gab’s dedication to free speech.

Now I will be interested in seeing if the Daily Stormer can move the functionality of their site like their comment section to Tor, and I am interested in seeing if they can maintain their interaction with their base. Now that the Daily Stormer has moved to the Dark Web it will be much harder to find who is visiting their site, figuring who is commenting on their site.  I assume that with great effort state-level powers that be can unmask people using Tor on a site deep in Tor, but it will be much, much harder. The powers that be have unmasked people by hacking the website itself and pushing tracking technology that helps unmask individuals who visit. Actually, the easiest way to beat Tor is to get people to unmask themselves. Most of these racists have terrible OPSEC.

To me, it is an amazingly stupid thing the “clear net” authoritarian progressives did. By pushing these guys into the deep web, they simply made it much harder for anyone to track them. They are moving the racists and other undesirables into technological ghettos. And authoritarian progressives are happy about it. I believe it is a terrible move all the way around.

It is an incredible paradox going on. The only people who have stood up for freedom of speech are a who’s who of classic liberals. The ACLU defended the NAZI’s right to march which Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer pushed. The EFF (led by a homosexuals) is defending Daily Stormer from the attack by Google. The people behind Tor who are are standing up for freedom of speech are a bunch of very liberal, including homosexuals and many, many racial minorities working for them. Gays and minorities are one of the main reasons the neo-NAZI site the Daily Stormer is online in any fashion today.

I would LOVE for the Daily Stormer to say thank you to all the (in their words) “niggers and other low IQ mud races, faggots, and kikes” who are keeping the Daily Stormer online. Go ahead Andrew Anglin, you are supposed to be “edgy,” I f****** dare you to give credit where credit is due. Call a spade a spade.  Thank all the “Jews, faggots and nigger-lovers” at the ACLU, EFF and Tor for keeping your hateful troll army online.  And by the way, yes I  think what they did to you was wrong, and no I am not white.

The only reason the Daily Stormer can currently exist at all is that a diverse group of people who value individual liberty over identity politics.  What we stand for works, orthodox Christianity, Western Civilization, individual liberty.  I am certain there are many authoritarian progressives pressuring Tor to try to remove the Daily Stormer. To the best of my knowledge they cannot remove it from the Deep Web, they can make it harder for them, but Tor is designed so that no one can remove anyone. I will be interested in watching if Tor gives into this one inch. The thing I have long agreed with the Tor Foundation and the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) and others, even though they are very liberal is an absolute protection of freedom of speech.  I have encouraged conservatives to protect electronic privacy and encryption.  Go ahead and search “darknet” on this site and you can read through several of the articles we have written freely sharing our knowledge of privacy and encryption from a conservative perspective. What just happened to the Daily Stormer was a fascinating use of authoritarian power and the Darknet. It is worthy of study and thought.