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Last night was another fun night in Kootenai County politics. The three “smaller government” Republican County Commissioners are proposing raising all property owners property tax to fund the expansion of local government. Bob Bingham, a founder of the North West Property Owners Alliance, has been the greatest disappointment this year. Where we thought we were voting for a patriot conservative, we were getting just another big government establishment hack.

Only Marc Eberlein fought to defend tax payers. Only Marc Eberlein fought for a smaller government. He was heckled by both establishment hacks, fake conservative Bob Bingham and liberal big government Republican Chris Fillios in public. Bob asked Marc, a man who is not wealthy “…why don’t you take a 50% cut in your salary.” I have a better question, Bob, why don’t you take a 100% cut in your pay?  You have boasted you only have a 9th grade education and don’t need the pay.

The proposed 1.5% tax increase supports a growth of government by $664,401. This comes to approximately $4.50 per $100,000 of property value. This may not seem like a lot, but this is 1.5% becomes the new “baseline, ” and this increase will be with us forever.  Guess what they will do next year? This is how the government becomes overtaxed Boulder, Colorado, one small increases at a time.

Marc Eberlein, the only fiscal conservative on the Kootenai County of Commissioners, proposed a series of modest cuts and delayed increases to keep your property taxes from rising at all. Think about the budget cuts below and tell me if you could live with them.

-$360,000 from the wage adjustment pool. They want to take $720,000 more dollars from you to give government employees a raise. All Marc suggested was that it takes so long to implement these raises; they can budget for an increase for ½ the year and not the entire year. Another way to consider this is “ok, we will pay our county employees $730,000 more per year, but you have to wait four months to get that increase.” Kootenai County Commissioner Chris Fillios said oh no, don’t worry I will quickly spend the money we forcibly take from the property owners.  Establishment Republicans in action.

-$161,000 for two new Kootenai County sheriff sergeants positions for the new jail. Instead, Marc proposed moving two Kootenai County sergeants from the office to staff the new jail.  Even the sheriff said this was ok.  But Bob was oppose to this cost saving measure.

-$137,000 Assessor’s office Ortho-imagery to buy a new high-resolution GIS system that would allow Kootenai County including the sheriff’s office access to higher resolution pictures of your backyard. That is one of the purposes they talked about last night.  This primary purpose is to enable Kootenai County tax collectors  to tax “more appropriately” based upon actual land use by spying on Kootenai County citizens and the sheriff to be “more efficient.” And they want you to pay $137,000 more to give the local government more powers to spy on your backyard from the sky. Currently, they only have access to lower resolution pictures of our back yards.  Bob Bingham really like this new surveillance of property owners calling it “more efficient” for the government.

Kootenai County Grants Office

-$32,517 to take away ½ a full-time employee from the Kootenai Grant office. The Grant’s office gave us the federally supported Bob Bingham’s Taj Mahal bus terminal. You know the Taj Mahal bus terminal which cost over $300,000 of local property taxes which will be closed to the public in the winter was not on the chopping block. The Kootenai Grant’s office full-time job is to promote federally funded agenda 21 projects and enslave the local populace to federal mandates. We should close the entire office down.  Yet “good Christians” see nothing wrong in putting their faces in the federal welfare trough.”  Bob Bingham has defended federal welfare saying if the money is available we should get ours.

-$28,000 for Job’s Plus which both Bob and Chris put into the budget.  This is to support yet another big government agency to try and get more globalist leftist aristocracy to come to Idaho.  “And make jobs.”

-$15,000 from Heritage Health.  This proposal would still give Heritage Health more money, but instead of  $65,000 it would only give them $50,000. Your property taxes are paying for a private hospital, which is not run very well where the CEO makes $179,000. But they must have $65,000 more of your money.

Total of what Marc proposed was to cut $733,000. Bob Bingham and Chris Fillios opposed all of these cuts.   If this were cut, then we would reduce the size of government by a bit. Just to clarify Kootenai County already was already getting a 2% increase in the budget due to natural growth. Approximately 3,000 more people have made the Walk to Freedom this year alone. These two big government Republicans want an additional 1.5% property tax increase.

It appears both Republican fake conservative Bob Bingham and liberal, big government Republican Chris Fillios will vote in favor of this growth in government. Only Marc Eberlein fought to lower your taxes. And this is an example of the difference between people who are Republicans but self-identify as patriots.

Republicans talk about shrinking the size and scope of government. Republicans talk about advancing liberty. Patriot leaders actually will. And establishment Republicans hate that. Bob Bingham is a disgrace to North Idaho conservatives, and should not get their support when he runs again next year. With your help, we may vote Bob Bingham out, but the property tax increases and the Agenda 21 bus Taj Mahal he supported will be with us forever.

I would encourage you to reach out to the Commissioners here.   I would recommend telling Marc Eberlein thank you for standing up for the tax payers.  It is good he understands he is not alone, and we look forward to supporting him in the future.  I would recommend sharing what you think of fake conservative Bob Bingham and big government liberal Chris Fillios.