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The short answer is not yet.

The so-call anti-fascists or Antifa  are an extremely violent left-wing militia and political movement. They are fairly impressive in their strategy, tactics, operation, and ability to organize and activate their members.  They appear to be supported by other “far left” groups including socialists.  For example the By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is related to Antifa here in the US.  BAMN was founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, an openly Marxist organization, in 1995.  This is why when you see the “Black Block” of Antifa they carry a lot of red communist flags.  BAMN and Antifa have several members who actively work in public schools.  Several of their leadership have been elected into the  National Education Association — the nation’s largest teacher’s union as well as local teachers unions primarily in the States of Michigan and California.  You may read more about the connection between Antifa and BAMN in the TheDC article Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group.

Another interesting fact about Antifa is that there are international, where much of the Black Block as they refer to themselves when they go operational, operate in places like Germany.  You  can read more about that in the Fox News post titled  ‘Antifa’ website linked to G20 violence banned in Germany.  You can read more about Antifa on their Reddit page.   You may also follow them on one of their many Facebook page.   One of their many Twitter handles is @berkeleyantifa.  Interesting that Facebook nor Twitter kick them off their platform.

Antifa does not exactly use “fascists” tactics. I do not know what “fascists” tactics are. They do use political violence, and they claim their ultimate objective is a violent revolution (either socialist or anarchist depending upon which group) here in America. They call militant action, direct action or a “diversity of tactics.”  I like that.  Diversity of tactics.  The use violence to shut down what they call violent speech. They feel or believe your speech is an attack on their “community, ” and thus it is ok to physically attack you.

“Tactics can be effective or ineffective, inherently their are neither” – Black Rose (far left Black Block spokeswomen)

The left wing media defends Antifa.  Democratic politicians for a long time have ignored the violence.  [Bard Note:  Some Democrats and Legacy Lying Liberals are condemning them now after the latest Berkley incident.]  Police in Deep Blue or light blue states appear to be refusing to protect citizens exercising their God-given rights and the people that are trying to exercise these rights.

It does not matter if you like my speech. It does not matter if you think my speech is “attacking you.” I have the right to say nearly anything I want in this nation. These rights, like most of the rights documented in the Bill of Rights, are not given by this government. The right to peacefully assemble, the right to free speech are inalienable rights. They are Natural Rights. The Bill of Rights merely documents they exist and the government cannot or should not be able to infringe upon these rights. And most certainly we should not allow a violent socialist backed militia to infringe upon our God given rights.  We have every right before God and man to defend ourselves, our community and our rights with all means required.

The government cannot legitimately or ethically take these rights, but you do unfortunately have the ability to surrender these rights. I suggest you do not. It does not end well.  I saw this article by Zero Hedge, and it suggested we are on the verge of a civil war between “two sides, ” and Antifa was on one side. A Full-Blown Civil War Is Materializing: “Nobody Will Be Able To Retreat To A Neutral Corner.”  My concern is who do they think is on the “other” side.  My side is standing in defense of orthodox Christianity, Western Civilization and individual liberty.  Thus I do not think there will only be two sides.   

However to think we are on the verge of a “civil war” between the right and the left at this time is nonsense. In the 50’s the Klan ran the South, and there was political violence and murders everywhere. In the early 1960’s there was a lot more political violence.  And a lot of death. The cities were on fire.  When they are deploying the National Guard to college campuses to keep order, you know you have an issue. Most likely the police will eventually do their job and protect citizens exercising their rights partially because they do not want us to move to the next stage, which may include shooting each other in the streets.

It appears to me that the Antifa are very active in areas where there is a solid very liberal base of people. I.e. Deep Blue States or Deep Blue cities.  You don’t see Antifa acting violently in Boise, Idaho. Well not yet. They are very active in places like California, Detroit and Washington D.C.  More people are waking up to  the truth of President Trump’s “two sides” comment.  Yes there are white nationalists who we do not agree with.  But there is also terrible violent left organizations like Antifa on the other side.

I fear these white nationalists aka the so-call alt-right have as usual given people specifically the far left the very wrong impression.   And I think it may lead to even more violence.  People think the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, the events of Berkley with Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group are the “far right” patriot movement.  I can only say with my tiny voice; it is not. Charlottesville where white nationalists / supremacist and others, and Berkley were very peaceful patriots people.  Joey’s Patriot Prayer group did a great job, but they are not the more militant end of the patriot sphere.  You can read more about Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer in the #NeverTrump Weekly Standard article A Beating in Berkeley by Matt Labash.

Because the police have refused to protect the life and property of citizens it is incumbent upon those citizens to protect themselves.   This is why we stand for the Second Amendment.  This is not the first time the government has refused to protect people from far-left violence. I have watched a lot of violence committed against American patriots documented by citizen journalist such as, Wild Smile, GreatSarcophagus, Last Revolution Media, Domination Station and DC Statesman are just a few examples.  *** Warning foul language that normally goes with violence. ***  If Antifa threatens the life or property of a dedicated patriot, he will kill you. We too have a black flag, and one of these days Antifa will run into a patriot that raises it.  And finds out what it really means.

Pray and prepare.