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In Afghanistan like in every conflict before we learned from our opposition and adapted. A lot of “outside the wire” guys learned to value the Afghan Shemagh worn mostly by our Taliban enemies. The Keffiyeh is basically the same thing. They cost as little as $12 here in the US. This option will be preferred if you are in a hot climate where you will be wearing it for a long time. Shemagh and Keffiyeh are often made of cotton. The cons of this option are that they can come off, and you have to be careful in hand-to-hand that it is not used against you. The pros are they are very easy to smuggle anywhere, and the Shemagh can actually keep you cooler. Protecting yourself from dangerous UV lights is the only reason I can think of for wearing a Shemagh.

The other more American Option is the Balaclava. This is if you are ok with a tight fighting wool head piece. Most are made of wool, although they have some made out of different material. These work very well. They are also less prone to be used against you, as there is very little to grab hold of.

You can team this with a camouflage hooded jacket. The most important thing I would suggest is color schemes of your Shemagh or Balaclava. The primary color is camouflage, but other acceptable colors are what your plate carrier comes in, olive drab (OD), coyote tan, ranger green and multicam. However, the color that is out is black, white or navy blue.

Another interesting piece of kit is weighted-knuckle gloves also called tactical gloves. These are of course for strictly defensive purposes only. They weighted-knuckle gloves allows the user to block strikes from blunt weapons such as sticks, bats, or batons.  They also do not allow you to use your finger prints for logging into your phone.  I have no idea why you would need to block blunt weapons, but if you do, these gloves can come in useful.

I have found some interesting protective gear that is design to be running around in in the (of all places) paintball and air-o-soft area.  Again many of these are $12 – $20.   I do not have experience with this gear but it may be helpful.  This has little protection from bullets, but has some decent protection from impact.

However please remember camouflage.  It may be helpful to be identifiable by wearing a camouflage Shemagh or balaclava. You know for…sun protection.  Other interesting things you may want to consider are hearing protection, and gas mask.  Please be aware of your local laws.  For example in some places it is illegal to wear a mask in a public rally.  Weighted knuckle gloves are illegal in the states of Massachusetts, California and New York to name a few. 

You may also go over my 10 Commandments for Liberty Operations again.

We here on the CCS, of course, believe in only nonviolent protest that is approved and authorized by the government. Nothing in history has ever been decided by violence. No American ever has violently opposed any ungodly law. We ask all to think about current events and submit the appropriate prayers.