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I recently had the opportunity to meet Charles Murray at the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) “Faces of Freedom” dinner in Boise, Idaho. The actual dinner had to happen in Eagle, ID which is right outside of Boise at the Chateau des Fleurs. It was a wonderful time.

Due to the left wing violence that has continued since the 2016 Presidential campaign, through the inauguration, grown on college campuses and cumulated in the shooting of a group of disarmed Republican lawmakers at a softball game the IFF event was canceled at the last moment.  For example on 01FEB2016 at a speech by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California–Berkeley was shut down by widespread left wing violence. Another speech Ann Coulter an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, and syndicated columnist was canceled due to the threat of violence also at Berkley, California.

Left wing violence continues and has erupted in Portland, Oregon, Boston, Washington D.C. and San Jose, California. And of course, some violent leftist protested the White Nationalists (alt-right) rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The groups that get much of the credit for this left-wing political violence are Black Lives Matter (BLM), and so-called anti-Fascist (Antifa) both supported by socialists groups.

The lying legacy media does not cover this left-wing violence much. The left wing and Democratic Party denies that left wing or islamic inspired violence exists. The legacy lying media denies that left wing violence is a threat like when Keith Cousins  of the the Coeur d’Alene Press made fun of pistol packing Republicans concerned about left wing violence happening coast to coast. That was just a few months before James T. Hodgkinson a left wing registered Democrat shot down like dogs in the street a bunch of Republicans who choose to obey ungodly rules and disarm themselves.  Federal Representative  Please note Steve Scalise is still in the hospital fighting for his life.  Major fail  Keith Cousins.

Left wing protestors in Boise, Idaho

When faced with even the threat of violence the hotel Red Lion Riverside Hotel and Convention Center canceled the IFF dinner basically at the last minute. Progressive liberal journalist Betsy Russell of the Spokesman [Bard Note: Yes the same woman who got an award “covering” the American Redoubt where she only talked to progressive liberals who oppose the American Redoubt] reported in her article “After seeing many, many recent examples of protests and riots at Charles Murray events across the country, we knew that an incident was more than likely, and we just couldn’t take the chance.  You just never know, especially with what just happened in Charlottesville,” said Kristin Jensen, a partner in Riverside Hospitality.  Red Lion Riverside Boise is the anti-free speech Google of hotels in Idaho.  

Volunteers helping organize the IFF event

This is clearly what Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne meant when he said “Even in Idaho, the Left is successfully bullying businesses, badgering, trolling and harassing anyone who dares to contradict their progressive world view. We are but the latest victim.” The left does violence outside of Idaho and people who are not committed to defending the Constitution of the United States fold even from the threat of that violence in Idaho.  Red Lion Riverside Hotel and Convention Center canceled an 11-month reservation with the IFF over the threat of violence. The enablers of left-wing violence do things like the AP reporter who called all the politicians who said they would attend and ask them do you agree with the white supremacy of Charles Murray?  This is what passes for journalism in post-Christian America.

A packed IFF event at the Chateau des Fleurs

Thankfully all property owners and politicians are not so easily cowed. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff of the Chateau des Fleurs. At the last moment, Chateau des Fleurs accepted the reservation of the IFF their key note speaker Charles Murray and well over 300 guests. I was very impressed with the level of security and the professionalism of their staff. There were a small group of protestors from different organizations outside the event. The protestors peacefully exercised their constitutional rights, and the IFF and Charles Murray exercised his. And the Chateau des Fleurs and the IFF ignored the CDA Press and Keith Cousins and provided a significant security presence. I was very impressed with the Chateau des Fleurs property and staff. It was both clean and large. It had a style that reminded me of classic Victorian.

I am also impressed with the Republican politicians who were not cowed by the legacy lying liberal media or the threat of left wing Antifa violence. A lot of Republican politicians were invited, most showed up, but some did not showed up on the front lines of the Freedom of Speech war. I had a moment to talk to our congressional representative Raul Labrador who is a candidate for the Governor of Idaho. I spoke with State Senator Russ Fulcher who is a candidate for congressional representative.  After the lying left wing legacy press badger him about standing firm in defense of the Constitution Steve Ackerman Russ Fulcher’s campaign manager said publicly “Russ strongly believes that any individual can succeed in life regardless of their background or circumstances. Russ does not support the claim that people are genetically predisposed toward success or failure.” By the way Charles Murray completely agrees with this statement. No other Idaho gubernatorial candidate attended the event.

Let me put this into terms the progressive left can understand. A practicing Jew, Wayne Hoffman who leads the IFF, Raul Labrador a Hispanic sitting congressman and candidate for Governor of Idaho, and I, an American of African descent, are not white nationalists. And neither is Charles Murray. Sane humans can listen and consider opinions without agreeing with all of them.  Lord I can’t believe I need to actually say that.  Oh, and by the way, NAZIs are bad.

Dr. Charles Murray at the IFF Faces of Freedom dinner

I have attended several Republican, Patriot and just general conservative events at the Red Lion Riverside Hotel and Convention Center in Boise.  While the Red Lion Riverside folded before the threat of violence by communists and fascists (Antifa), the The Chateau des Fleurs put out a post that read in part “The Chateau des Fleurs was built by our family as a place for the community to enjoy, gather, celebrate and share ideas. The freedom to express ideas is central to the founding of our nation, and to the core of our beliefs in our business.”  I believe that all businesses and organizations that support our Christ and the Constitution in the Boise area should consider how non-racists people with conservatives opinions were shut down by Red Lion Riverside Hotel. Why wait until it is you, spend your money with those who defend liberty.  Any way the Chateau des Fleurs is newer, cleaner and more beautiful.

It is my opinion we should support those who stand up for freedom including business or politicians.  There are only a few of us.  If you oppose those attacking free speech at every turn, you must take a stand in some way. It takes votes, and money to win this ongoing asymmetric conflict between those who stand for Western Civilization and those who oppose it.  Please get the word out by sharing this post and give even a little bit to these excellent candidates who stood up for our Lord Christ and the Constitution.

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And to take us out, here is Hank Williams Jr remake of Warren Zevon send more Lawyers, Guns and Money off his 1978 album Excitable Boy.  Our new fund raising song theme.