We like to cover something funny to keep our chins up as this incredibly tough time. I wanted to share videos from Candace Owens aka Red Pill Black shows The Myth of the Coon. Too funny. She started out as a Democrat and a Social Justice Warrior (SJW). I heard about her during the Gamer Gate war that birth people like Milo. Now she is another nonexistent black conservative patriot You Tube personality. She is smart, driven and articulate. She is also young, beautiful and a conservative. That doesn’t hurt either. Currently, she is pleased to join and promote the Republican Party.

Her response to the Charlottesville fiasco titled I Don’t Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy.  The reason she came to my attention is the Google banned her video making fun of Black Lives Matter (BLM). She literally read a letter from BLM on You Tube, and Google banned her. That is it. And Youtube and Facebook both banned her, and Twitter “shadow” banned her.  Thankfully she didn’t go away without a lot of other conservative media covering the incident.  After a lot of press on the issue, her video was restored, to both Facebook and YouTube, two separate companies, without explanation.  The video that got her banned is included. It is kind of funny.  Think on this video and realize that all primary social media companies banned her for these thoughts.